Thursday, January 26, 2017

Zodiac Sign Aquarius--Foreward-Thinking, Futuristic, Humanist

Since we're all going to experience a huge splash of Aquarius energy this year, I might as well write a post on the Water Bearer. But this post is specially created for those of you who love a person with an Aquarius Sun or Ascendant. You can also include the Aquarius Moon people or people with a cluster of planets in their Eleventh House.

So who is the Water Bearer? And why do people harp on about the Aquarius Age as we turn backward on the Zodiac Wheel? The Water Bearer is someone born roughly from January 19 to February 18 (but this fluctuates). Aquarius is a Fixed Air Sign. This means that it is a mental sign since Air rules the mental process and represents people who stubbornly hang on to their ideas, concepts, and opinions. Stubbornness represents all Fixed Signs (Taurus, Scorpio, Leo, and Aquarius). Aquarius also has a connection to the quickly Awakener planet Uranus. And Uranus has been transiting in Aries (compatible with Aquarius) since 2011.

I can tell you first what I have read about Aquarius. And then I will describe my own experiences with people bearing this sign. In the early astrology books I read, the astrologers described Aquarius as a detached Air Sign and we might argue that Aquarius is the most detached of the Air Signs. It is the sign of geniuses, absent-minded professors, and eccentrics. The sign represents icons such as James Dean and Oprah Winfrey. When these folks latch onto an idea it's like a rabid dog latching onto your leg. They know things. But they don't know everything, even though they will convince you that they are the authority on everything under the sun. And they are a real pain sometimes.

I have read that they are cold lovers and one astrologer compared Venus in Aquarius people as robots because they express no passion. They collect friends much like their polar opposite Leo does. But Aquarius is not looking for a loyal following to worship them in the way that Leo does. In fact, Aquarius is deathly afraid of hero worship and any self-reflection. They fall on the Marxist side of the Russian Revolution while Leo falls on the side of the aristocracy (if that gives you any indication).

I have read that Aquarius men have a difficult time expressing intimacy. If they start to like you, they will back off or disappear. Or they cut you off and act mean towards you. Since they send the wrong message, they could end up alone. And if that happens, they'll delve into a humanitarian project or an invention. Aquarius women are brainy know-it-alls, but they do have a heart beating in their chest. They fare better at relationships than their male counterparts but tend to get involved in relationships with alternative lifestyles. They even shock others in the sex department.

Of course, these are all generalizations. Each Aquarius person is unique, a word they like. We are all unique based on the planets and aspects in our Natal Charts. While Aquarius would like to be seen as an exception to the rule, they are part of the Zodiac Wheel just like the other 11 signs. They enjoy shocking us to wake up. They enjoy being ahead of the curve and living outside of the Matrix. Many are socialist or flirt with communism because Aquarius and Uranus represent the collective or the Greater Good.

Similar to Pisces, they root for the Underdog and sometimes represent the Underdog as in the case with President Abraham Lincoln. They shy away from drama mostly, but occasionally they use drama to promote a cause. They are the activists and advocates of the Zodiac. And I have met many Aquariuses, especially Baby Boomers who have led causes, joined marches, collected signatures for petitions, supported political candidates, etc...

As far as food, they are usually on a strange diet and have futuristic ideas around food. They are likely to embrace permaculture or other food systems unheard of by the rest of the world. They come up with far-out ideas too. And good professions for them are in technology and science. This does not mean you won't find Aquarius people in the arts because they flow that way too.

Famous Aquarius people include Abraham Lincoln, Oprah Winfrey, Susan B. Anthony, James Dean, Ellen Degeneres, Gena Davis, Michael Jordan, Jennifer Aniston, Eva Cassidy, and Bob Marley to name a few. Also, look for them in the fields of high-tech and science. I think they gravitate towards Ted Talks.

My own experiences with Aquarius people varies. I have engaged in deep conversations with them but on the intellectual level. I have experienced hit and run with Aquarius men as far as romance. They appear fascinated with me at first but after I express any affection towards them, they pull a disappearing act or find another woman to flirt with and keep it light and detached. The Aquarius women I have met have been politically active. They champion the underdog and are fabulous organizers. Both the women and men come off as smug and are often condescending towards me.  I have learned to not take this personally. After all, Aquarius and Cancer don't really get on well.

However, if you are an Aquarius and are fascinated by this post instead of turned off by it, sign up for a personal astrology reading. This is a year when Leo and Aquarius are highlighted. So it wouldn't be a bad idea to find where you fit into the scheme and landscape of 2017. I offer a hybrid chart reading for new clients which is a Natal Chart read with crucial transits. And I offer a Solar Return chart reading. I look forward to reading your chart or a Skype session with you.

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