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Pisces Solar Eclipse on February 26, 2017--Tale of 2 Consciousness

We experience the last Solar Eclipse in Pisces for another nine years when the North Node moves into Pisces. Then again, eighteen years later, when the North Node returns to Virgo. And the North Node in Virgo this cycle is going out with a bang. The chart for the Pisces Solar Eclipse on February 26 features a Pisces Stellium with Mercury, the moon, sun, Neptune and the asteroids Chiron and Pallas. And this only tells half the story of that this Solar Eclipse tells.

The on-going T-Cross with Uranus, Jupiter, and Pluto appears in this chart with Mars forming an exact conjunction with Uranus. Venus also joins Mars in Uranus (though it is early degrees in Aries) in the form of a powerful Triple Conjunction. And frankly, I'm glad Venus balances out that strong Mars energy. Mars is strong in its own sign and its connected to the Awakener Uranus.

As I'm writing this post on January 22, I attended a Women's March where I witnessed a great coming together of diverse people and causes. Young and old; ethnic minorities, Indigenous and non-Indigenous people, babies, dogs, and wise elders who were straight, bisexual, or asexual rallied for a peaceful world of Unity Consciousness. Now, this happened while Venus and Mars dance with Neptune in Pisces. Pisces rules Unity Consciousness. The story takes on a different twist during the Pisces Solar Eclipse when Venus and Mars (represents youth) transit into the warrior sign Aries. And we're no longer talking about spiritual warriors.

That transit with Mars cuddling with Uranus at 21 degrees Aries opposes Jupiter and squares Pluto. It could represent a massive ball of anger hurled at authority. And I see legal actions involved with Jupiter in Libra. Either these legal actions or force comes from authorities such as governments and big banks, or it comes from the grassroots. I imagine there will be both scenarios playing out. And the planets and asteroids in Pisces tell us that we must bring in our spiritual ideals of compassion, fairness, and healing powers without forgetting to shield ourselves and show up as spiritual warriors.

Aries is about standing our ground. Aries is about saying "no" when it is appropriate, not just for us, but for the highest good of the planet. And Aries for me also represents Archangel Michael and his legion of warrior angels and light beings.  Divine Intervention arrives if we ask it to. If we pray to a Higher Power it's like the end of those Greek plays where God arrives like a machine at the last minute and fixes everything. Only, we are co-creators so we too roll up our sleeves and do what is ours to do.

With all that Pisces and Aries energy in this chart, mental and emotional imbalances rear like a wild stallion on the loose. If we have a tendency towards co-dependence, that keep a watchful eye on those behaviors. And don't play the role of a savior that swoops in like Florence Nightengale to rescue others. Pray with people. Teach them how to meditate. Teach them how to calm their anxieties with deep breathing. Teach them reiki or other energy healing modalities they can self-practice. In other words, give others a leg up that empowers them. This way they learn to take care of themselves and calm their inner children (Mars).

We will witness an abuse of power during this time. We will also experience what we call earth catastrophes or natural disasters which is really the Earth realigning herself to a new position in the cosmos. Make no mistake, this is a New Beginning for the cosmos and for us. This is a time of massive shifts in consciousness. But we must begin with forgiveness and understanding. Practice compassionate non-attachment of the Buddhist tradition and even part of Christ Consciousness. We will try to apply spiritual solutions, but we must also combine mundane and common sense practices. Prayer only works if we respond with inspired action. Meaning, we pray and then follow through with the advice from our Spirit Guides.

The god Poseidon or Neptune comes up for February. It's going to be a wet month and water is on our minds. Ocean motifs end up in our everyday talk. And we notice all the ways water shows up or doesn't show up in our lives. We remember the work of the late Masaru Emoto who photographed water crystals after exposing them to music and words. And speaking of music, anytime we have a cluster of planets in Pisces or a significant moon transit in Pisces, we delve into music for good or ill. Music is a powerful healing force.

I talk about this on my other blog Whole Music Experience.  We will look more closely at music used in medical healing environments. We will look at music to calm anxiety in humans and animals. And because of the planets in Aries, we will revisit music's effects on our brains. Plus it doesn't hurt that Mercury is at one degree Pisces.

Other areas that we focus upon are the movie industries, dance, choreography, (I'm hearing movies about wars), photography and therapeutic uses of fine and performing arts. I'm seeing a great deal of focus on mental illness and personality disorders. But now, we are looking at healing modalities to address these concerns. When several planets are in Pisces, there is a tendency to either wallow in pain like martyrs or to have compassion for others. We have less cause to judge as Pisces isn't a judgemental sign. If you know of Pisces who are judgemental that is because of the Virgo polarity and other indicators in the chart.

I want do talk a bit about the asteroids because they are well-placed in this moon chart and could even bring relief. I don't spend too much time on asteroids with the exception of Chiron and Ceres which is a planet now. Ceres in Taurus and Juno in Capricorn form a nice Earth Trine. This energy stabilizes us around finances and crops should go well at this time. Except that there could be flooding in many areas of the world so some crops are destroyed.

Pallas in Pisces (spiritual warrior again) forms a Water Trine with Vesta (Vestal Virgins) in Cancer. These are all considered female asteroids or in the case of Ceres, a dwarf planet. When the flood waters recede they will either enrich our soil for better crops in the future or bring up toxins which we must address immediately. And we must not act shortsighted but change our behaviors from the ground up.

Meaning, it's time to stop using synthetic chemicals to grow our food. We will also look at animal-raising and practices that the meat industries do behind our backs. Many of you will switch to a plant based diet after this Pisces Solar Eclipse because the truth that reveals itself hurts.

Animals are not stupid creatures that feel no pain or experience no thoughts. As an animal whisperer with some shamanic skills, I tell you that animals have communicated to me through the decades of my life. And I can also tell you that they have a higher consciousness than most humans. They know what's going on throughout the planet. They are in communication across species and across the planet. This is why a monkey on a remote island can change the behavior of monkeys in a forest across an ocean.

This is why birds will delay migration because they know a tempest is going to be ahead of them. This is why your dog or cat knows when you will arrive home and in be prepared for your mood when you do steps through the door. So next time you think that you can eat the flesh of an animal without acknowledging his or her life, check in with your heart consciousness first. Always give thanks for that which you withdraw from the Earth to nourish yourself.

Okay, this is a longer post with channeled information. I hope it is useful to you. I have decided to speak my truth, even if some readers flinch or cringe. We are in a year of Truth-Telling. If we don't speak up and tell our truth, no one else will. And if you require guidance in owning your truth, sign up for a personal card or astrology reading. If you would like to learn how to read your chart, sign up for a private class with me. I charge $100 an hour, but you can split this cost with up to four friends.

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