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Cancer New Moon--Nurture Soul Thru Ascension (July 4, 2016)

As we enter the next ascension phase, which has actually been occurring throughout 2016 with the mutable transits, the Cancer New Moon reminds us to nourish ourselves--mind, body, and soul. As we go through the ascension process (it is a long process that doesn't occur overnight but in stages), our bodies require more rest, more healthy food, plenty of pure water, and exercise.

Some of you will leave your current employment to embark on your true life path. Some of you will leave your current partners so you can experience deeper intimacy with soul mates. Some of you will relocate to a new town or country. But please make the transition with mindfulness paying attention to the feelings of others involved. Leave all situations with love, peace, and compassion. If you leave in a haste, you will create a karmic burden for yourself. And this is what we are trying to ascend. Follow the soul and not the desires of ego. This transition leads to your ascension so clean up messes, balance karma, and create win-win situations. This transition does not require the drama of Eat, Pray, Love, even if it feels that way for some of you.  (BTW, I adore Eat, Pray, Love)

So let's take a look at this powerful New Moon in Cancer chart for July 4, 2016. The first thing I notice is a wide Cardinal T-Cross activated by a stellium of planets in Cancer (moon, Venus, Mercury, sun) squaring Uranus and Ceres in Aries and opposing Pluto in Capricorn. Now, this is a wide T-Cross but the moon and faster moving planets in Cancer re-activate the Uranus-Pluto square (and we thought we were done with that).

On a global level this brings more uprising of the general populace against corporate and political leaders. This has us questioning the structures that are suppose to support us and still do to an extent. You must decide where you want to place your focus or manifest more of what you desire or what you don't desire. In other words are you going to focus on organic farmers or big corporate farms that grow GMO crops? Are you going to focus on what does sustain you or go to battle with all the "evil" in the world?

Many years ago, my Spirit Guides showed me an image of a gas nozzle feeding gas into a car and they used this as a metaphor for people fueling President Bush with their fear. They hammered this message into me because I had got caught up in political and economic fear. Well, when you do that, you give your power away. And guess what, Human, you are mighty powerful so how you going to use your power of manifestation?

This T-Cross is asking each of us to take responsibility for our part in the bigger picture. We all matter and it's about time we allow that message to sink in deeper. Stop playing small and stop hiding your light behind the illusion of fear. This doesn't mean you attack what you perceive as evil and complaining never solved any problem. Get in touch with the messages in your heart then Uranus in Aries says, take action now.

And we still have the Mutable T-Cross with Neptune, Jupiter/North Node and Saturn to contend with. And since I've already explored this T-Cross (and the Grand Mutable Cross) in videos (see my YouTube channel Astrologer Patricia) and blog posts, you already know the drill. In fact, this is the big push for transcendence. But first, we need to heal our addictions and stop escaping from our wounds. Distraction served us for a time, but now we must bolster the courage to transform our lives. I spoke of this transformation at the beginning of this post. Let go of illusions. Love is the only thing that is real and tangible.

We are blessed with a Grand Water Trine (I want to type this in all caps), which includes the Cancer stellium (personal planets) with Mars now direct in Scorpio and Neptune (only outer planet in the trine) in Pisces. This means that emotions run deep and can fuel our dreams into manifestation. But you must remember that Neptune is also involved in the Mutable T-Cross and the Cancer Stellium is locked into a Cardinal T-Cross. This means that the blessings and gifts don't come easy. We have wounds to heal and mindsets to transform before securing the gifts bestowed by the Grand Water Trine. And if you want further information about the energies of any of these configurations, please refer to my Astro Cheat Sheet.

So now let's take a look at the Signs:

Water Signs 

Cancer--With Mercury, Venus, New Moon, and the sun in Cancer, you shine the spotlight on love, romance, your values, communication, and new beginnings. It's time to take back your health and also to get out and mingle with new people you have met during recent months. Mars in Scorpio gives you drive and energy, especially to deal with psychological issues that have weighed you down. Let go, forgive and experience rebirth in July.

Scorpio--With Mars in Scorpio you're a real dynamo or a firecracker at this time. You are feeling powerful and invulnerable but karma will come back to bite you if you trod over another. You feel fearless and also incredibly sexy. You can even deal with demons that step out of the closet to haunt you or secrets that seep out to the world. Make sure that you get enough exercise to work off that extra energy and keep your emotions under wraps (so much drama!). Get deep with your psychology and this leads to transformation and transcendence. Curb the drinking, but drink plenty of water or your skin will dry out.

Pisces--Oh, dreamy Pisces, you don't know which way to turn with Neptune fogging your world. Then Saturn in Sagittarius is too blunt with you tramping on your fragile dreams. But why are your dreams so fragile in the first place? Bring in some of that Jupiter in Virgo reality and take practical steps to manifesting your dreams. Make sure the numbers in your check register balance and don't go crazy purchasing shoes or anything you find glamorous. You'll only find happiness from spiritual sources at this time. Transcend my dear.

Earth Signs

Capricorn--With all those personal planets opposing you, you feel irritated with your moods, emotions and lean towards sentimentality. Perhaps you find that your patriotism is challenged by younger folks or you don't take time for a holiday since work comes first. But don't tire yourself out, Capricorn. Even parents and authority figures deserve a rest now so you can get in touch with your hearts. Take care of your backs now. If you find that you suffer from spinal problems or health issues with connective tissue, release rigidity in your life and with Mars in Scorpio, do some deep digging in the subconscious. Release!

Taurus--With Mars opposing you, you feel exhausted. However, this exhaustion finds its roots in all the deep diving you're doing in your subconscious mind. Don't be rigid and go with the flow because the world is changing rapidly. This probably isn't time to take the usual vacation, but instead go on a spiritual retreat or at least take time to meditate where you're camping or on a beach. Search for rainbows and they appear. With Venus and Mercury in Cancer, it's time to take care of your health and lucky you, the resources to do that appear for you now.

Virgo--You're still leading the way with the idea of service since the North Node and Jupiter are still in your sign. You love the Cancer stellium but find that you have to explore new food options and diet since digestive issues rear up. Mars in Scorpio also brings digestive issues to the foreground. But what's really going on in your emotional realm? Are you working too hard? Are you serving others as if you don't have human needs yourself? Stop the martyr routine. And also give up this idea of perfectionism. You are perfect just as you are. Go sing some Billy Joel tunes.


Leo--Oh, mister and missus sunshine, you're not enjoying Mars in Scorpio because this causes you to go deep within. Are you casting your shadows on others, especially those with a lot of Scorpio in their charts? You still get a boost with Saturn in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries, but your biggest challenge is healing your ego and boosting your spiritual powers. Unfortunately, you can only do this by releasing that childhood baggage. Do this through creative therapies such as music, dance, and photo therapy. Try improvisational acting or just get up on stage to shine your bright light for the sake of enjoyment and not for ego gratification. We're not looking for the next Joan Crawford.

Sagittarius--Yes, Saturn is still dampening the party. But Saturn also brings you wisdom beyond any philosophies you can cook up on your camping stove. Saturn asks you to climb higher mountains and hang from taller rocks so you can gain the Eagle's view of the world. Expand your horizons to include other philosophies and traditions. Or bunk traditions and sail on an Aquarius wind thanks to Uranus in a fellow Fire Sign, Aries. If you can dream it, you can manifest it. Also be kind to your liver. Too many brews leads to liver problems down the line, such as aging quickly.

Aries--Boy, you're really kicking up dust these days! You're on a roll, but you're steamrolling over everyone who has different realities than your own. Still, you can use that Uranus energy to bring huge changes into the world, especially changes that honor children and youth. You're joining grassroots groups and signing petitions. You're marching down streets causing a ruckus but know your cause intimately and inside out before tooting the horn. Avoid dualism and gain wisdom from Saturn in Sagittarius which asks you to expand horizons. The world is your oyster but do you like oysters?


Gemini--As I'm writing this post it's still the time of Gemini. Winds of change have blown your way and you find that hiding in your brain doesn't work any longer. Don't use a mental approach to quelling emotions. You can't heal emotions through rational thought and darn, it looks like the world is an emotional quagmire. You know what I see for you are jobs working with your hands. This ranges from massage therapist to carpentry to farming, to lending a helping hand to others. Some of you make fine life coaches and help those needing a hand up. Remember to share tools and inspiration and not carry other people's mental quagmires.

Libra--You're affected by the Cardinal T-Cross but you're also the outlet for this cross. So you show us the way to more balanced lives. You do this by example such as cutting back sugar and salt or meditating. You are called upon to bring peace to families, couples, and children on playgrounds. You are everyone's diplomat in July and you're going to have your work cut out for you around the Democrat and Republican conventions. Remember your Libra forefathers, Saint Francis of Assisi and Gandhi and this will go a long way in helping you keep the peace. Balance your scales and this inspires others.

Aquarius--With your planet Uranus in Aries you're still leading the grassroots movements on the planet. But with Mars in Scorpio, you find that healing yourself now ripples out in the form of peace and balance. Your focus lands on new technologies and ways to innovate our lives. But I'm going to challenge you to get away from your computers and go outside. I'm going to challenge you to hook up with Sagittarius and Capricorn types and go rock climbing or hiking on the big rocks we call mountains. I want you to get in a high place (land wise) and get a wider view of the planet and humanity. I want you to get your signs from nature, especially animal totems. Will you take up this challenge, Aquarius? And remember to eat well and drink pure water.

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