Monday, July 11, 2016

Jupiter Moves into Libra on September 9, 2016

While I'm leaping ahead of myself, it's the right time to finish up business with Jupiter in Virgo. It's time to clean up, get organized, and fix anything broken that's attracting our attention. Jupiter moves out of Virgo into the Air Sign Libra on September 9. Venus also transits in Libra at that time and Mercury is retrograde in Virgo (another reason to clean up and move on).

Jupiter won't return to Virgo for another 12 years.

Now, some of you will breathe a sigh of relief when Jupiter transits out of the uncomfortable and fussy Sign Virgo. Yet, when Jupiter transited in Virgo, it helped us ground ourselves in day-to-day reality. It helped us solve problems and use discernment--much needed with Saturn in Sagittarius squaring Neptune in spacey Pisces. Jupiter had also formed trines with Pluto in Capricorn, thus taming the Pluto energies and helping us to transform our financial situations.

Jupiter in Virgo also boded well for nurses, social workers, teachers, and anyone working in a helping profession. Also people working in the media were able to discern and disseminate information. The thing I most love about Virgos is that it's a challenge to get anything past them without hard evidence to back up your claims or observations. While Gemini collects information, Virgo disseminates and makes it easier to digest. BTW, Virgo represents the small intestine which disseminates foods we eat.

When Jupiter moves into Libra it will challenge Uranus in Aries through oppositions and square Pluto. While we think of Jupiter as jovial and in Libra it's usually well-placed, this planet also exaggerates what it touches. So if it touches a volatile situation, then fires result, both proverbial and metaphorically. Imagine the combination of wind and fire, for instance. Remember Jupiter's ruler is Sagittarius, a Fire Sign. Both Jupiter and Libra contain masculine and outward energies. Fortunately, Jupiter also rules balance, justice, and the legal system. We could see a lot of news and events to do with the legal system when Jupiter transits in Libra.

I imagine that we will revisit the Occupy Movement and grassroots movements in general when Jupiter opposes Uranus around December 23 to the 30 (first hit). And we will experience legal tensions with authority in November around the US Thanksgiving holiday. However, Jupiter in Libra will sextile Saturn starting in late October and exact in the beginning of November so we could see stabilization of laws or balance restored in some areas for individuals and the planet.

Although I will discuss this in a future post, in September, four planets are retrograde including Mercury in Virgo which goes direct on September 22, around the Equinox. Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are all retrograde. We experience a Solar Eclipse on September 1 and a Lunar Eclipse on September 16. The eclipse fall in the Pisces-Virgo polarity. So again, we're looking at Mutable Energies playing out and bringing huge changes to each of our lives (where Pisces and Virgo is in the Natal Chart).

Take this time (July and August) to reassess your life. Are you fulfilling your destiny? Are you in the right place with the right people? If not, what can you do to change your circumstances? It's best to take a proactive approach rather than waiting for the planets to bring life-altering events. When we're proactive we at least feel like we have some control over how events shape our lives. If we're not proactive we end up feeling like victims of fate. At least Jupiter in Libra promises balance and justice.

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