Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Virgo Full Moon for March 12, 2017---Momentum Keeps Building

I doubt that it's a coincidence that the Leo Lunar Eclipse was at 22 degrees, followed by the Virgo Full Moon at 22 degrees on March 12. The Universe in its wisdom is using master numbers 22 and 11 as symbols on a synchronistic path. And as this synchronicity speeds up, so does our global awakening. Can you feel it?

The other message the wise Universe sends us is a Cardinal T-Cross with Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto. And then the Universe tosses in a Mutable T-Cross with the Virgo Moon opposing a Pisces Stellium (Sun, Neptune, Pallas, Chiron, and Mercury) and squaring Saturn in Sagittarius.

Venus is at 11 degrees Aries and Uranus is at 22 Aries. Again, we see master numbers that usher in a new age or a global awakening. Venus asks us what we value and if we will step through the doors that represent our values? (Also look for 33, 44, and 55 minutes after the degrees).

Venus in Aries asks us if freedom is worth fighting for? She values justice, harmony, diplomacy and if she does fight, she fights fair. Not only that, we see glamorous women march on the streets--not exactly their Suffragette ancestors. We also see women taking on the US President and his narcissistic tactics.

The thing is anyone who goes to YouTube or any number of blogs about dealing with narcissists can learn some tricks to protect themselves. We can also expose the narcissistic types and allow them to hit bottom so that they receive the healing they require. It's not our job to placate them or answer to their bids. We didn't come to this planet to become enslaved to wounded men and women. So use that Venus in Aries energy to liberate yourself from oppressors and people who use intimidation, control, and manipulation to get their needs met. Don't allow them to use you as an energy food source.

That said, we have the power of compassion and forgiveness to get us through some hard times. Some of us are going to escape into spiritual la-la land. But make no mistake, if we don't use discernment, we're not going to feel safe anywhere. Just because someone calls themselves spiritual does not suggest that they have it together. And if they seem spiritually smug, find out what addictions or personality disorder they are hiding from you. Many of these people use slogans and mantras to hide their ill intents. Ask them who is creating their distorted reality?

Mars moves into Taurus after having fueled the fire of Uranus in Aries. It's like all that boys-will-be-boys energy calms down. When Mars moves into Taurus we start caring about the environment. If we haven't already, we question why the big boys must play with our natural world so that they strike it rich. Oh, yes, they promise us more jobs, but at the expense of destroying major river and water supply for millions of people. What good are more jobs if you're going to die from poison in the water? If you haven't watched the movie, Erin Brockovich then better watch it soon. In fact, the sentiments of that movie are the embodiment of Venus in Aries and Mars in Taurus. (See movie trailer below).

As far as, the Mutable T-Cross in the Virgo Full Moon chart, this won't bode well for the US President, a Gemini. The spiritual communities around the world are expanding and tapping into the God Source. They are also tapping into alternative energy sources we had not discovered until now. With so much Pisces energy happening in this chart and Saturn sailing through the Galactic Center, expect alien visitation (of the space cosmonaut variety).

Expect more channeling. Expect accurate messages from those who purify their bodies for channeling purposes. Expect dietary changes. Expect detox as a buzz word. Expect yoga class enrollment to triple. Expect the average person to try their hand at meditation. Expect transcendence. The Virgo Moon is not enough to anchor us to the Earth. We're going to soar with all that Pisces energy and with Saturn in the GC. (And give up the alcohol and recreational drugs which will only keep you anchored in the Matrix).

A major healing and shift are possible. This Virgo Full Moon is ripe with potential. But we must know what we value and stick to it. Open those doors and march on through to the other side. Don't become too critical of spiritual wisdom. And at the same time, use discernment. All that glitter isn't gold and Pisces is known for deception as much as it is known for ascension. Happy Cosmic Trails, my friends.

Trailer for Erin Brockovich

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