Monday, July 4, 2016

10 Reasons to Hire an Astrologer (and not just for consultations)

Some astrologers are making a fine living doing astrology full-time, while others receive a few nibbles and bites, here and there (that's my category).  This led me to the idea that astrologers or people practicing astrology even part-time, even as a hobby, possess marketable skills needed in today's job market.  For instance, astrologers excel at creative problem-solving, unravel mysteries of the soul, have better than average math skills, and use both sides of the brain with ease and grace.

(Archival Article originally published on April 8, 2013)

Here is a list of 10 skills astrologers can not only bring to their workshops, consultations, radio shows, YouTube videos, but also to the job market.  In other words, here are 10 reasons to hire an astrologer.

1. Astrologers use both sides of their brain while taking a complex system of symbols and archetypes to unravel the mysteries in a natal or other astrological chart.

2. Astrologers are both analytical and intuitive, both skills necessary for any type of work.

3. Since astrologers work with math (even when working with computerized charts as oppose to hand drawing a chart), they have above average math and problem-solving skills.

4. Astrologers have people skills since they deal with clients coming from diverse backgrounds.

5. Astrologers who host radio shows and produce forecast videos, also have public speaking skills.

6. Astrologers see the bigger picture and also the finer details of a situation, person, or event.

7. Astrologers who study transits plan ahead and have organizational skills.

8. Many astrologers (not all) are optimists who also provide life coaching for their clients.

9. Some astrologers understand traditions, but also have the ability to innovate new systems that dovetail for our current era.

10. Astrologers practice diplomacy and many have a strong sense of ethics when working with clients (but you need to discern the astrologers who don't have this quality).


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