Friday, April 4, 2014

Luxury of Swimming--Venus in Pisces (April 6 - May 3)

Even during a tumultuous month such as April 2014, charming Venus moves into soft and diffused Pisces.  We can find relief with Venus joining Chiron and Neptune in this flowing sign.  

Since Venus has to do with the body, the earth, our feminine psyche and how we attract or radiate beauty, I'm thinking that this is a time to beautify the body and the home.  We reassess what we find beautiful and how we attract beauty in the form of fine art, lovely gardens, luxurious or even simple and elegant homes.  We practice feng shui and clear our space of anything we find cluttering and unattractive (such as a ratty couch or dusty rug).

With so much chaos happening in the world (already and it's only April 4th), we need an escape route and somewhere pleasant to take our minds, spirits and bodies.  Gardening would help us ground the Aries and Cardinal energy we feel tensing up in our muscles.  Practicing yoga or getting body work done now would also relieve tension leading to better moods and higher frequencies which can actually curtail natural disasters and violence on the planet.  Venus says take a holiday if possible.  Lie on a beach and watch clouds float past or swim in the ocean or a lake and get close to nature.  Venus in Pisces asks us to get lost in nature, not literally, but to quell those monkey mind thoughts and what if scenarios that run circles in our mind now.

On April 9, Venus approaches Neptune then forming an exact conjunction on April 12, right before the Lunar Eclipse.  It's best to lay low during an eclipse anyway so it wouldn't be a bad idea to get a massage or energy healing during this week.  It would also be a good time to meditate and discover any obstacles or beliefs we could let go of so we can live more fulfilling lives.  Eclipses have a way of churning up the areas of our lives that no longer serve us and not always as catastrophic events. It helps to meditate and stay on top of this transformation process.

Venus trines Jupiter in Cancer exact on April 18 and she also sextiles Pluto that day.  In this regard Venus brings some relief to the Grand Cardinal Square.  Venus brings us even more healing, especially of childhood wounds through energy medicine or spending time in nature when the planet conjuncts Chiron on April 20.  Then finally, Venus trines retrograde Saturn on April 26. This could also bring deep healing, but more on a psychological level.  We ask ourselves how do we balance our feminine and masculine sides? What are our views of women that need healing?

Women are you chasing after men or ambitions instead of attracting them to you? I was listening to a replay of David Kessler's interview with Marianne Williamson yesterday on Hay House Radio when this topic came up.  Williamson mentioned that when a woman over accommodates a man or chases after him, she emasculates him.  Then the man is likely to seek a relationship elsewhere because a man has hunting instincts. However, Artemis types will have a hard time swallowing this concept, not that Artemis types search for mates.  Not, usually anyway, but in the rare instance that an Artemis type hunts for a man, beware that he could stray towards a more feminine woman.

Look for Pisces on the cusps in your natal chart and you will locate the Venus transit.  See where the current transits play out in your chart and you'll find healing and relief from tension in those houses. If Venus transits through your Sixth House, take a spiritual retreat because you've worked too hard and you would benefit from reconnecting to the natural and spiritual realms.  If Venus transits through your Fourth House, beautify the home.  Depending on where Venus transits in the chart, we want to glamorize and create some illusions, not as deception, but to amuse ourselves.  Though there could be some deception and game-playing since Pisces and Venus have shadows.

Enjoy the transits of planets in Water Signs.  In July, Jupiter will move into fiery Leo and in December, Saturn will transit into fiery Sagittarius.  Neptune and Chiron remain in water signs, but we will lose the opportunity to deepen our meditation process and receive deep healing when the Fire Trines replace the Water Trines.  On the other hand, we will feel more energetic and adventurous with Jupiter moving into Leo, as well as, more arrogant, "It's all about me" attitude.  When Saturn moves into Sagittarius we will experience restrictions with foreign relations, higher education, and long distance travel as well as, scrutiny of major religions for alternative spirituality.  So enjoy the Water Sign activities before they disappear.

Activities for Venus in Pisces:

Listen to softer music such as chamber classical, acoustic folk, new age, indigenous music

Watch uplifting movies especially ones with eye-candy photography 

Photography, especially travel and nature photography

Attend a dance performance

Join a choir

Spiritual retreat

Meditation and yoga

Feng shui

Garden or spend time in a garden

Nature walks

Spend time near a large body of water

Get a massage or body work

Relax and daydream or practice creative visualization

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