Friday, January 13, 2017

Meanings of a Twelth House Sun

Today I feel drawn to writing about the Twelfth House Sun. And often, an individual with a Twelfth House Sun also has Mercury and Venus in the Twelfth House. As you know, the Twelfth House is ruled by Pisces and the planet Neptune. In the past, astrologers called this the House of Undoing and this suggested that we sabotaged ourselves in this house. 

You can look up my Astro Cheat Sheet for themes for this house. It is the house of the hidden enemy, the deep subconscious, and our connection to the cosmos. Here we find our pre-birth experiences, including past lives, especially if the South Node falls in this house. It is a house of disillusion and death, along with the Eighth House. It's also the house of spiritual gifts, which is what I'm going to discuss in this short post.

Last night, I experienced an epiphany about spirit guides, channels, and working with angels as associated with the 12th House. In the past, I told my clients with 12th House planets in their Natal Charts that they had little access to the planets parked in their 12th House or on the cusp of the First House or on the Ascendant. And this is true in that we have to work harder at gaining access to those planetary energies.

In fact, I have had clients with a Taurus Sun for instance in the 12th House. These folks have trouble with finances (even Taurus is a financially robust sign) or they had trouble expressing themselves through art because they had little access to the Venus energies associated with Taurus. However, I find that 12th House Sun people (especially if they have Mercury and Venus in the 12th House) are seekers on a spiritual path. And many of them are fascinated with past lives and working with Spirit Guides.

The benefit of having a 12th House Sun is that the individual with this placement is ripe for channeling from beyond the veil. And I would love to look at the Natal Charts of famous channels to see how many planets they have in their Natal 12th House. How many of angel therapy and oracle card readers have a 12th House Sun? Or it could even be that the Ruler of their chart is in their 12th House. The Chart Ruler is the planet associated with the Ascendant Sign. So if the individual has an Aries Ascendant than Mars is the Ruler. And so on.

I have read charts of children with clusters of planets in the 12th House. And I imagine that these children are in touch with the invisible realm even if they don't talk about it. If they have a practical Earth Sign Sun or Mercury, they're not going to talk about it. The Virgo child will feel neurotic about this communication. The Capricorn child will send away the spiritual messages worrying too much what others will think of him or her. And the Taurus child just isn't a person of many words, to begin with. However, if your child has 12th House planets, I encourage you to have his or her chart read so that you can start developing those spiritual gifts.

Finally, you're not doomed if you have a 12th House Sun, even if it's a Pisces or Aquarius 12th House Sun. As the planet shifts into new realities, what a wonderful gift to already be plugged into the Cosmos and have a direct channel to God. While you might have found out of place or orphaned in the material/physical realm, you will find that in this new age, you are leading us back to the Source of All that Is and Ever Will Be.

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