Saturday, March 11, 2017

Libra Full Moon for April 10, 2017---She has Risen!

I knew at the start of 2017 that this year would launch the Divine Feminine in a powerful way. I knew when I marched with women in January that women were going to roar. And this energy continues to build. The Libra Full Moon on April 10, 2017 brings justice to women around the globe. Again, we have that powerful T-Cross with Pluto, Uranus, and Jupiter playing out. Oh, but there's much more going on here. So much more. 

When I talk about the Divine Feminine, this includes the Divine Masculine too. And it includes integration of our inner children and Higher Souls. With Saturn still in the Galactic Center squaring Chiron and Venus RX in Pisces we are healing those inner children. We are challenged to forgive the past and see the wounding in others so that we forgive and set ourselves free. And when we forgive that we cannot change (Chiron) we flood ourselves with light from the GC. We expand our consciousness with the Pisces and Sagittarius energies swirling in the cosmos. And because Venus connects with Chiron (second passing in 2017 with the first time Venus moving direct), women lead the way. Women power is not just a trend. It's very real and palatable.

So let's look at the Cardinal T-Cross. Remember that Cardinal energy is pushy and it pushes boundaries. It's the same energy that ushers in a new season. In the southern hemisphere we experience autumn and the decaying of the old way. In the northern hemisphere we experience and explore rebirth energies. Aries is strong and anyone with their sun, moon, or Ascendant in Aries or in Libra are going to push ahead. You are like those sprouts bursting through the heavy soil to experience and explore the light of the sun.

However, with the the new and full moons in April, we are moving away from a sun-centered way of being to a moon-centered one. This means that we will learn how to align with our desires through meditation and this includes world peace. Instead of going out in the world and competing we cooperate and share resources with others. This is the true nature of humans. Instead of chasing after dreams and using will power to manifest, we attract our desires in a flowing way.

This brings up this annoying ad on YouTube where this motivation coach is telling people to use will power. I can't wait to skip over that ad each time. The guy looks like he's on speed or drinks too much Red Bull so he's super hyper like a male cheerleader and unfortunately is barking up an old tree. Sorry guy but please move out of the way so the Divine Feminine can shine her light. The reason we don't feel motivated is because the old ways are ebbing and the new ways are only birthing now. You cannot push a gestation process even with all this Cardinal energy.

The moon conjuncts Jupiter in Libra and this represents women because Libra represents Venus which represents women. Jupiter is expanding on a justice theme. Then the moon and Jupiter oppose Uranus and the sun in Aries. And it even gets better since Pluto conjuncts Juno (women and the home) in Capricorn and this combination represents the apex of the T-Cross. Cancer provides the outlet since no planets are in Cancer, the final Cardinal Sign. Cancer represents the breasts which to me is part of the Heart Chakra.

The sun which equals our identity joins Uranus, the Awakener. This is nothing short of a revolution. The Occupy Movements seem so small in comparison to what is bursting forth on the planet. This energy takes my breath away and I have goose bumps on my arms. Do you have any idea how much power is in this T-Cross? And the outlet Cancer tells us that self-care and self-nurturing are the key. And of course, we must heal our inner children so that we don't cause damage to actual children. And I'm not even saying that children are innocent vulnerable creatures. They're not because the children coming on the planet now are Old Souls. They are holding a space for us to get our acts together. Oh, and they are so patient too. Well, not for much longer...

When Pluto joins Juno we have a powerful intermingling of male and female energies. This refers to married couples but we all have male and female sides. Are you balancing your inner authority with your inner mother? Think of Mother Mary or Kuan Yin who many of us turn to when we are hurting or in trouble. We do this because those are powerful nurturing energies. We do so because as human beings we know that compassion is our true set point. Our hearts act as our GPS or compass. When we connect to our inner authority in a meaningful way, we unleash powerful energy in the world that puts an end to the Age of the Martyr-Victim. Thus we enter the Aquarius Age.

Mars in Taurus trines Pluto and this also brings in female energy since Taurus is a feminine sign and rules Venus along with Libra. Mars doesn't like being in Taurus but it subdues Mars aggression. Actually, I see an image of a pacifier or a sleeping giant. Mars in this case calms down the Cardinal T-Cross. But then Pallas in Aries heats things up on the feminine side because Pallas represents both Divine Wisdom and the female warrior. And I think this has something to do with gaining equal rights and equal status not just for women but also for homosexuals.

Despite all the retrogrades occurring in April (Venus, Mercury, Saturn, Jupiter, and Pluto), I think it is still a powerful month. The Cardinal T-Cross pushes us beyond our boundaries. We reflect on history and how women have suffered and how they have risen time and time again. We search through history for our women heroes and we learn from their lessons (Pallas in Aries). We also travel back to the past to release burdens through forgiveness. We didn't know then what we know now. In April our motto is "She has risen."

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