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Saturn Retrograde--Planetary Traffic Jam in April 2017

photo by Patricia Herlevi, Seattle 2008
Even though April is still a few weeks away, I thought I would post on Saturn Retrograde. And to give you some framework, Venus is still RX at the beginning of April. Mercury goes RX on the 9th and Pluto goes RX on April 20th. Jupiter stays in retrograde motion until June 9th. With so many planets in backward motion, April is not the month to launch anything new--a relationship or a business.

However, for the sake of this article, I'm focusing on Saturn RX. All the planets except Venus and Mars go retrograde every year. And we use the retrograde periods to refocus on our priorities. We use this timeout to reassess, reinvent, and to catch up on any energies that have gotten too far ahead of us. We also use this time to rest our bodies since planets such as Mars, Pluto, and Saturn when moving direct can take a toll on our bodies. Saturn affects our bodies because this planet rules structure, including physical bodies, diet and other routines.

I was born with Saturn, Neptune, and Venus retrograde. And what I've noticed with the Saturn RX in my birth chart is that career success has been long in coming. I'm six years shy of my second Saturn Return and by this point, most adults have found success and their careers have reached a peak. Saturn RX has affected me much like having a yod in a Natal Chart. My career which is now a synthesis of many endeavors is beginning to take shape.

And with Saturn RX in my 2nd House getting my talents out in the world has been an uphill endeavor. Someone born with a Saturn or Mars retrograde is not good at tooting their own horn. This is because ambition and confidence has turned inward. The person is self-reflective. And Saturnian people tend to suffer from black dog depression.

I'm telling you this information because Saturn will retrograde in the Galactic Center at 27 degrees Sagittarius on April 6 (a month away from when I'm writing this article). It will stay at 27 degrees stationary (not budging) for all of April. And Saturn is slow-going anyway. In May, the planet picks up speed and transits to 25 degrees (out of the Galactic Center) and then by August 25 when Saturn goes direct it is at 21 degrees. If you have any planets including Saturn between 21 and 27 degrees Sagittarius keep on eye on those planets as they will receive Saturnian energy.

That requires patience and a gaze at the longer view. Saturn makes life challenging for us now so that we gain wisdom and empowerment we can use at a later date. Pay attention. If you have any planets from 21 to 27 degrees in Gemini, Pisces, or Virgo, pay attention to that too. You'll experience squares and oppositions with Saturn in Sagittarius. You can sign up for a personal reading if you would like some help with interpreting these transits.

So what can we expect when Saturn goes retrograde for five months? We can bolster businesses that already exist. We can pay off debts. We can get our finances in order. We can make long-term plans that we set in motion after Saturn goes direct in August. Most importantly, we can start taking better care of our physical bodies. That is to get into an exercise program that strengthens bones. And it's a good time to take care of any dental problems. Since Saturn is in Sagittarius take a long-range look at higher education. Do you need to take any classes? Do research on legal actions which you'll take in the future and it might feel like a time of retribution. People try to take the moral high road.

The good news is that religious extremist take a backseat. But we could also witness economic crashes. Remember what happened in 2007 when Pluto was in the last degrees of Sagittarius? Saturn is retracing those degrees. Saturn is a hard taskmaster. This planet is karmic and if we aren't coming from a place of integrity, then Saturn's energy is punitive.

If you have any new projects or businesses to launch, do this before April or after August. If you are starting a new relationship, you'll need to practice patience between April and August when this relationship experiences a series of tests. If you make it to the end of the Saturn RX with the relationship intact, there's a good change it will take the longer road. Take care of health concerns regarding bones, muscles, skin and connective tissue. When Saturn is RX it is possible to break or fracture bones or tear ligaments. So be careful and don't push your body too hard.

Those of us born with Saturn RX don't really have a problem with this transit. We're used to the introspective energy. We actually get noticed by higher ups during this transit because we're willing to work hard and we don't do that just to get recognition. In fact, we shy away from attention because this is a Saturn placement for introverts especially if we have Saturn RX in an Earth or Water Sign. Venus RX is also introverted. And I have both planets RX! Though I've not considered myself to be an introvert even if I'm uncomfortable under the spotlight.

Use March to tie up loose ends. We have more energy in March than in April which is going to be frustrating for most of us. Having Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury and Pluto RX is maddening. At least Venus goes direct halfway through the month and Pluto waits to go retrograde on the 20th. Prepare yourself for delays. Meditate a lot. Journal. Walk in nature. Hang out in a garden or in the woods. It's going to be a slow spring. But this might actually be a good thing since the year started out like a rearing horse. It's time to return to the drawing board.

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