Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Lunar Eclipse Check-In (Standing ground)

Now that the Lunar Eclipse called the "Blood Moon" has passed, what's next? Can we act diplomatic and still say no and mean it?

Okay, that was one powerful Lunar Eclipse. I woke up around 11:00 p.m. and had a difficult time getting back to sleep because I had some emotional issues to purge.  Oddly, those issues came up in a dream I experienced too.

I noticed that the Moon went void-of-course right after the Eclipse and enters Scorpio today. The Scorpio Moon brings up emotional issues, usually around forgiveness, betrayal and power struggles so it looks like more purging is the order of the day.

I hope you are all well, realizing that some of you, especially with the Sun, Moon and AC in Cardinal Signs will experience the full thrust of the Lunar Eclipse and North Node in Libra's energy.  I encourage you to take the day off and spend some time in a natural setting or just sleeping so you can process heavier emotions coming up now.

Personally, I woke up feeling rage for how men have treated me in the past, and how they still play games with me, especially older men, such as those of the baby boomer generation.  It's like they toss me a bait and fish for my affection and something more, which I don't want to give them. But then I wonder how to be both diplomatic and protective of myself with these men (a Libra theme).

Both the Lunar Eclipse and the North Node aspected my Natal Venus (unaspected and retrograde in Gemini) as well as, my progressed Sun in Leo (8th House, subconscious and psychological games).  Psychic rape is damaging too and that's when men send women their sexual energy which ends up stuck in the women's first three chakras.  If this is the case for any of you, clear out those chakras and ask Archangel Michael to cut cords to those toxic attachments.  Women with a strong Venus signature in their chart will experience this scenario. Also women with a strong Moon signature or even Neptune's signature.  We have to say NO, even if we think it will hurt someone's feelings. Oddly, I was listening to Kate Bush's ravaging "Get out of My House" yesterday on YouTube, not an easy song to listen to and it brought up rage, which I'm happy to heal and release.

Other messages coming up have to do with how people relate to each other on a sexual and intimate level or how they violate another person's space.  This can come up in any type of relationship, homosexual or heterosexual and even with people practicing a celibate lifestyle, especially with the Moon transiting into Scorpio. Watch for subtle manipulation, power struggles and inequality in relationships or even with colleagues who have ulterior motives in mind.  Remember that you have a right to boundaries, you have a right to respect and you have a right to feel angry when someone has violated you in some way.  Release the rage in a healthy setting and then take an Epsom salt bath, sage your space and fill your space with amber or white light of Divine Love.

Archangel Michael
The Lunar Eclipse in Libra brings balance and justice, but only after moments of upheaval. We will all know now if our lives are built on sand or solid ground.  Anything not built with integrity will crumble now.  Any relationship where people use each other out of fear and limiting thoughts will break up or simply dissolve now.  Anything that is out of balance will grab our attention and we must act immediately to correct any imbalances that come up, including health, home, family, friendships, career, etc...Legal issues could surface now too, especially with large corporations that haven't practiced integrity, but even on a personal basis for the same reason.  Have you been aboard and honest? What's your level of integrity?

With the Moon in Scorpio, secrets will seep out now and we won't like what we witness.  But remember the saying, what we expose to the light becomes the light and I will add that what we leave in darkness wounds us even deeper.  So this is about surgical removal of metaphorical pus and infection from the body of humanity.  If we keep meeting dishonest people then we must look at our own projections. Like attracts like and if we don't like what we see in the mirror, we only have ourselves to answer to.  Yes, these are powerful lessons to learn now.  And this is a time of powerful transformation that looks ugly and wicked on the surface, but hides a glittering diamond of soul mastership.  How far are you willing to dig to find your diamond?

One last thing, eclipses have a long-lasting effect that continues for several weeks or months.  On one hand, this gives us more time to evolve and shift our consciousness, but on the other hand, if we choose not to shift our consciousness, we could experience upheaval of many stripes on the planet.  If we breed more fear, then more suffering and victim mentality ensues.  But if we choose to heal our wounds and send out waves of love then we heal the planet that much faster.

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