Friday, July 10, 2015

Jupiter (August) & North Node (November) in Virgo--Purity of Intent & Serving the Greater Good

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As I have mentioned in earlier posts, Virgo represents the servant in the Zodiac and when I use that term, I'm not referring to maids and butlers or even the cleaning maid, though they too fall under the Virgo gaze. I'm referring to sharing our gifts and talents in a way that serves the world or the Greater Good. When Jupiter moves into Virgo on August 11 and the North Node transits into Virgo on November 13 (same day Mars moves into Libra), we experience our callings.

The image I see in my mind's eye hails from cinema when the virtuous young man gives himself to priesthood and renounces the world. Or perhaps the image of Saint Therese of Lisieux appears when she begged her father to allow her to join the convent. Now, these are obvious Virgo images, but we can serve others by following our bliss or passion as well as, giving to the world from our heart no matter our profession.  However, make no mistake, that the North Node represents fate or destiny and Virgo represents our service to the world, as well as, our daily routine, diet, small animals, the 6th astrological house, purifying, perfecting, fixing, and a general clean up.

When Jupiter transits in Virgo (which it does every 12 years), we get over our grandiose desires and through the self-love we developed while Jupiter transited through Leo (hopefully, that's what we got out of the transit), we have an abundance of inner and outer wealth to share with others, and they with us. Remember that Virgo also represents the harvest and since Virgo is an Earth Sign, it also represents food and nourishment along with Cancer, but not only that, Virgo represents how we assimilate and digest food along with Cancer which rules the stomach and breasts. Virgo, I believe rules the small intestine. And while I'm not a medical astrologer, the disease we associate mostly with the small intestine is celiac disease which has to do with not being able to digest or breakdown gluten in the system so the body goes on the attack and kills off the cells in the small intestine which promote food assimilation.

I don't know what Louise Hay equates celiac disease with, but it probably has something to do with not being able to digest or assimilate information, emotions, and other input that comes to us from the outer world. There's always a connection between our emotions and disease as well as, our beliefs which give root to our emotions. Now, the North Node and Jupiter (which rules the liver and thighs) in Virgo reveals our beliefs to us which cause us disease. Instead of making food the culprit and putting a bunch of "nos" in front of it (contains no gluten, no soy, no dairy), let's take a deep look at our subconscious beliefs which science has proven programs our body into wellness or disease. Trust me, developing food phobias and spreading those phobias through campaigns or just word-of-mouth won't bring any of us well-being in the long run. Any time we fear or resist, the thing that we fear persists. And it's not any different for food.

I have found myself swept up in the "no" this or that ingredient in our food trends and it's because fear sweeps us all up as we develop mastery. I will be vulnerable here by telling you that I am constantly battling with my fears and I know those fears have caused illness, not to mention limitations in my life. I'm ready to let those old stories go. Are you on the same boat? No judgement if you're not. But planets transiting in Virgo have us questioning the purity of our beliefs and how those beliefs contribute to illness. With all that Pisces in my chart, I'm among the sensitive people on this planet so I would never knock you for fearing the "toxic" outer world. My Cancer Sun wants nothing more than a good pillow to cuddle up to in a quiet, clean, and almost sterile room.

However, this isn't possible as energies shift on the planet and transform our lives. As much as I would like to hide away from the world, I have to speak my truth and reach out to others through this thing we call astrology.

Now, before I get into the North Node in Virgo, when the North Node is at 0 degrees Libra at the beginning of November, three planets form a Triple Conjunction in Virgo (Mars, Venus, and Jupiter) and each of them had already transited through an opposition with Neptune and approached an opposition with Chiron as well as, a trine with Pluto in Capricorn. The planets also squared Saturn now in Sagittarius. When we see those types of transits we must pay attention. The Cardinal Signs ushered in change and now the Mutable Signs are taking those planets through the changes. Sagittarius does this through higher learning, religion, foreign travel, law, cultural exchange and philosophy. Virgo does this through perfecting, fixing, and being of service as well as, harvesting the fruits of labor, Pisces does this through the arts, healing, and spirituality, and Gemini does this in the realm of thinking and communicating.

Mars unites with Venus in Virgo then they hook up with expansive Jupiter. I'm going out on a small limb here and saying that this has to do for the most part with gender equality, partnerships between male and female (even if it's our inner male and female) and we're looking also at how we attract, reflect, or hunt for our desires. Mars pursues while Venus attracts. If you find that relationships aren't working out for you, first stop nitpicking or being critical towards your partner or potential partner (no one wants to be with a nagging person). Then see if you're not playing the wrong role. For instance, Intuitive Peggy Rometo teaches the concept of women attracting partners and not chasing after them or making it too easy for them. And I know this plays out different in same-sex partnerships and dating but someone is always playing the male role and someone is always playing the female role or it's not going to work.

However, on a more profound level, Jupiter and the North Node in Virgo lead us to our callings. Why did we come to the earth at this time? What is our purpose here? How can we serve others when we judge them or ourselves harshly? Virgo's dark side is critical and judgmental. Virgo's shadow leaves us with the impression that we're damaged goods or not good enough, but none of this is true, as we witness on the Pisces flip side. We're not here to judge but we are here to heal and shine our light on the planet. The nurse doesn't rush into a war scene and chastise the soldiers bleeding on the ground. She or he pulls the soldiers to a safe place and attends to the wounds quickly before too much lifeblood loss.

Well, why should it be any different as we heal the gaping wounds on the planet? Are we going to stand on the side lines criticizing everything going on around us or are we going to act like the nurse and tend to the wounds with healing balm? I've done my share of rants in the world and none of those rants have saved any lives or healed any situations because all rants do is lower our vibrations so we feel hopeless, helpless and outraged. Then of course, rage turned inward is disease. So when the North Node and Jupiter transit into Virgo, it's time to stop ranting and take inspired action (Pisces and Sagittarius). Nothing ever gets fixed by just looking at it and complaining. Now, we look at ways to take new approaches to fixing situations and developing solutions. We first grab our insights from Pisces, take it through the riggers with Gemini and Sagittarius, communicate our efforts through Gemini and then take action with Virgo.

Jupiter stays in Virgo until August 2016 and the North Node stays in Virgo until May 10, 2017 (1 1/2 years). So we'll also look at the purity of our intentions or purity of intent. Those of you with many planets in Virgo or Sun, Moon, or Ascendant in Virgo must step back from criticizing self and others while replacing those impulses with searching for your life calling then walking on that path. Those of you with a lot of Pisces energy use Virgo transits to ground yourself. This allows you to take your spiritual and artistic gifts in the world to be used in a practical sense. Sagittarius connects the dots between nations and cultures. And Gemini acts as the communication arm sparking ways we can use social media to usher in required global changes and shifts.

I'm sure I haven't covered everything about the North Node and Jupiter transits in Virgo, however, I trust that if you read several astrology posts on the topic and then fill in the rest with your inner wisdom, you'll take advantage of the Virgo energy and put it to its best use. Those of you born with Pluto and Uranus in Virgo as well as, Chiron in Pisces will experience a push now towards a rebirth experience. And I can hear some of you moaning and saying, "Not again. When will this transformation experience end?" From what I hear, not for a long while. So it's better to focus on what you can do and take baby steps if that suits you.  Just keep moving forward and know that the North Node always leads us to our destiny and now that destiny is to serve the planet.

North Node in Virgo since 1959

December 16, 1959 to June 10, 1961
July 1978 to January 13, 1980
January 26, 1997 to October 1998

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  1. Great post! My natal north node is in Virgo at 26 degrees in my 8th house. I'm wondering if I'll be especially impacted by the transiting of the North Node into Virgo? I'm currently pursuing a new(ish) creative career that's more aligned with what I feel is my purpose. Hopefully this planetary action will help propel things forward!?!

  2. Yes, it will and that's probably what you're going through now by getting in alignment with your true purpose. I think Virgo North Node will give you the extra push and having Jupiter in Virgo helps too, especially when the North Node and Jupiter hook up in a conjunction later in 2015 and then again, in 2016.

  3. Thanks for your thoughts! Should be interesting times ahead for many of us! :))

  4. My pleasure. I look forward to the changes coming our way. It can only be better, I think.