Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Mercury Retrograde in Taurus/Aries---Slow Down and Pay Attention to Details

Just like people fear the reaper they also fear Mercury retrograde. So, take a few deep breaths and realize that Mercury is a small, personal planet, which is actually doing us a favor during a retrograde. And Mercury goes retrograde around three times a year for about three weeks. Last year, we experienced four retrogrades of Mercury.

When Mercury moves too far ahead of the sun we actually experience an imbalance. Our identity and the way we communicate it gets muddled. We lose sight of our projects and stop paying attention to details or we fail to see the bigger picture as we plow through the life experience. We lose touch with people or we don't communicate clearly even when Mercury is at full speed and moving direct. So we get a time-out where the sun and Mercury align once again.

This is why we must slow down and pay attention when Mercury is in retrograde motion. And believe it or not, some people don't have issues with this phase of Mercury or any planet going retrograde because their lives are in balance. If you can be in the here and now rather than zooming into the future or waxing nostalgia for the past, then Mercury retrograde is no big deal. In fact, you might even enjoy this time-out to get caught up on paperwork, to edit manuscripts, to revisit a problem and actually solve it and to make corrections on any agreements that you signed during a previous Mercury retrograde. It's a good time to get out of contracts and leases, especially if you have flowing aspects to Jupiter which is currently transiting in Libra.

Mercury goes retrograde at 4 degrees Taurus on April 9. It travels back into Aries on April 20 and transits to 24 Aries on May 3. And then goes direct on May 4. Mercury transits back into Taurus on May 17. So, the first part of this retrograde will seem slower and almost as if communication has been mired. This is for two reasons. Taurus has slow plodding energy and Mercury is stationary and slower at the beginning of a retrograde. It feels like a bumpy ride or riding a road bike on a country road filled with potholes if that gives you an image or feeling.

For some of you, Mercury transits in two of your Natal Houses. And for those of you who have Taurus intercepted in an Aries House, you will experience this transit in one large house. Look at your chart to see where this retrograde takes place. Use my astro cheat sheet to look up themes of those houses or house. This will give you an idea of where communication and technology are muddled in our life. This is where you must provide clarity and pay attention to details.

I'm offering short readings for the Mercury Retrograde where we observe this transit in your Natal Chart. This is a half-hour reading or short e-mailed report for $50. I only look at the Mercury RX. We can do this by Skype (Fridays only) or I can send you a report and chart. I will have more availability for Skype the last week of April. I look forward to helping you to balance with this retrograde. I can also do the same offer for the Saturn RX (separate from the Mercury RX reading).

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