Saturday, April 22, 2017

Pluto RX--Taming the Monster in our Minds (April 20 until September 28), 2017

Remember that this year we need to resolve those old wounds hiding out in our subconscious minds. And when Pluto goes retrograde from April 20 until September 28, 2017, we have the opportunity to clear up our patterns and beliefs. This is a fabulous window to delve into our deep subconscious, return to those childhood wounds and liberate ourselves.

When Pluto goes retrograde we don't experience one huge transformational experience after another. We also find that others have less control and power over us. The oligarchs take a breather. The six month period allows us to sort and sift over the events from the past six months. When any planet goes retrograde we focus less on the outer world and spend more time in our hearts and minds. We get a grasps on why we endure so many dark nights of the soul. And we also realize that much of what we found insufferable was unnecessary if only we had done the clearing work.

When Saturn goes retrograde we review the structure of our life. When Mercury goes retrograde we get caught up on communication, clear up misunderstandings from previous Mercury RX periods; when Venus goes retrograde we revisit our values and see how they might have changed. When Pluto goes retrograde we revisit our sense of empowerment and how we wield or don't wield our personal power in the world. It is a time to reflect in how we give our power away to others and then to stop those behaviors.

When Mars goes retrograde we tend to take care of any part of our physical health or emotional health where we don't feel optimal. It's also a good time to get iron levels checked and tone up on those muscles (along with Saturn RX or direct). When Uranus goes RX life can get boring if we enjoy sudden and abrupt changes. I personally enjoy Uranus retrograde because I get tired of the surprises and sudden changes. When Neptune goes RX it's time to heal addictions and codependent behaviors, and similar to Pluto RX, to reclaim our personal power or at least, spiritual center.

So what will you do with Pluto RX? Will you do the necessary work or will you deny that any work needs to get done? Will you reclaim your personal power or act out of fear by controlling others? Micromanaging others is not a good skill to have even if some people think that it is. And we really don't want to micromanage ourselves either because that leaves God out of the picture. That's actually another way of denying personal power since we co-create with God.

 If you find yourself giving your power away, congratulations. You have discovered what holds you back and you can begin the clearing work. Many of us feel Pluto as we fear the reaper. And Pluto is the god of the Underworld. Pluto represents those areas of our lives where we experience death and rebirth. Where in your chart is your Natal Pluto? And where is transiting Pluto in your chart? These are the areas most affected by a Pluto RX period or a Natal Pluto RX.

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