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Aquarius Full Moon for August 2016

As an astrologer following the moon transits closely, I would advise to take your holiday around the Leo New Moon on August 2nd and sit out the Aquarius Full Moon on August 18. We are in for a wild and woolly ride and we can expect the unexpected around mid-month.

Now, this Aquarius Moon could go either way for people with strong Uranus energies because you're already poised for change and living in the future. Or it could be annoying with so much fixed energy actually causing us to fear change.

The reason I see this particular moon so challenging is because Mars conjuncts Saturn in Sagittarius which bodes well for the Aquarius Moon and Leo Sun but at the same time has us rebelling against authority. This time we are rebels with a cause and we might just use some maturity to ride past our ideologies to change laws.

The Mars/Saturn duet is locked into a T-Cross with Neptune in Pisces and Jupiter/Mercury/Venus (Triple Conjunction) in Virgo. Therein lies the problem. Aquarius wants change and Leo wants to come off as a champion of change. Here we get the smug grassroots leader or the self-righteous activist spouting off the mantra du jour. Why? Well, let's add an active square between Uranus and Pluto. Meanwhile, Saturn has gone direct earlier in the month so he's ruling again with an iron fist that is also steeped in ideologies (but ones that are patriarchal and old news). So even though the Aquarius Moon wants to bring us into the future, this is still stubborn Fixed energy--fixed on the how we will get there. Aquarius is not as open-minded as we would like to think. It just doesn't want to conform to anything, even when it gets caught up in Steam Punk group think.

The real changes come from the Mutable T-Cross but that opposition between Neptune in Pisces and Jupiter/Mercury/Venus in Virgo brings too much confusion. None of us are even on the same page. Then Saturn in Sagittarius tosses a bunch of ideological messages and exaggerated news stories in our face. Believe me this is crazy-making and intensified by the Full Aquarius Moon. In fact, we have a balance of strange energies--Fixed, Mutable, and Cardinal. So you're asking, "Is there any good news?"

Well, yes, and it comes with the mantra the future is now. The more mindful we can be at the time of the full moon, the easier it is to move into the future. With this crazy lineup of planets, we can actually manifest our desires, but first we must know what those desires are. So often we mistake other people's desires for our own.

We confuse the media with our own thoughts. And I would advise everyone to stay clear of the television set, stop watching the news (I hear most of it is fake),  and retreat into your own space. Get rid of all distractions and get in touch with your heart. Find out what you want from this world, then go out and get it. But you get it by aligning with it, not begging God for the changes you're afraid to make.

Wow, how did the transiting yod get past me? The Aquarius Full Moon sextiles Uranus in Aries and both the moon and Uranus form an inconjunct with Venus, Mercury and Jupiter in Virgo. Granted this is a fast-moving yod with the moon traveling quickly through Aquarius and then going void-of-course. So is this hardly worth mentioning? Through part of the day, around the time of the Full Moon, it's not a good time to launch any new projects or take action. It's a good time to lay low until the moon transits into the next sign Pisces. Yods slow us down as protection. It can also lessen violence or other unexpected events.

The Aquarius Moon and the Leo Sun ask us to become authentic. It's an individualistic set up but confined within groups whether that's family, tribe, community, or grassroots group. Show up as you instead of who you think others want you to be. This is not a time for seeking approval or validation from others. This is a time of validating yourself. Okay, so here is the breakdown for the Signs.

Water Signs:

Cancer--You will not find your life purpose satisfying other people's needs. Now, is a time to go deep within and practice self-care. Pay attention to your dreams. Pay attention to omens in nature. Pay attention to messages coming to you through synchronicity. Becoming mindful for you involves sitting next to or swimming in a large body of water. Retrieve a childhood dream, polish it and then align with it. Something you dreamed around age 10 should do the trick.

Scorpio--You have become adept at going into your deepest shadows and seeing how you project them onto others. In fact, some of you have become quite masterful at the process. Follow the late Debbie Ford's lead and teach others about shadows and projections. This liberates both you and them.

Pisces--Neptune has you swimming in confusion. But you do have the answers you seek, just not in other people, not even your favorite guru. You are your own guru so kiss your own feet, if you can reach them. You have graduated from student to teacher, but make sure you know your authentic self before enrolling students. My guides also ask me to tell you to pay close attention to your nightly dreams and your daydreams. There is some basis in reality, however you define reality.

Fire Signs:

Leo--The Full Aquarius Moon has you battling with your own needs verses the collective good. You even feel a bit guilty that you would rather lay in the hammock reading a self-help book and exploring yourself rather than join a political campaign. You ask, "Where did politics get anyone?" And you would be right. It's time for you to find and assert your spiritual power so read on my dear lion.

Sagittarius--With Saturn direct again, the vacation has ended. Neptune sends more balls of confusion your way and you often feel like you're climbing a mountain through banks of fog. You slip a few times but this doesn't stop you from heading to more adventures. You hear Joseph Campbell telling you to follow your bliss, but you wonder if that's selfish given the religious text and current legal system. I'm not asking you to enroll as a Libertarian but I am asking you to question rules and authority, which are not serving your Highest Good. It's time for the horse to seek new pastures, even overseas.

Aries--Darn that Pluto! You would actually feel free to be yourself if it wasn't for that dark-headed Pluto casting shadows on your whims. You spout off the latest conspiracy theories which just cause you anxiety. Stop! Aries go join a sports team or ride your bike on a long trip. Go camping. Do whatever pleases you and gets your mind off economics and politics. Then you'll heal that on-going headache.

Air Signs:

Aquarius--Did you ever wonder that when you engage in group think you choose to align with only people who share your beliefs? Well, how does that change the world exactly if you never engage in the diversity you tout? Admit it you want individual rights and freedom which really have little to do with any particular group. You want the freedom to cover your bodies in tattoos, to explore taboos, and to vote for a politician who thinks only about your personal rights and freedoms (whether that's owning a gun, or living in a commune with compost toilets). But wait, Aquarius, freedom of expression means that each of us can express ourselves whether you agree with us or not. Just saying.

Libra: If it wasn't for Pluto and Uranus, you would feel some peace and quiet. Oh, Libra, personal growth is messy business just like giving birth to a baby spills blood on the sheets. It's three steps forward and five steps back, a wicked dance that has you feeling spiritually smug one day and wretched the next day. Remember that Saint Francis of Assisi, who you share your Sun Sign endured many awful days. And when he didn't he punished himself to achieve balance between good and evil. But I don't recommend self-punishment. I'm told it doesn't lead to enlightenment and Venus does not approve of bruises all over your body.  Free yourself.

Gemini: You act as the outlet for the Mutable T-Cross. It's time for you to collect information and research it thoroughly before jumping to any conclusions. Go on a media fest and meditate. Then you hear your own thoughts eventually--after all the collective mantras and ear worms wear out. Oh, it takes patience, lots of patience to sit with yourself and calm your monkey mind. But it's worth the effort to have a mind resembling a clear mountain stream. That leads you to your true manifestations. Go for it.

Earth Signs:

Virgo: With Mercury/Venus/Jupiter and the North Node in your sign, it's time to disseminate information coming to you in regard to personal health, your daily environment and your values. Now, if you think you already know your values, think again. We have been through many changes with the Mutable transits and your values have changed drastically. So reassess and only after you have a clear view of the road ahead, take your next crucial step. Jupiter moves out of your sign on September 9, so clear up any health issues now.

Capricorn: You love that Triple Conjuction in your sister sign, Virgo (Venus, Mercury, Jupiter) because this helps you come up with practical solutions. In fact, you inspire others through your leadership skills that keep us all on track. You offer a grounding presence now and we run to you for safety. It is you we turn to during an emergency (and there will be many around this Full Moon). With Saturn now direct, you go from strength to strength. Just don't go looking for trouble in the guise of problem solving. Sometimes we create our own problems. Remember that. We have enough troubles without you manifesting more.

Taurus: You also enjoy the Triple conjunction in Virgo and Pluto in solid Capricorn. You look for innovative ways to develop your business. And you get a rare glimpse into the future as far as geothermal and solar energy. You design your next home or you rethink your current home. Spend time in the natural world where you find your answers to creating a more sustainable planet. Design begins with a leaf as some green architects and theorists have touted in the not too distant past.

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