Saturday, April 15, 2017

Scorpio Full Moon on May 10, 2017--Passionate Outbursts and Manifestations

We will finally see relief from the Uranus square with Pluto during the Scorpio Full Moon. However, we will still experience a Cardinal T-Cross that involves Pluto in Capricorn, Venus and the asteroid Pallas in Aries and Jupiter RX at 14 degrees Libra. The opposition with Jupiter and Pallas is exact which again, brings up the Divine Feminine and this time in the guise of Kali (Indian Goddess of Creation and Destruction).

Venus is transiting in her opposite sign, that of a warrior (Mars/Aries) so she's either all fired up or playing a passive-aggressive role. Venus opposes Jupiter which is in the sign of Venus, Libra. So we experience a tug-of-war between our masculine and feminine sides of humanity. We seek balance. Pluto in Capricorn which goes about destroying structures or overpowers us with new laws or oligarchs posing as democratic leaders tosses in the wrench. On one hand, Pluto in Capricorn is our salvation if we reclaim our personal power. On the other hand, Pluto in Capricorn can also overpower us and leave us feeling like helpless victims. Yet, if we get our act together we can also seek justice for any wrongs against us, especially if we are women.

The asteroid Pallas represents the female warrior anyway and here she transits in the sign of the warrior (Aries). Pallas catches up to hotheaded Uranus in Aries at the end of May and beginning of June where she will kick up dust. Women will fight for their individual and collective rights. I especially see this playing out in the United States, in West Africa, and the Middle East. I see this happening in various Asian countries too. And the question for us to ask ourselves is how can we fight for justice and usher in the Age of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine. We don't want to leave out the masculine side even if we feel harmed by the patriarchs.

However, like any see-saw, we go heavily to the other side before we achieve true balance. And women in general, are feeling fighting mad at this point. Pallas in Aries suggests a Joan of the Arc type warrior here. This is a woman who hears the voice of God and channels that voice into action, requiring a great deal of bravery. The Full Scorpio Moon also represents Kali as I mentioned earlier. And for those of you not familiar with this Hindu Goddess, I'm including an image.

Also on the feminine side of this full moon, the Scorpio Moon forms a trine with Neptune in Pisces and also Chiron. This tells me that us women need to go deep for healing at this time. Pay attention to dreams and fleeting images. Also feel your intuition shooting through the roof. In addition, with Saturn trining Uranus once again, we have a boost of energy in the form of enthusiasm.

The Air Trine with Mars in Gemini and Jupiter in Libra bring out our masculine sides which show up more in words, language, and speeches than in action. We see a lot of thinking or deep thought around law and justice. We hear a lot of men and women waxing philosophy or we just hear a lot of complaining about the lack of justice in the world. Both Libra and Gemini have a tendency to talk out both sides of the mouth and act in a passive-aggressive way, more so with Libra energy. I also want to point out that Mercury (ruled by Gemini and Virgo) conjuncts Uranus so we either hear a lot of heated arguments or hear brilliant ideas that bring solutions (suddenly or in a flash).

Juno and the Taurus Sun are in flowing aspect which has us looking at agriculture and food distribution. We also look at issues around the home and with mothers. Some of us see our mother in a Kali-like way especially if we either suffered childhood abuse at the hands of a dominant yet creative mother (think drama queen) or we grew up with powerful no-nonsense mothers (high-powered women such as Hilary Clinton).

Scorpio, Taurus, Leo, and Aquarius feel this full moon the strongest. You resist the flow of energy from the moon and sun. Remember, however, that change is inevitable and if you don't go with the flow you end up with health problems with the joints and possibly the heart. Tradition is one thing, and survival of the planet is another. Gemini, Virgo, Pisces, and Sagittarius, you still have Neptune, Chiron, and Saturn transits to contend with plus Mars in chatty Gemini. Think before you speak now. While you are itching for a change other people aren't and they are fearful of change. Therefore, they could react violently towards you if you use ill-placed words.

Finally, Capricorn, Libra, Aries, and Cancer you want to push your values on others, especially around power, politics, and economics. Refrain from doing this. Remember that the world consists of many realities and yours is not the one everyone marches to. I understand that you want peace in the world and you think you have to do this through controlling others. Only controlling others or micromanaging people will backfire. Go with the flow. If you feel that you have to control others, turn into your Higher Wisdom and balance that with your ego. It is crucial that you do so.

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