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Gemini New Moon for May 25, 2017---Confusion, Chaos, & Enthusiasm

Photo by Patricia Herlevi

The words to Diana Ross' song, "Mahogany" filter through my brain as I look at the Gemini New Moon (2017) chart. Do we know where humanity is going now? I look at this chart and I feel like we have lost our way. We say one thing and act out of integrity with our words. Prior to the current regime in the US, I encountered kindness and peace more often. Now, I feel like someone tossed in the monkey wrench.

This New Moon chart includes two T-Crosses (one Mutable and the other Cardinal). First, we have sun and moon in the Mutable Sign of the Twins. When the twins are acting in tandem we expect harmony, coordination and some humor tossed in. But when the twins are acting like the push-pull animal from the movie "Doctor Doolittle" we're in big trouble. This new moon is troublesome to say the least. It's not as confusing or disorienting as the exact Saturn-Neptune squares we encountered in 2016, but it's up there in the ranks.

First, if you consider Chiron a formidable player (like I do), then Chiron pulls into a T-Cross with Saturn in Sagittarius and Mars in Gemini. Chiron plays the role of the apex which means that we're not going to slip past our childhood wounds and solve world problems. In order to heal all this aggression playing out on the planet we must heal our inner and deepest wounds. Mars speaks of childhood in this equation, especially childhood for boys or our male sides and Chiron represents the wounded healer always. Saturn in Sagittarius tells us to find solace in the higher mind, but we have the higher mind battling the inner child. Many of us still think that anger is not spiritual and throwing tantrums definitely kicks us out of the spiritual arena. We hear a lot of time outs at this point.

Yet, if we don't heal those hurts from long ago, we actually can't move forward. We attract more narcissists into our lives that remind us of the original ones who harmed us. And I can tell you from experience that the only way out of this hell is to return to the original wound and release it and forgive those involved with it. Don't do that baby boomer routine and keep creating more drama around childhood. I mean, many baby boomers are now in their early 70s and they are still hanging on to that trash from long ago. Toss it out already. And if you're not one of those people doing this, congratulations. Will you please wake up others from your generation. Let's get past blame, see the situation for what it is, release the pain and move forward.

Now, we have another T-Cross which includes Venus and Pallas in Aries opposing Jupiter in Libra and squaring Pluto/Juno in Capricorn. Pluto and Juno play the role of the apex in this situation. And what I see here is a male versus female dynamic playing out. I see the female warrior going to battle instead of paving the way for peace. I guess the message here is that we sometimes have to go to battle in order to have peace, especially when we're dealing with that tiresome patriarchal control and manipulation. Both men and women have had enough of that macho posturing. We forget that men also suffer under those macho regimes. So let's dis this idea that men don't cry and it's not pretty or ladylike for a woman to rage in anger.

Certainly, I don't advocate getting stuck in anger. However, anger is a higher emotion than depression, helplessness, or despair. If we choose to climb up the vibrational scale we must spend some time processing anger. Denying that we feel anger at this juncture in history is ridiculous. This reminds me of a woman I met at a spiritual event who boasted to me that she was enlightened already because she read Eckhart Tolle's book. Yeah, right. And this is not a time for spiritual smugness or self-righteousness because that just blocks the way to bringing true light into the world.

photo by Patricia Herlevi
Now, we do have some flowing aspects in this chart I want to point out. First, we have a trine with Uranus in Aries and Saturn in Sagittarius. And Uranus also sextiles Mars. This is confusing however because Saturn opposes Mars (Mutable T-Cross). So we experience chaos, confusion, and enthusiasm along with hope. It's a mixed bag.

Then on top of that a Yod with Jupiter, Mercury in Taurus and Neptune in Pisces (wide yod) slows energy down, especially since Mercury is in the slow sign Taurus. This yod reminds us that we all need  time out to breathe, dream, and find balance in our lives--not an easy fete when the sun and moon are dancing in Gemini--a very busy and multitasking sign.

So here is my breakdown for each of the Zodiac Signs beginning with Aries and ending with Pisces: (Energy Starts with the Gemini New Moon on May 25).

Aries--Of all the signs, you require a time out during this new moon. Normally, the Gemini New Moon bodes well with you. However, with Venus, Pallas, and Uranus in your sign there are too many feminists waving red flags and sounding the battle cry. It's like women have suddenly turned into Joan of Arc and they're crashing against the castle walls. Beware of a woman's scorn. She's pissing mad and fired up with Saturn and Uranus in flowing aspect.

Taurus--Oh, you poor bulls. What happened to that relaxing time you were enjoying? Just when you thought you reached a peaceful agreement with your neighbors, they're at it again. It is best to stay away from hotheads and tend to your garden instead. Cool your jets by spending time in nature or with your favorite animals. People aren't your favorite creatures during this new moon.

Gemini--You feel like a nervous wreck trying so hard to get people to see your point. But what is your point? You're wavering and waffling has us feeling confused. It's best for you to pay attention to details now and take a break from multitasking. Better yet, stay clear of social media this week and head to the beach instead. Go and have some fun. Otherwise, you will experience exhaustion from argumentative people.

Cancer--With that Cardinal T-Cross, you feel like hiding in a cave. You feel like your personal values are under attack and they probably are seen as too old fashion. Pluto challenges you to focus on your transformation into higher priests and priestesses. Reread the Persephone myth since this myth's messages apply to you at this time. Jupiter asks you to regain your balance and Venus/Pallas ask you what is worth fighting for. Only you know the answer to this question. Fighting for your children's future is a good start.

Leo--With the North Node now in your sign, you feel like everything is fated. You wonder why people want to fight with each other and the tension causes you to roar. The world is full of drama and it's not the kind you enjoy. You just want everyone to mellow out and love each other. You're another sign that will find refreshment at a beach during this new moon. Chill.

Virgo--Not again. Didn't we go through these scenarios last year? Now, that the North Node has left Virgo, you're off the hook. But you feel like Florence Nightingale rushing around handing out healing balm to all those Pisces types and massaging the nerves of Gemini and Sagittarius types. Don't forget to nurse your own wounds. And if you work as a social worker or nurse, remind yourself to breathe and take breaks.

Libra--Usually having Jupiter in your sign means that you experience a bounty. However, with Jupiter opposing your planet Venus and that hotheaded Pallas and Pluto casting shadows on your life, you wish Jupiter would hurry up and enter Scorpio. However, you find relief by learning to say "no" and set strong boundaries. You find balance and peace when you practice self-love and send the narcissists packing. Good luck, Libra.

Scorpio--The Fixed Signs are almost off the hook with the Gemini New Moon. Except that the North Node is now transiting in Leo, a Fixed Sign. It's best that you go inward and reflect on fate versus free choice. Even when destiny calls, you can answer with a no. If you answer yes, then you get to go on a wild adventure that transforms your soul. Scorpio, will you take up the gauntlet?

Sagittarius--It's challenging enough having Saturn still in your sign. And now you also have Chiron and Mars to deal with. You spend too much time gambling your life away or taking foolish risks. And now Saturn is putting on the brakes and asking you to take a more mature approach. Your integrity is at stake. Will you risk harming your reputation by shoving your wounds under a rug or will you muster the courage to face those childhood wounds and finally grow up?

Capricorn--You're asking when Pluto will finally leave your sign? And my answer to you is not until 2024 (which is 7 years from now). And now lovely Juno is pairing up with Pluto reminding us to take care of the home front. Have you been neglecting the home in favor of your career or business? And where does your spiritual pursuits fit into the picture? Jupiter is asking you to find balance in your life. Venus and Pallas are asking you to protect your feminine side by nurturing it. Your intuition is shooting through the roof. Please listen to your inner voice because it holds the truth for you on your path.

Aquarius--Out of all the signs, you are the only one that is going to enjoy the Gemini New Moon. You feel like digging into new topics and reading the latest books, especially the obscure ones that are independently published. You take your friends to far-out movies and hang out at rallies. You appear on Ted Talks or in other lecture halls. Aquarius you have something to say and now is the time to act in a verbal manner even if you feel like an awkward professor who can't find where he last put his glasses.

Pisces--Dear, sweet, Pisces, you feel like everyone is picking on you and using words as their weapons. And it's true that the Gemini types are coming at you with scathing words. They enjoy playing with words that make you squirm or leave you in shambles. This will pass. And really what's happening is that those words lead you to your deepest wounds, your addictions, and your codependent behaviors. It's time to heal yourself, Pisces and polish your armor. And only then will you feel strong enough to love the world and explore Unity Consciousness.

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