Saturday, April 26, 2014

Ooh, La, La--Solar Eclipse in Taurus with Transits

Photo by Patricia Herlevi
Most people welcome the Solar Eclipse in Taurus at 9 degrees on April 28.  This eclipse beautifies our lives and surroundings in grand style. The French have three words for it, ooh, la, la.  Everyone else says, Oh, my God.

I woke up this morning feeling like a transformed person.  Synchronicity of April's transits brought a free Intuition and Money summit my way and I've been releasing old beliefs that have kept me stuck for years.  So kudos to the Grand Cardinal Cross and Lunar Eclipse.  I'm already seeing changes happening in my life and I feel interested in the changes happening in other people's lives--both subtle and not so subtle.  These changes arrive as surprises and for Cancerians especially involve home and career with Jupiter in Cancer.  Capricorn finds themselves restructuring their lives while Libra and Aries find balance in their lives by living their truth.

On Monday/Tuesday (April 28/29) depending on location, we experience a Solar Eclipse in Taurus at 9 degrees (towards the end of 8 degrees).  This Solar Eclipse sextiles transiting Neptune and transiting Jupiter while trining transiting Pluto.  While many people fear eclipses, this one brings gifts especially for people with multiple planets in Water and Earth Signs or the Moon, Sun, or AC in Water or Earth Signs.  The types of benefits we could see now include: Deeper spiritual connections, healing of the mind, body, soul, release of toxic beliefs and patterns that prevent abundance from entering our lives, and a strong urge to beautify our surroundings as well as ourselves.

Cancers reaps the most rewards along with Taurus natives.  Capricorns get a boost of uplifting energy and witness the beauty around them as if someone plied their eyes open.  Some Capricorns have been stuck in gloom for too long (well, they have Pluto transiting in their sign, so we forgive them).  Virgos deal with the Neptune opposition if their degrees are early in their sign, but receive a boost from the Taurus Sun and Moon.  Take care of health issues now.  Leo and Aquarius natives experience the Solar Eclipse as a square if they have their Sun around 8 to 14 degrees, but this square causes them to awaken in an area of their life where the eclipse falls in their Natal Chart.  Look for Taurus on the cusps or it could fall in the preceding house.

Scorpio experiences an opposition to the Solar Eclipse but could experience a passionate sexual relationship or encounter now that's bursting with sensuality.  Or they could have health issues that come up now that require attention to do with digestion and elimination or sexual organs.  Gemini and Sagittarius might feel irritated by the Eclipse as if life is moving too slow for them.  They don't get on well with Taurus energy and the Neptune transit irritates them too.  Sagittarius can at least make jokes.

Overall, the types of activities that work well now have to do with gardening, farming, producing beauty products, food, nutrition, interior decorating, real estate, as well as, working with large animals.  On the downside, the earth could experience quakes or floods or problems in the agricultural realm.

I personally look forward to this Solar Eclipse because it sextiles my Sun/Mercury in Cancer and my Moon/Saturn in Pisces and trines my Uranus/Pluto in Virgo.  Bring it on.

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  1. Oh I would LOVE an eclipse reading! but am too far away...alas!

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