Friday, March 17, 2017

Aries New Moon for March 27, 2017--New Beginnings & Breakthroughs

photo by Patricia Herlevi
An Aries New Moon represents true Spring to me (unless you live in the Southern Hemisphere). It's no wonder that here in the north, we see so many baby animals and children rollicking outdoors around the time the Sun and Moon connect in Aries. But new beginnings come in many forms and on many fronts, as we'll notice with the Aries New Moon on March 27, 2017.

With this Aries New Moon, we experience tension when Jupiter at 19 degrees Libra goes to battle with Pluto at 19 degrees Capricorn. Mercury catches up and conjuncts Uranus in Aries. So we have a semi-tight Cardinal T-Cross with Pluto providing the apex and Cancer providing the outlet. This means that our new beginnings start off with a bang. And if we choose to give our power away, this could result in experiencing violence or aggression or bullying from others.

We must practice self-care while we heal any mother (or father) issues during March and going into April. Once we heal those childhood wounds, we open ourselves up to the higher vibrations of the Aries Sun and Aries Moon. When we heal those wounds we stop attracting toxic behavior from ourselves and others. We can sigh with relief now that Mars has moved into stabilizing Taurus. It's no longer in a T-Cross with Pluto, Uranus, and Jupiter. And now, we pursue our values which manifest after we heal those old emotional wounds.

Pluto represents power and it can represent the structures in our lives. Jupiter strives for creating balance and harmony in relationships and not just with intimate partners. Relationships come in many forms, as we will learn in late March. Uranus and Mercury in Aries act as firestarters charging through the gate. Watch what you say during this Aries New Moon week because cutting words have a way of haunting us later. People are already feeling hotheaded with their brains firing away. Now, is no the time to act impetuous way even if we are tempted to bring out our naughty inner children.

Children and youth act out now and challenge authority, especially parents and teachers. They don't like the way we are running the world. Some children act selfish and others act selflessly because they are concerned about their families, communities, and the world. In fact, we focus on children during this new moon and the cycle it begins.

We see horrendous acts towards children in the news and possibly in our own neighborhoods. We must get rid of this idea of either spoiling and punishment of children and see them as the Divine Beings that they are. Overprotecting children backfires as does neglectful actions. It's obviously a time for adults to heal their inner children and to stop taking it out on their children. I know this isn't so easy but there is the message from this new moon.

This particular chart shows out-of-sign squares between Saturn at 27 degrees Sagittarius and the moon, the sun, and Venus at 7 degrees Aries. I'm ignoring these red lines but I'll watch to see if we experience Saturn energy dampening our values, personal identities or emotional expression represented by the orbs and Venus.

However, Mars in Taurus lines up with Pluto in Capricorn which helps us ground ourselves in concrete reality. And Saturn trines Uranus and Mercury in Aries which can also keep us grounded as we pursue our passions. And it's better to focus on our passions than on all the strife in the world. Oh, and there will be strife as tension between the grassroots and authority figures continues. But know that this is playing out so that we can awaken and ascend in consciousness.

Welcome the Aries New Moon and new beginnings as we continue with the evolution of Mother Earth.

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