Friday, July 22, 2016

Practical Tools for Dealing with the Saturn Neptune Square

photo by Patricia Herlevi, a number I keep seeing
I have found myself drifting in and out of mindfulness. And some of my space outs are laced with large doses of humor. If you also feel like your spacing out or feel like you're no longer here in the physical realm, take heart. As Saturn in Sagittarius challenges Neptune in Pisces through a square, exact on some dates this summer, it is easy to lose our grounding in "reality" or to even question reality.

The other thing I have noticed is that many of us are forced to deal with psychological issues. Some of can't tell the difference between real or imagined childhood events. Or perhaps we're not truthful about childhood events because we feel it's not compassionate to look at how others treated us. Yet, we feel indignant when we see other people experiencing abuse. We become outraged self-righteous judges when viewing abuse from an objective (really subjective) place. Abuses happening in the world trigger our own unhealed issues.

The truth is that all abusers are wounded children. They are all someone's brother, sister, child, or cousin. They are the next door neighbors or the men and women in a group or community. It's not always easy to prosecute or take someone to court or to bring them up in a counseling session because we don't trust our judgement. And that person has also done nice things for us or helped us out one time when we needed it. We're all wounded. And depending on the deepness of our wounds we attract equally wounded people to us. This is not to say that we put up with abusive behavior but that we get counseling and distance ourselves from people who harm us, no matter how sunny they appear on paper.

With the Saturn Neptune Square pay more attention to people's actions and not their words. Look at their track record but not in a criminalizing or judging way. Really, we require discernment and choosing from a soul level. We also need to ask why we align with certain people who harm us because obviously (except in the case of a birth family), we chose to engage with that person or group for whatever reason. Ask yourself what is the payoff? Why do I lean towards a certain type of personality? What requires healing for me?

So here are tools in dealing with space outs and feeling of floating in un-reality caused by the Saturn Neptune Square:

Ground yourself. Look for physical meditations that leave you feeling grounded to the earth and embraced by Gaia.

Pay attention to the here and now by staying in the present moment. Now is not the time to wander into the past or float into the future. 

Practice grounding meditations as opposed to meditations where you float around in the cosmos because this leads to space outs.

Don't practice astral projection during the square (it will be hard coming back to your physical body)

Refrain from recreating with drugs and alcohol which can lead to blackouts

Don't get caught up in conspiracies but at the same time, understand that the collective unconscious is breaking down and we are departing from the matrix 

Sift through what is true and what is false for you

Tune into your inner guidance and learn to trust it

Spend much quiet time alone so you don't get entangled with others energy fields

Spend time a large body of preferably salt water

Take Epsom salt baths at least one a week (if possible)

Where something from the earth on your body (feathers, gemstones, pebbles, plant medicine or wear aromatherapy oils (organic if possible)

Stay clear of crowded places (rock concerts, shopping malls, even outdoor events with large crowds during the Saturn-Neptune squares exact

Go for walks and pay attention to each step you take on the earth (make sure that your entire foot touches the ground)

Engage in non-competitive physical exercise

Make sure you get enough sleep, drink adequate water (filtered), and eat a healthy lighter food diet (I'm find grains disrupt my digestive system so I've cut down on grains)

If you have any questions please feel free to either leave a comment or send me a message via the contact form. If you would like more personalized coaching, sign up for an astrology reading. Please read the services page first. I accept national and international money orders for payment. Post offices sell these. Some banks offer money orders free of charge. 

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