Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Sag Full Moon #2 for 2016--He Went That Way

For some reason the Full Moon in Sagittarius on June 20 reminds me of a chase scene in a cartoon where one character points in the opposite direction and says, "He went that way." This full moon is tricky and troublesome because it rides up to the next exact Saturn Neptune Square which begins on June 28 and the on-going Mutable T-Cross for 2016 lends itself to purple haze, or is that rainbow haze?

Part of the problem is that the Full Moon occurs when Mercury in Gemini falls into a Grand Mutable Square with Neptune (1 degree orb) in Pisces, Jupiter conjunct North Node (4 degree orb) and opposes Saturn exact in Sagittarius.

While the Grand Earth Trine was saw at the beginning of June has dissolved with Mercury moving into Gemini, Jupiter still trines Pluto which gives us the power of manifestation. The problem is with all this energy flying in our face, we have no idea what we desire to manifest. The dreams that sufficed prior to 2016 no longer appeal to us. We want to expand our vision, take a long journey, or even change our religion. Change is the key word along with movement. We feel restless but stuck in a crazy labyrinth. Dang it, Fellini, did you have anything to do with these summer transits?

Mars is still retrograde in Scorpio kicking up dust from our subconscious minds, especially for people with dominant Earth and Water Signs in their Natal Charts. Meanwhile, the planet of values, Venus has sailed into Cancer and perhaps we value mothers, motherhood and nurturing. Cancerians and Capricorns need to pay special attention that they don't come off as smothering or suffocating. People, especially children with Uranus conjunct Ceres in Aries want their freedom and they want it bad.

So here is the breakdown for the signs:

Cardinals Signs

Cancer--This is your time to shine and also to take good care of your body, mind, and spirit. Stop worrying about how everyone else' doing and take a mini vacation, even if that's a day at a local spa or a day at the beach. Curl up with a good book or go on a camping trip if an invitation arrives.

Capricorn--Jupiter trines your Sun and Pluto conjuncts your Sun so it's a good time to get out there and apply for your dream job. Network and unexpected encounters could bring boon now. Your mind is on finances, but also on how you can serve your community. If you tend to volunteer for everything, cut back to one or two gigs. If you never volunteer, find a volunteer opportunity that appeals to you. You never know where it can lead.

Aries--You benefit from Mercury and the Sun in Gemini so if there's something you need to communicate better do so before the Sun moves into Cancer or before the Solstice celebration. Saturn in Sagittarius gives you a hint of maturity and you can see into the distance. Now, is a good time to draw up any long-range plans, but don't implement them until around October. You'll need to reassess and edit at that time.

Libra--With Mercury and the Sun in Gemini you want to get out and socialize. You realized the important of clear communication with friends and partners. If you're single, get out and mingle. Hey, that rhymes. The other message I receive is to get out of your head and get your head out of books. There's a big world out there so get out and socialize.

Mutable Signs

Pisces--With the Sun just about to enter Cancer and Mars RX in Scorpio it's time to slow down and daydream. Reassess your life and notice which direction you want to place your sail. Spend time near a large body of water, curl up with a spiritual or self-help book and explore the deeper recesses of your beautiful mind. Venus in Cancer asks you what you value.

Virgo--Take advantage of Jupiter and the North Node in your sign and the trine with Pluto in Capricorn. You can probably manifest anything you desire at this time, but first know what you desire. This reminds me of when I first learned Creative Visualization and I manifested some pretty wonky stuff because I forgot to say, "May this or something better manifest for me." Also don't try to manifest a particular person into your life because that goes against the other person's free will.

Gemini--You're probably tired of listening to everyone else talk and the frenzy on the media. Your mouth is sore from talking. Take a breather while the Sun moves into Cancer. The Sagittarius Full Moon has you feeling restless and you desire to load up the tent and head to the mountains or maybe on a road trip. If you do take a trip be prepared for the surreal adventure of your life with that Grand Mutable Square calling the shots. With Mercury in your sign now is the time to write a book or prepare for a lecture tour.

Sagittarius--You feel frustrated that the full moon in your sign isn't bringing you the fun and freedom that you desire. Darn it, you waited a year for the Sagittarius Full Moon and this year you got two annoying full moons. Part of the reason for that is Saturn is in your sign and locked into Mutable T-Crosses and Grand Squares. So what do you do? Well, you can lean on Uranus in Aries and shake things up or you can take this time to rest and evaluate your true life purpose on this blue planet.

Fixed Signs 

Leo--The Sagittarius Full Moon brings adventure and glamour, usually. However, this year the Sagittarius Full Moon brings confusion and irritating people you view as flakes. There's also a lot of navel-gazing happening as people explore their values and messages surfacing from their subconscious minds. It might even be too dramatic for you, but can we offer you a starring role?

Aquarius--Now is not the time to launch your innovative products or projects. With Uranus in Aries and Saturn in Sagittarius you want to unleash something bold and brilliant. The problem is that no one is on the same page right now unless that page is called ball of confusion. Wait until after September when the Saturn Neptune square has separated and Jupiter has moved into your brother sign, Libra.

Taurus--The Full Sagittarius Moon feels irritating with people changing their minds constantly or going deep with psychological exploration. It's like everyone is writing their own Eat, Pray, Love and you just want some peace and quiet. So off to the garden for you or join a pagan celebration to honor the Solstice. In other words, your resolution comes through a connection to the earth and not to other confused humans.

Scorpio--The big transit for you is Mars RX in your sign. You want to psychoanalyze your neighbors and their dogs, and probably goldfish. But wait, this transit is about you and not them. Get thee to a therapists and unwrap those symbolic nightly dreams. Some of you feel like writing erotica--go for it, if that pleases you. You want to explore your darker side or your more sensual side. That's how Mars in Scorpio works. And Mars won't be back in your sign for another 2 years so take advantage of the healing that arises.

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