Monday, March 27, 2017

Taurus New Moon--Exalted and Relaxed

When the Taurus New Moon comes along, it's time to manifest our desires. This is the best moon for setting intentions and using visualization practices. We get in touch with our senses and the Taurus energy helps us stay grounded in our bodies.

Remember that in order to manifest dreams into concrete reality we must be grounded in our bodies. Taurus represents dense energy because it is an Earth and a Fixed sign. Yes, this energy moves at a slow tempo and it allows us to contemplate and drink in everything life has to offer.

Last year, the Taurus New Moon appeared in a troublesome moon chart. I decided not to set any intentions during the cycle between the 2016 Taurus New Moon and the Scorpio Full Moon. This year, we have a better moon chart, even though as in every chart, it brings us challenges too.  Let's look at the Cardinal T-Cross which poses some challenges. Again, we have the three players, Jupiter in Libra opposing Uranus in Aries and both squaring Pluto in Capricorn. This on-going energy carries some new themes. Mercury joins Uranus in Aries with a one degree orb and Juno joins Pluto in Capricorn. We can call this variations on the same themes we have seen play out since Jupiter moved into Libra last fall.

When Mercury joins Uranus we have a high level of mental activity and energy at play. This means our minds are racing and most likely gravitating towards social justice issues. We hear or read articles about the brain and brain science. We might learn about the effects of recreational drugs and alcohol on the brain since we're still coming out of the Pisces haze of the Solar Eclipse and the Virgo Full Moon which also featured powerful Piscean energy. We will learn how we can heal brain issues with music, cinema, photography, yoga, and meditation. Again, this is because of that Pisces energy.

If you find that you can't calm your mind down, try sound healing bowls and tuning forks. Join a drum circle. Spend time in nature. Practice yoga and yogic breathing. Dance. Sing or work with music in some way. I like to head to our local waterways and photograph ducks to satisfy and balance my Pisces energy. Now, Jupiter in Libra offers us some practices too to calm down the mind. Focus on beauty and the areas of our life that are in balance. Focus on the other, instead of self when dealing with partnerships. Have you ever noticed that when you find yourself obsessing about issues, reaching out to help others relieves you of that stress? This is one way to calm the tension presented by the T-Cross.

Another outlet would be to use the Aries energy to make changes in your community. Join other advocates for the causes that stir your passions. Get involved with physical exercise to work off steam. Be the first at something. Take bold action in some area of your life. On the Pluto in Capricorn side make transformations in your relationship with your mother and your home. Return to your childhood and reclaim your power through integration therapy.

This does not bring overnight healing but it does heal codependency. The outlet from the T-Cross is Cancer. So self-nurturing, proper nourishment, taking care of the breasts and stomach bring relief from the tension of the T-Cross. Nurturing others brings rewards too. Just make sure you aren't doing this in a way that enables others to become or act co-dependent.

Mercury and Uranus in Aries make a flowing aspect to Saturn in Sagittarius. So not only are our brains racing the Indie 500, we feel like we're making progress in areas of higher education, travel, and the higher mind. Mercury and Uranus get our brains up to speed and we're able to handle difficult material. We find that we have a high learning curve even if some of us suffer from headaches and tension in the jaw as we embark on an educational journey. College students might feel more stress than usual like they have to get it right or they might come off as know-it-alls. The other thing that could happen is that students rebel against college professors or religious figures. It will be interesting to see how this aspect plays out.

The Moon and the Sun form an out-of-sign trine with Saturn according to this moon chart. This means that our core identity is tied up in our education, philosophy, or our higher mind. We need to get out of our heads and into our bodies. Since the Sun and Moon are in Taurus we can use the Fire trines to bolster our manifestation and alchemy abilities. We don't have the Saturn-Neptune Square or Mars in Scorpio to contend with this year. And we've grown used to the Cardinal T-Cross because it has appeared in every moon chart so far this year. Fortunately, Uranus is pulling ahead of Pluto and this T-Cross will dissolve the second half of 2017.

So what can each of the Zodiac Signs expect from this year's Taurus New Moon?

Aries--For you, it's time to speak your mind. However, you need to do this with diplomacy and from a place of justice. Own your power that comes from spirit by not confusing your ego with spirit. You don't always need to come first. However, by acting as a pioneer and forging new territories through controlling your thoughts, you make a difference on the planet.

Taurus--You indulge in sensual delights. It's spring (at least in the northern hemisphere) and flowers are blooming everywhere. You want to garden or grow food. Perhaps, you indulge in writing poetry, throwing pots as in pottery, or painting. Some of you cook four-course meals for your friends and you listen to live music. Companionship and sharing the good life is in store for you.

Gemini--With Mars transiting in your sign and Saturn in Sagittarius challenging you (not to mention Neptune and Chiron in Pisces), make sure that you don't cut anyone down or off with ill-placed words. This is not the time to use provocative language unless you want to go to battle. Mars gives you lots of energy which is best used for physical pursuits. With Uranus and Mercury in flowing aspect, you feel brainy but use that brain power to make a difference in the world rather than to criticize others. Words you say now could come back to haunt you later.

Cancer--I know we (Cancerians) are tired of hearing astrologers and coaches tell us to practice self-care. However, that's exactly what the Taurus New Moon is asking us to do. First, the Moon is at its most powerful and sensual in Taurus. Cancer wants to eat too much. Indulge in too much alcohol or forget to take care of his or her body. Make sure that you are eating healthy, drinking plenty of water, and getting out in fresh air. The Taurus Moon turns you into a homebody so if you're going to stay at home learn new recipes in the kitchen or do some gardening.

Leo--You guys are expanding spiritually this year. It's as if you experience one epiphany after another so you want to get behind a microphone and share this newfound wisdom. You want to become life coaches or join a rock band. Make sure that you get in touch with your heart because it's too easy to confuse the ego with the heart, especially since Leo rules both.

Virgo--The North Node is about to leave your sign and travel into Leo (May). This gives you around a month to tie up loose ends. Are you on the right path? The Taurus Moon lends you strength and helps you heal bodily issues, especially with the throat and neck. You can use this moon for deep relaxation. Get a massage or therapy of one kind or another. And take time alone to contemplate where you want to head next. It really feels like the end of a long year-and-a-half cycle for you. But you have a clear picture of your life destiny. Discern but don't criticize. None of us are perfect and life is a journey.

Libra--You share the planet Venus in common with Taurus. And even though Taurus is a feminine Earth Sign, you share many attributes in common. You both like the finer things in life. You both appreciate art and the good company of friends. And with Jupiter still in your sign, Libra, you feel like could prosper now. So balance the scales in whatever way appeals to you. You might also need to blow off steam by getting out and exercising your body. Get out of your head and into your body. We don't manifest from our thoughts. We manifest from sensations and feelings in the physical body. Remember those words.

Scorpio--Sex feels very good during the Taurus New Moon. This moon allows you to lighten up and indulge in sensual pleasures. Try digging in the dirt or better yet, try different therapies to delve into your subconscious to bring healing to your body. You explore your DNA and lineages. You experience intense dreams with Neptune and Chiron in Pisces. And Pluto in Capricorn conjunct Juno has you transforming home or your concept of home. You could also become pregnant now if you are wanting to have children. This is a fertile New Moon for you.

Sagittarius--Saturn is still in your sign until December (around the holidays). This means that you still experience restrictions around long-distance travel, the legal system, and higher education. You lock horns with people from other religions or religious views. But with Saturn in the Galactic Center and retrograde you could also experience ascension or the beginning of an ascension process. You find that words cannot describe your otherworldly experiences. You astral project. You swim in the cosmos and this leaves you speechless.

Capricorn--Transformation is still the key word for you and will continue to be until 2024. However, Capricorn, you are growing stronger and more powerful with each passing month. You don't even mind Uranus going to battle with you or Pluto transforming you from a frighten child-adult to a powerful teacher. You love the Taurus New Moon and Saturn RX. It's time to take a break and hang out with cows in the middle of a meadow. Well, maybe in your dreams. Sit back and daydream a bit. And when you're engaging your senses, you manifest a better life--the life you dreamed of but wouldn't allow to manifest. Go for it.

Aquarius--Okay, you're feeling confused. Uranus and Mercury are causing your brain to race from one brilliant idea to the next. But the Taurus Sun and Moon slam on the brakes. You don't want to play the investors' games. You want everyone to think outside of the box like you. And they're just not up to speed with your brilliant ideas. You must be patient and use diplomacy instead of harsh words when educating others. Many of you get involved in grassroots causes or you start your own advocacy groups. Aquarius, we need you but give us a chance to catch up. If you suffer from headaches during this New Moon, you're thinking too much. Get out of your heads and into your bodies. Go for a hike or swim in a lake. I'm thinking of that jazz song with the words about jumping in a lake.

Pisces--I always like typing Pisces when I'm giving forecasts for the Zodiac Signs because I'm at the end. And I don't want to give you the short end of the stick even if my fingers are aching by this point. Pisces, I want you to get into your bodies so you can manifest your dreams. You have the fantasy part down. Your vision boards are works of art. You chant beautifully and your drumming is coming along.

But now it's time to get into your bodies and dance your desires into physical reality. You feel disappointed that you're not manifesting your soul partner or that you're not living in your dream home or driving your dream car. This is because you have dissociated from your body and you can't manifest when you are floating around in deep space. The trick really is getting grounded in your bodies. The Taurus New Moon helps you with that. Bonne chance.

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