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Leo New Moon (August 2, 2016) Let it Shine, Let it Shine...

There's something about the Leo New Moon or even the Leo Full Moon that has me singing about sunshine. You must remember that Leo is ruled by the Sun and this sign is associated with gold, yellows and oranges. 

Leo also rules creativity, the astrological fifth house and fun in the sun. So whether or not you're walking on sunshine or not, Leo exists somewhere in your Natal Chart. And this is the place where you shine your rays of sunshine onto the world.

With the exception of a Mutable T-Cross, which we have grown accustom by this point, the Leo New Moon actually gives us a respite. Now, is the time to get those creative juices flowing. Now is the time to plant new seeds in the form of a creative project. I hear some of you more earthy types scoffing at me and saying that you don't have a creative bone in your body. But you must know I consider myself a creativity coach and yes, you are creative in some area of your life. It's in your Natal Chart. Look for Leo on the cusps.

Incidentally, Leo also rules children so think of either fun things you can do with your children. Or go out and do something fun you did as a child. Go on a short road trip and sing at the top of your lungs in your car. Go to a spiritual camp for adults and romp around on a beach. Sing around a camp fire or in a canoe Finger paint. Play in the mud. Build sandcastles or get out your coloring book and crayons.

Draw pictures. Dance under the moon. Go to a dog park and watch dogs play with each other. Ride a horse. Ride bumper cars. Do something fun that delights you and has you chuckling. Clown around or watch a funny movie. Get involved with an flash mob improv troupe. Do something fun because by the time the intense Aquarius Full Moon comes up you're going to need your reserve.

Now, I must mention the wonky Mutable T-Cross. Jupiter has sped ahead of Saturn and Neptune who remain locked into a square. However, Mercury and the North Node square Saturn and oppose Neptune. So this means that if we want to keep our stress levels down to avoid the news, gossip, and all the misinformation swirling throughout Neptune's cosmos. We'll also notice more xenophobia playing out between nations and within ethnic communities within nations. We can expect more hotheads, fanaticism, especially in politics and religion. However, the Leo New Moon is asking us to put our differences aside and reach out to others with a generous and loving heart. Leo rules the heart and heart chakra.

I think a solution out of this T-Cross is to attend world music festival or world cinema festivals. It's a time for community gatherings and mustering courage to face our fears. If you look at this chart we see the Sun, Moon, and Venus in Leo (though Venus is 16 degrees ahead of the luminaries). This means we want to spend time with what we value, including people we value. We want to shine our light in the world and experience others reflecting that light back to us. We also muster the courage to stand up for what we value because the polarity of Leo is Aquarius, as we'll soon experience at the time of the Aquarius Full Moon (August 18).

So instead of looking at each Zodiac Sun Sign, I'm going to look at the Houses with Leo on the Cusp because this is where you will experience the Leo New Moon And of course, if your Sun, Moon or Ascendant is in Leo, then look at those houses in your Chart too (includes the first house for the Ascendant, unless you have your Ascendant at 29 degrees Leo. Then you read for your 12th House).

First House: It's time to take care of your body, especially your heart. Now, while most of you won't consider changing your diet fun, eating more fresh vegetables is enjoyable. Visit a farmers or outdoor market and choose from the freshest of ingredients. Try new recipes. Join a potluck where people share organic seasonal foods. Take a cooking class. The other message is to strengthen your backbone by mustering the courage to face one fear. The victory boosts your confidence.

Second House: Buy something gold, even a pair of earrings or a ring. Or buy jewelry with orange or yellow or amber gemstones. Buy an object with the sun emblazoned on it. Now, is a good time to spend time alone contemplating your values. What do you value in the material world? What do you value emotionally, and so on. Then clear away everything that does not match those values. Once you're done with that, head to the beach or some place you can enjoy Brother Sun's rays on your body.

Third House: Have you ever wanted to start your own YouTube channel or host a radio show? Now is the time to launch those dreams. Get online and research available online radio shows. Or go on YouTube and watch video production tutorials. Network with other video makers and radio hosts. Then go for it. Perhaps you would rather write a memoir because you don't want to shine your light in public. That goes well now too.

Fourth House: Spend time with your mother and take a good look at her talents and skills. This house could also represent your father and his gifts. If that doesn't float your boat, then decorate your home with splashes of fiery colors. Hang a gold sun on the wall and open all the windows to allow sunlight in and just for you, but also your plants. You might even wish to buy a small sun dial for your garden.

Fifth House: Have you ever thought of teaching at summer camp? Your own children are begging you to take them somewhere fun, and to stop dragging them around on your errands. Take the pets out too. Go to the park. Go watch a parade. Create tent theater in your backyard complete with homemade costumes. Bake a silly cake. Sing silly songs. Blow bubbles. This is the Fifth House of fun after all. Leo rules this house. Keep drama on stage.

Sixth House: Oh, no, this is the work and daily routine house. But it doesn't have to be dull with Leo on the cusp. Buy treats for your pets. Take Fido to the dog park and watch him show off. Play with the cat as she rolls on a sunny patch of grass or hides in the shade of a parked car (in which case you'll have to lure her out with catnip). Remember Leo rules cats of all kinds. Watch funny cat and dog videos on YouTube. I know this is the work house, but the Leo New Moon tells you to go have fun and leave the work for later. You could practice self-love though.

Seventh House: (I have Leo in my 7th House and Cancer on the Cusp). Go on a date. It doesn't have to be a hot date, but do something extremely silly and embarrass yourself. Think of the great comedians such as Lucille Ball or even Meg Ryan. If you're coupled, then go on a romantic and fun date. Take the ferry some place you've never been. Watch funny movies together or with your phone or camera, create your own funny movies to watch around the time of the Aquarius Full Moon when we'll all need cheering up. I'm not kidding you.

Eighth House: This is a house that could use some sunshine. Oh, it's so dark and gloomy in the Eighth House and egos come creeping into this house. It's a sexy house though since Scorpio rules it. So dare I say if you're inclined, have fun safe sex. Or maybe you can just flirt with a soul mate. This is a house where drama ignite quickly and burn everyone out. Stay away from topics of death, taxes, and deep psychology. Unless your Sigmund Freud, those topics aren't much fun.

Ninth House: If you have Leo on the cusp of the Ninth House there's a good chance you will travel overseas or to a foreign country during the Leo New Moon. Or you will meet people from other countries and learn about diplomacy. Perhaps you'll delve deeper into religion, but I hardly consider that a fun activity. Be careful where the law is concerned because if you break it, you'll pay for it. This is because Leo is shining light on you in the areas of law, religion, foreign travel, long-distance communication and diplomacy now. Some astrologers say that astrology is represented by the Ninth House. I toss astrology into the Eleventh House.

Tenth House: A fun activity for this house is to appear on TED Talks or to give a public speech. It's a time to shine in your career or to polish your public persona. However, if you have not practiced integrity recently, that will come back to haunt you. The Tenth House is the most visible area of the Natal Chart. So go have fun at no one's expense.

Eleventh House: Network at a potluck, community picnic, or gardening party. Network at chat rooms or forums but keep the conversations light. Now, would be a good time to learn astrology too. Find like-minded people and befriend them.

Twelfth House: Explore past lives. Go on a spiritual quest or read books about spiritual quests. Stay away from intoxicants or end up looking like a drunk fool. Go to a movie or make a movie. Go to watch a dance performance or concert or be the one on stage. Photography also goes well. Join a sound healing circle or play drums. Go to the beach and feel yourself melding with All That Is. With Leo on the cusps of the 12th House, you experience Rumi's poetic drama of transcendence--drunk on love while your heart expands into nothingness.

If you are unfamiliar with your Natal Chart, sign up for a personal reading. Please read the services page first and then contact me. I look forward to exploring your chart.

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