Monday, April 14, 2014

Lunar Balance (April 15 Lunar Eclipse in Libra)

The Lunar Eclipse at Libra 25 degrees brings upheaval that ultimately brings greater balance.

As the Lunar Eclipse at 25 degrees Libra fast approaches, our focus shifts to the areas of our life out of balance.  This happens on an individual and global levels.  Libra represents justice, balance, harmony in relationships or disharmony, partnerships, commitments and how we attract and perceive beauty.

I find that this Lunar Eclipse has some unique features. First, it's at 25 degrees Libra mirroring a polar opposite Lunar Eclipse in Aries 25 degrees that took place in October 2013.  Either events from six months ago come to completion or they repeat themselves until balance is restored.

Second, the Lunar Eclipse at 25 degrees conjuncts the North Node in Libra at 28 degrees direct (usually the nodes are retrograde).  North Nodes represent destiny so where we are heading as a planet and as individuals.  In this case, we look at how we process emotions and how we relate to others in committed relationships or partnerships.  We must heal passive-aggressive behavior and other mind games we play on the people in our lives.  Libra has a tendency to compromise its best interests to make peace and then resent the situation and people involved with the compromise.  It's the "I'm alright dear, you do what you want" attitude when the person desperately wants the opposite scenario.  When people act passive aggressive they end up pleasing no one and lack a real personality.  It's easy to abandon passive-aggressive people because they're overly pleasing and boring.  They also drain other people of energy.  This North Node helps us heal passive-aggressive attitudes.

Third, the Moon passes over Mars in Libra (RX) prior to the Lunar Eclipse.  Again, we get the message of healing passive-aggressive behaviors. We learn about self-honoring and pleasing ourselves so that we have more energy to offer others.  It's time to heal repressed anger and come out of denial about our deeper emotions.  Stop judging ourselves for feeling darker emotions and stop projecting our darker energies on others.

Fourth, Pluto is stationary retrograde as the Moon approaches the eclipse which calls our attention to transformation.  Pluto is also moving into a Cardinal Grand Square with Mars, Uranus, and Jupiter (exact on April 23).

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