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Stargazer Wearing Space Boots (Neptune's Transit in Pisces)

Those of us born in specific decades such as the 1960s came to this planet with a mission.  First, we undergo deep healing, then we endure a transformation process and I recommend undergoing these passages mindfully.

After reading four of Erin Sullivan's astrology books, including Retrograde Planets, I reached the conclusion, that I have experienced one outer planet after another since my Saturn Return in 1994.  That's over 20 years of outer planets transiting to my natal planets causing upheaval, rebuilding and constant transformation.  And prior to my Saturn Return, which I erroneously thought took place in 1992, several planets in the sign of Capricorn, including Saturn, Neptune, and Uranus crossed over my Capricorn Ascension, spending time in my First House. No wonder I suffered from low self-confidence and depression in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

After completing Pluto and Uranus transits to my Sun and AC, transiting Saturn hit my Natal Neptune during the past year (still in transit) and transiting Neptune hit my Saturn and Moon in Pisces (still in transit) along with a square to Natal Mars and an opposition to Uranus, with a coming opposition to Pluto in Virgo.  No rest for the weary. When Saturn moves into Sagittarius it will square my Saturn/Moon, oppose Mars and square Uranus/Pluto.  However, Neptune dissolves what it touches which I'm hoping means that all the tension and conflict I experienced between my natal Mutable T-Cross will resolve through spiritual transcendence or a greater spiritual awakening to compassion and the Divine.

I believe that we chose our birth time for a specific reason.  We chose our natal charts so that we would later undergo transits that shape our personality and lead us to enlightenment.  Now, for the average person, enlightenment means nothing.  They're too caught up in delusions of grandeur that the world offers them.  However, light workers, spiritual care givers, star seeds, Indigo and Crystal people have a different take on their role in shaping the future of the planet and all the beings on it.

If the Pluto and Uranus transits don't wake up these souls with a mission, then the Neptune transits certainly will accomplish this. It's as if Neptune plays the role of cleanup crew, following after Pluto and Uranus explosive transits.  While the person sits mourning the loss of their home and career, or possibly family members, Neptune brings either escapism or spiritual resolve.  Neptune brings the angels and opens up channels to the greater Spirit Realm.  But like all planets, Neptune has its trickery and traps.  No matter how much someone suffers, grabbing the bottle of booze or sniffing cocaine up the nose won't bring the type of release their soul desires.  Eventually, this escape route leads to a dead end if not an untimely death.

Yet, as soft as Neptune appears to us, its transits are fraught with difficulties and suffering because just like Uranus and Pluto, Neptune asks us to make a sacrifice.  Neptune may not blow up our house or set a fire to our dreams, but Neptune dissolves anything that is in the way of spiritual enlightenment or merging into Unity Consciousness also known as Oneness.  Now, a person can easily forget the real mission of Neptune and think that he or she has merged with the Divine when in an intoxicated state.  But the real road to spiritual transcendence is not through chemical or plant substances, but through prayer, meditation and spiritual contemplation.  It's through traveling from the mind to the heart and this takes some letting go of old structure and that for most of us feels terrifying.

Those of you born from 1964 through part of 1966 and again in 1994 through part of 1996 who have Saturn in Pisces either have already experienced or will experience a dissolution of structure.  This includes tuning into time-space reality.  This means that time has little meaning and space exists in multiple realms, if not endless realms with no real beginning or end.  Since Saturn represents time and even our bodily structure, people with Saturn in Pisces feel their bodies expanding into nothingness or space.  They space out, forget things, lose their keys, wallet, or fail to show up for appointments even if they have written them down in a calendar.  Learning anything concrete at this time, especially in an academic situation feels like fruitless activity because information goes in one side of the brain and quickly out the other side.  Nothing seems solid.

Those of you born in the 1960s with Saturn in Pisces also had Neptune in Scorpio.   This means that the current Saturn transit in Scorpio has passed over your Natal Neptune, which has the opposite effect of the Neptune to Saturn transit in Pisces.  Saturn brings structure and "reality" to Natal Neptune asking us questions about the reality of our dreams and the practical steps we plan on taking to manifest those dreams.  Those of us who work in the arts, especially in music, dance and cinema, find that we take on a more responsible role with our career.  Instead of just dreaming, we gather new business skills, balance our finances, and build new structure required to manifest success.  This acts as a balancing saving grace for the Neptune to Saturn transit in Pisces.

The problem is that the Saturn in Scorpio transit only last 2 1/2 years and the Neptune transit lasts until 2020.  This implies to me that the Neptune in Scorpio folks (1957-1972 approx), would do well to focus on the Saturn in Scorpio transit and get their ducks in order. Saturn moves into Sagittarius late December of 2014 and will square people with Natal Saturn in Pisces in 2015 and 2016.  When Neptune trines Saturn we transform our creative inspiration into solid reality, but we have to do the work required.  Transits are only as good or bad as we take advantage of their energies.  Effort is always required.  Remember the cliche when given lemons make lemon aide.

Anyone with their Sun, Moon, AC or personal planets in Mutable Signs will experience Neptune in Pisces as it aspects those natal planets or points in a natal chart.  Transits to Virgo (an opposition) asks us to serve the planet in some way, heal a critical attitude and fix the world through compassion.  Not easy for Virgo.  Transits to Sagittarius asks us to give up religious or idealistic dogma in favor of true freedom, while not seeking solace in chemical substances. Transits to Gemini asks us to get out of the analytical mind and allow the heart to lead.  Not easy for a Gemini.  And communicate on a deeper more soulful level while forgoing trivializing spiritual concepts and practices.  Geminis prefer not to meditate mainly because they feel that they can't quiet their minds and true enough, for Geminis this is lifelong work.

Originally, I had plans of writing a humorous post about Neptune's transit to Saturn, but that's not what came through here.  It's not that Neptune lacks a sense of humor either, because when you connect Neptune to Uranus or Mercury, you invite the trickster into your mind and your home.  So I'll save that humor for a future post, though I do joke these days about my forgetfulness and my concept of time by calling myself a Neptune Girl wearing space boots.  And if you happen to find any typos or syntax problems with my writing these days, it's not for lack of education.  Blame it on Neptune in Pisces engulfing my Saturn and Moon in Pisces. However, with the channels wide open, my intuition is more powerful than ever.

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