Monday, January 30, 2017

R U a Mercury Type (Gemini, Virgo, and Strong Mercury Placement)

I decided to do a series for the R U planetary types. I was at Village Books in Bellingham and I picked up and browsed a book on the 12 Engrams which were based on the planets. I learned that I am a Lunar Type. This fascinated me and so I decided to do my own Neptune Girl version based on astrology, of course. (Check out the Neptune Type).

A Mercury Type resembles a Gemini or Virgo Sun, Rising Sign, or Moon Sign person. They are most likely have one of those attributes in their Natal Charts. Also, look for a heavily aspected or a cluster of planets in the Third or Sixth houses which are ruled by Gemini and Virgo. And look for clusters of planets in Virgo or Gemini. You can also count as a Mercury Type if your Chart Ruler falls in the Sixth or Third houses. So if your chart ruler is Venus and this planet falls in one of the Mercury houses and if Venus is in Virgo or Gemini then this too contributes to the Mercury Type personality.

If any of this is above your head and I've confused you, sign up for a personal reading and we can determine your planetary type. You might even have more than one type.

Mercury types are witty, urbane and they tend to make a living in the communication field. Many are journalists and the Virgo Types are excellent editors, provided they don't have Virgo on the cusps of the 12th House, in which case they are rather spacey and not detail-oriented. Mercury types talk rapidly and they also think quickly. They lean towards restlessness and often suffer from a case of nerves. Their brains are hardwired for information flow and their curiosity sends them online or to the library to research new topics. They are emotionally detached and they use their intellect to move through their lives.

The Gemini variety tends to be good with their hands. They work in carpentry, woodworking, instrument-making, knitting, writing, and other handicrafts. They have long fingers and are also adept at playing a musical instrument--that is if they have the patience to learn how to play it. They have prominent hands and arms. Some of them suffer from lung ailments and must protect their lungs during cold and flu season. It's also best not to take up smoking of any substance, which is a challenge for these folks.

They enjoy puzzles, word games, word play, poetry, songwriting, and turn-of-phrases. They can memorize huge amounts of information and forget it just as quickly. They love reading material and will often have two or three books they are reading consecutively. They are always on the go and they get bored easily.

The downside is that they tend to gossip. They collect information about others to be used later. They engage in mind control or they might hack someone's computer (if they learn how to do it). Some Mercury Types are actual thieves (off and online). Some are con and scam artists because they know how to use words to manipulate others. They often suffer from nervous exhaustion because they multitask and take on more than they can handle. Think of that person juggling phones. They also lean towards smoking because they need something to do with their hands and smoking helps them also to relax their nervous energy.

The Virgo Types tend to work in service professions, especially in the medical field. Or they work with internet information technology. They are perfectionists and are just as critical of themselves as they are of others. If they learn discernment they teach this to others, especially children. They discriminate the information they receive and are less likely to allow the media to manipulate them. When their emotions are off-balance they can become addicts to any substance that calms their nerves. It's better for them to get body work such as a massage to relax or to take a warm bath. Unlike Gemini, Virgos require space and privacy. Some are hermits.

Some remedies include learning and practicing meditation. Getting regular hypnosis or reiki sessions. Using relaxation herbs such as chamomile, lemon balm, and passion flower. Some benefit from skullcap and valerian. Yoga is a good practice as is going for long walks or swimming so they can get back in touch with their bodies. Mercury Types spend too much time in their brains and require sensual experiences so that they come home to their bodies. Strike a balance between stimulating the brain and resting this overworked organ. Research homeopathy and flower essences.

Other considerations for the Mercury Type, explore ways to dress for your profession, especially if you give public speeches or teach. Work with a stylist or wardrobe consultant. Since you spend so much time in your heads, you might not be dressing for success. Connect with Venus Types when choosing makeup or hairstyles. Mercury Types tend to have high sloping foreheads.

Choose a diet that is light and holistic. Stay away from dairy products as they can clog up the lungs and sinuses--making speech difficult. You do well on a diet with lots of vegetables, but you also need a protein source to keep you grounded. Eat root vegetables. Lay off on sugar and caffeine since these substances take you on hyperdrive. You are prone to allergies and food sensitivities so keep a food journal to keep track of this. Remember that these are general statements and I don't give medical advice.

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