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Zodiac Sign Leo--Mister and Missus Sunshine

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Since August arrived quickly I'm going to get going with my post on Leo Sun, Moon, and Ascendant despite that I haven't collected enough surveys for Leo. As you know the ruler of Leo is the Sun and so we'll look at the sun's qualities, along with qualities of the Fire Element and Fixed quality.

Originally published August 1, 2015

Let's start with the survey results which includes responses from 9 participants with either Sun, Moon, or Ascendant in Leo. Four respondents said that they felt supported in childhood by parents and teachers while five said they felt unsupported. Zero responded to did you feel valued. One respondent had his/her first romantic attachment prior to 13 years of age, three during early teens and five during late teens/college age. One expressed him/herself through the performing arts, four through fine arts,one through other activities, and the remaining three felt unsafe expressing themselves. Three respondents were married right out of high school, two after graduating from college and the remaining four haven't met their mate yet.

This brings us to another relationship questions since Leos are one of those signs that requires relating to partners of one kind or another. When asked what would cause them to break it off with a partner, two claimed that their partners were too busy, one felt that his/her partner did not support his/her creative expression and five said a combination of boredom, lack of a partner's support of creative expression and the partner was too busy. Only four respondents responded to the question about their Rising Sign. Two have a Virgo Rising Sign, one has a Cancer Rising Sign and one has a Leo Rising Sign. There's a good chance that the other respondents did not know their Rising Sign because they didn't have a birth time for their chart.

Leo Sun Sandra Bullock, Wikipedia
We strike a good balance with three having a Leo Ascendant, three having a Leo Moon, and three having a Leo Sun. And the final question when asked what they felt about Leo being known as a passionate sign, seven respondents agreed and two felt unsafe following their passions. Now, I only was given a limited amount of questions with the Survey Monkey website, so I do not know the sex of the respondents or their age ranges. If any respondents (anonymous) want to tell us your age range and sex that would be helpful.

Now the reason why I created the survey is that I wanted to include some real Leos instead of the usual attributes we find in astrology books. And even though I have known many Leos on a personal level and through research of Leo celebrities, I was searching for some stereotype breakers. It's ironic that we live in a sun-centered world, but there is a vast cosmos which comes closer to the Aquarius or Pisces ideal than a sun-centered reality which actually hails from ancient times.

And speaking of ancient times, did you know that ancient Babylonians placed more emphasis on the Rising and not the Sun Sign. It's true that the trilogy of the Sun/Moon/Ascendant sums us up and not just the Sun Sign. And we still have three Leo Suns, Leo Moons, and Leo Ascendants responding to the survey questions. The Leo Sun dominates an astrological read but in reality the Leo Ascendant is what brings us the physical attributes (mane of hair, sparkly eyes, fiery glow), and first impression, though the sun also represents the outward appearance and personality (also radiant, sparkly, mane of hair), we get to know over time. The Leo Moon represents the hidden side dealing with subconscious urges and emotions.

A good example of a celebrity with a Leo Ascendant is Louise Hay (author, teacher, publisher) and when we see her on video or in photographs she has a fiery glow about her despite her Libra Sun. And as far as celebrities with their Sun in Leo, the entertainment industry is peppered with them ranging from Robert Redford and Dustin Hoffman to Mick Jagger, Sandra Bullock, Kate Bush, and Madonna. And while they represent distinct personalities, they all have that extra something that makes them sparkle.

Since the Sun acts as Leo's ruling planet, think about all the qualities of the Sun. It's a star or luminary and not an actual planet (though don't tell a Leo that), and the Sun is a life-giver as well as, a life-taker such as with droughts, high temperatures, and solar flares. Too much sun and we burn out. Leo has double fire since it is ruled by the Sun and is a Fire Sign during the hottest point of the summer months, at least in the Northern Hemisphere so in that regard it is the most fiery of the Fire Signs. And one last thing, as a luminary, the sun casts shadows but could these also come in the form of psychological projections? And is this why so many Leos find themselves in dramatic roles on stage and on screen?

Personally, I've noticed that when a Leo (Sun or Moon) is deprived of outlets for creative expression as well as, encouragement from adults during childhood, they develop ego and control issues as well as, addictions and develop obsessive even dangerous relationships especially if the other person breaks off the relationship. If a Leo child does not have healthy relationships with his or her parents, then they have a more challenging time being in healthy relationships with intimate partners, bosses, and landlords as adults. It's as if they have a hole inside them that they look to the outside world to fill.

Leo rules both the heart and the ego. I wouldn't be surprised if many Leos (Moon, Sun, and Ascendant) grappled with closed hearts, and blocked heart chakras. This is a sign that has to shine and be noticed for doing so. Nothing is worse for a Leo than other people ignoring their contributions in what ever form they take. You can't shove a Leo native into a corner and not expect them to react badly. They at the very least require a creative outlet and some fans to support their creative expression. Leo gets on stage for applause whereas a Virgo might go on stage to perfect their performance or other people's performance.

Leo is fixed, stubborn, and often lazy when someone with Leo feels uninspired. They require careers with creative incentive or at least recognition for their leadership or management abilities. Like Taurus, they want to live the good life. They want to sit back and enjoy themselves without dealing with other people's drama, but they'll certainly provide their own (this is something Leos must work on--that is getting their needs met without the offstage drama). Since Leo rules the heart if they can value themselves, love themselves (not narcissism) and feel of value to the world, they ease off on the offstage drama and act generously towards family, friends, co-workers, and even strangers.

We think of the Cowardly Lion (Wizard of Oz) in regard to Leo, but are Leos really cowards or do they save their courage for the stuff that really matters to them? Leos also know how to conserve energy. Think of the male lion lounging around in the African savanna and even the lioness uses stealth when hunting and conserves her energy. I would guess that all large and even small cats are represented by Leo no matter what time of year they were born. Human lions (Leos) do their share of purring and roaring. Though Helen Reddy has her Sun in Aquarius, she has some lioness in her (asking women to roar).

Finally, if you know someone who is a Leo and you're wondering what to buy them for their birthday, they prefer gold, diamonds (if you can afford them), somewhat flashy clothing in gold, yellow, orange or colors we associate with the sun. Sunglasses, jewelry (not costume jewelry), tierras, crowns, silk scarves, favorite movies on DVD, acting lessons, tickets to the opera or theater, or anything they can use in their choice of artistic expression ought to do the trick. Never give anything shabby to a Leo because it hurts their feelings. If you don't have a lot of money, buy him or her a bouquet of sunflowers or take them out to dinner at a restaurant with a good waiter or waitress that treats customers like royalty. (You think I'm joking).

If I write any more about Leos, we'll end up with a post as thick as the former President Clinton's autobiography. He's a Leo. So I'll end this post here and if you're a Leo and want to leave a comment, do so below this article. Happy birthday.

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  1. George Harrison has a Scorpio Moon (or possibly late Libra). His Pluto in Leo is conjunct his Leo MC.

  2. The chart I had found for George Harrison gave him a Leo Moon. In any case, I deleted that section of the post since it's possible that the chart I read wasn't accurate.

  3. Hey, if the one performing arts person has a Leo moon, that's mine. Rising sign is Sag (Don't know how I missed that). If it's not, then my survey didn't show up. :/

  4. Colleen, the survey just has answers and stats. The responses are not separated by individuals. I was only looking for three rising signs that went along with the Leo Sun (Cancer, Leo and Virgo). Otherwise that particular question was irrelevant for anyone with a Leo Moon since your Sun would have most likely been in another sign other than Leo.