Monday, March 13, 2017

Sun Transits in Aries (March 20, 2017)--All Reved Up

You know when the Sun approaches Aries. You know because you see red everywhere--from red cars to the red clothing people wear. Even stop signs take on greater significance even if no one is going to stop for the proverbial red light. Aries leads off the Zodiac. And this Ram pushes his way into spring (fall if you're in the Southern Hemisphere).

Aries represents The Fool (Tarot), children, the places in our lives where we are still naive and it represents cars, sports, competition, and taking risks. Aries is a Fire Sign (the first in the Zodiac) and it is a pushy Cardinal Sign so Aries becomes the fire starter blazing his or her way into the future. Aries takes his cues from the planet Mars and chooses red as his color.

When the Sun is in Aries life intensifies. We all want to venture forth and pioneer a project or relationship. We feel chivalrous, even if we're female. And the house in your chart with Aries on the cusps is where you take bold action. This is the place where you must come first. So if you have Aries on your First House cusp then you might come off as impatient and childish. You want things now, dammit. If you have Aries on your Seventh House cusps then you must come first in partnerships and this might not bode well with your partner unless she or he is a people-pleaser.

You can pretty much spot an Aries Sun or Rising Sign person when they enter a room. They walk with their head out in front of them, as if they have horns on their head. They tend to have red hair or red highlights in their hair or their face is flushed with color. There are two types of Aries Sun people. The first is bold with a louder voice. The second seems more like a lamb until you upset them and then the beast surfaces. As mentioned earlier, Aries people enjoy taking risks. They want to venture into unexplored territory. They have to be the first. In dating with teens, this would suggest that the man would be the first one to kiss you (sometimes you have to fib a bit to please an Aries).

I knew one Aries man from college who drank like a fish, spouted out all kinds of offensive yet funny stuff and did not believe in astrology. The only thing is he could be a poster child for Aries Sun. Often the people who say they don't believe in astrology are walking astrology textbook cases. Other Aries enjoy getting astrology reading and many become astrologers or coaches. With all that Fire behind them, they motivate the more sluggish among us. And out of the 12 Zodiac Signs, Aries is the one who is most likely to-go-go-go-go. They don't have time to sit around and much like their Sagittarius brothers and sisters, they're looking for an adventure or an adrenaline rush. This could even be starting a rock band or dating someone new.

I'm not going to get into famous Aries people simply because I'm pressed for time. And I could use some of that Aries energy. I will say that Aries does best at careers where they feel like they come first. They thrive on recognition and the freedom to try new activities. They're also super passionate so give them a cause or two to lead.

On the dark side, Aries come off as aggressive and at times, violent. They are impatient with processes and they don't like coming second at anything. Ignore an Aries and he or she will disappear from your life. Sometimes they come off as rash or like they're in a rush to somewhere. However, if you ever require a first responder to rescue you, Aries is your guy or gal. Similar to the other two Fire Signs, Aries is generous and caring, especially if they have planets in Pisces. They're mellow if they have planets in Taurus, such as Mercury or Venus in Taurus. Or if an Aries Sun has Mars in Taurus or Pisces then they come off as subdued and not intense at all (until they feel inspired).

We all have Aries in our charts somewhere. Find Aries in your chart and this is where you must come first. This is the place where you must learn patience and diplomacy. For instance, I have Aries in my Third House and I am competitive with my siblings. I cut people off when they're talking (get to the point already because I'm in a hurry). And I feel impatient with local mail, short-distance communication, and short-distance travel. I was also the class clown during my K - 12 school years (Aries in the Third House of education). Did I mention that Aries people are funny?

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