Friday, April 25, 2014

Smelling May's Lilacs--May 2014 Forecast

by Patricia Herlevi
After experiencing an adventurous April, we take a respite in May and with Mars turning direct on May 19th, we rebuild our lives on solid ground. Then we head in the direction of our dreams, opening our eyes to a new world.

Take a deep breath.  Imagine walking in a spring garden with dew dripping off tulips and lilacs.  This image comes up for the Month of the Bull.  In May, we still have work to do around the issues that face our planet.  However, we head into a short respite where we gather community, share our talents as well as, our stories of shifting energy in April.

Everyone has experienced transformation in their lives and now we find ourselves processing the past four weeks, even five weeks, since the shift actually began during the last week of March with Jupiter, Pluto, Uranus and Mars beginning their journey towards the Grand Square configuration that was exact on April 23rd and 24th.  And prior to that Grand Square moment in Cardinal Signs which promise change, we experienced a Lunar Eclipse in Libra conjunct the North Node.  Now, for those of us versed in astrology-ease, we understand the rarity of these coinciding astrological events.  We have also followed a series of squares between Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn causing us to notice amazing shifts of consciousness within our own lives.  Let's not take any of this soul evolution for granted because the progress we are currently making on the planet in all sectors, is unprecedented.  Even if we're not hit over the head with it, the world is waking up.

So let's look at May's transits, which can actually bring us peace as the Sun and Mercury plod forward in Taurus taking in all the sensory around them and translating it into poetry, song, lush gardens and shared dinners with loved ones.  The Uranus-Pluto square separates by two degrees which is significant with slow-moving outer planets. Jupiter in Cancer forms a trine with Saturn in Scorpio and Chiron in Pisces so again we have a Grand Water Trine.  And during the last week of May, Saturn sextiles Pluto with a 5 degree orb, wide, but I still think we'll feel the flowing energy between the planets that work on tearing down old structure to rebuild a new way of living on the planet.

Photo by Patricia Herlevi
Oh, but there are several planets changing signs or directions in May so we won't have time to grow bored. When the month launches, May is still in the shadow of a Solar Eclipse in Taurus which took place on April 28/29.  However, I find this eclipse beneficial in that we ask ourselves what brings us joy in our lives and how to align with that joy.  If spending time with friends and family brings us joy, but we've been too busy with work, we will come up with solutions to bring more balance in our lives.  This eclipse causes us to gaze deeply at our lives and implement changes.  With the Moon and Sun in Taurus, we would usually run into rigidity and slow movement forward, but eclipses shake things up to get us moving more quickly, usually do to sudden events that force us to act in some way.

The month starts out with the Sun in Taurus so we feel grounded, take care of bodily needs and deal with health issues.  When the Sun moves into Gemini around the 21st/22nd, we shift to a mental mode and our lives pick up speed. Stubbornness gives way to flexibility; sensuality gives way to mental pursuits, writing and other forms of communication.  When the Sun and Mercury transit in Gemini, this is always a good time to teach, network, learn new skills and write.  Mercury is ruled by Gemini and Virgo, the communication signs.  Mercury moves into Gemini on May 8th so we will feel both grounded with the Sun in Taurus and adaptable with Mercury in its own sign.  Perhaps, these two energies provide an ideal atmosphere for completing a novel where sitting down for long hours and writing are required. Anyone who writes poetry, songs or novels during this time will combine sensuality with clear thought.

Venus changes signs twice in May, first the planet moves into Aries on May 4 and then Taurus (sign of Venus) on May 30.  Venus is weak in Aries, but gathers strength in Taurus. On Mother's Day weekend, Venus squares off with Mars in Libra (still retrograde at 9 degrees).  Mars moves into stationary direct prior to May 19th where the planet goes direct then must travel forward, revisiting crucial degrees, such as 13 degrees where Mars hung out in a Grand Square, but that doesn't take place until June. Mars remains Stationary Direct from May 19th until June 1st at 9 degrees. 

This is a rocky time and don't mistake Mars Direct for a good time to launch new projects.  Mars still needs to gather speed and pass over the degree where it first began its retrograde motion (27 degrees Libra on July 23).  So we still have our eyes on Mars type activities in the world and can expect a bumpy ride until July 23, though not as challenging as the Grand Cardinal Cross.  Do stay alert on Mother's Day weekend with Venus opposing Mars with mutual reciprocity since Venus is in Mar's sign Aries and Mars is in Venus' sign Libra.  Could be a shake up in intimate relationships around issues of self-worth and valuing.

As mentioned earlier Jupiter, Saturn and Chiron form a Grand Water Trine throughout the month, ranging from a 5 to a 2 degree orb.  We won't experience exact degrees in the trine, however, Jupiter trines Chiron exact from May 14 - 19.  This is a time of heightened intuition, a flow of psychic activity and deep healing on all levels, but especially around emotions and spiritual issues.  We could see major religions taking up space in the news, most likely the Catholic Church and Pope Francis. We also start off the month with another signifier that we will hear about the Catholic Church and that is the Taurus Sun in sextile with Neptune in Pisces.

The Taurus Sun represents established order and Neptune in Pisces represents religion and spirituality. Countries with Pisces or Taurus rulers will also make it into news headlines or we might see issues regarding the ocean, marine industries such as fishing, drug laws, pharmaceutical products, agriculture, or environmental science and pollution.  Expect more news stories about cruise ships (good or bad) and the cattle or dairy industries.

Finally, the Taurus Sun trines Pluto in Capricorn from May 1 to May 10, exact on May 4. This could play out in one of two ways.  We could experience the financial institutions and transnational corporations digging their heals into unethical practices.  Pluto would bring these practices into the light of day. We might experience greed and scarcity phobias around this time, or we might join our communities to usher in new structure that treats the earth with respect.  What we witness depends entirely on the frequency we release into the world.  Will we focus on love or fear? Love shows us projects to heal the planet in some way, such as permaculture, organic farming, and use of renewable energy.  While fear causes us to focus on corrupt government and corporate practices.  While I'm not promoting denial, focusing on positive solutions will get more bang for the buck. Fear breeds more fear and wrecks our immune systems.  You choose.

May offers us little drama.  For some people it will feel anti-climactic after April's twists and turns.  This isn't to say that natural disasters won't visit the planet or that corruption ends tomorrow, but we get time to breathe and plot out the next steps in our evolution.  We can use this time for hedonistic or mindless pursuits or join our neighbors in bringing healing to a community.  Venus reminds us to love ourselves and each other. What we value we get more of, but even that has a shadow side depending on what we value.  The good news is that in our time of repose, our inner voice or guidance has a greater chance of getting heard.  Now, we listen for the next step on our path to greater happiness on the planet.  It's a story about all of us.

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