Monday, April 21, 2014

Feeling the Grand Cardinal Cross (Exact on April 23 & 24)

For those of you who are sensitive, you might already be feeling the effects of the Grand Cardinal Cross since Uranus and Pluto are squared at 13 degrees and have been since last week.  Retrograde Mars is pulling into its 13 degree station and Jupiter aligns for the final leg of the Cross-Square.

If you want to share your experiences, please do so in the comment section. Share how you cope with the intense energies. How are you dealing with the stress? Have you taken time off? Are you avoiding people who you normally find tense? Have you had any breakthroughs and what changes do you feel in the wind for you?

As much as I know about astrology and despite my spiritual practice, I have had moments where I've completely lost it.  I haven't been as forgiving as I would like and I find myself pushing the panic button today.  I have Mercury at 11 degrees so it's in orb of the Grand Square, but thankfully I don't have my Sun, Moon or AC involved in it.

I've heard some experts tell us to follow our passions this week.  Some tell us to practice extreme self-care and do what makes us feel comforted.  No use being hard on ourselves his week. Anything that needs to get done can actually wait.  And it's best to wait because we are not in a clear-thinking mood this week, no matter where our planets fall in our Natal Charts.

So remember these words (advice to myself too), Tolerance, Kindness, Generosity, Peace and Support. Stay clear of tense situations, follow your intuition and take a break from the grind this week.  By next week this intensity will have passed and we'll have a clearer idea of what we want to do next with our lives. 

I'm seeing an image of a dock damaged by a storm in need of repair, and in the background the sun rises above the horizon sending out sparkling light on the water.  A frog sings.  A New Beginning awaits us where we build our lives on solid ground.

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