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Mars in Scorpio thru Zodiac Houses (Themes & Lessons)

As Mars retrogrades in Scorpio until June 29 when the planet goes direct, we can all expect to delve deeply into our subconscious minds. Each of us will visit or revisit particular themes depending on the particular house highlighted--the one that Mars in Scorpio transits. For more information about how this powerful transit affects you personally, take a look at your Natal Chart where Scorpio is on the cusps. 

If you need a refresher of themes from that house (or some case houses), take a look at my astrological cheat sheet. If you don't already have a Natal Chart, you can get free charts online but you'll need to have your correct birth time. I use You do need to join the site I mentioned in order to access free charts. Okay, so let's get started. This post is not intended as medical or psychological healing. See medical professionals if you find that the themes in this article are playing out in your life.

* Please note that this particular Mars transit I'm referring to and its corresponding themes are related to Mars transiting retrograde and then direct in Scorpio. The Mars themes by house would change with each sign Mars transits. So Mars transiting in Sagittarius through the 5th House has a different flavor and context than Mars transiting in Scorpio through the 5th House.

If you experience a Mars transit through your First House, expect to deal with anger and frustration around your self identity and body image. Perhaps you have been dieting and not losing weight due to a psychological blockage or the opposite, you are super thin and would like to gain weight, but no matter how much you eat, you don't gain a pound. The psychological issues either relate to early childhood such as your infancy or time in the womb or from a previous lifetime. Work with a therapist who also includes DNA clearing in his or her practice.

Symptoms you might experience with this transit: Headaches, jaw aches, fevers, temper, tension causing you to throw tantrums, too much heat in the body, eruptions with skin or rashes, problems with bones. See a medical practitioner if you experience any symptoms related to Mars, though most of your symptoms have psychological roots.

If you experience a Mars transit through your Second House you'll have anger issues around your money, your talents, gifts and what and how you contribute those gifts to the world. You experience a sense of entitlement as you aggressively pursue a path towards expressing your talents in the world. You also want to experience wealth and prosperity now, but you don't want to have to work too hard for it. After all, you reason that you deserve to have your desires.

You'll find that your frustrations have childhood roots from age 5 to 10. Perhaps your parents spoiled you or they ignored you and spoiled your siblings. You have issues around sharing or expressing your gifts which have roots in your childhood. With the help of a psychologist, get to the roots and clear them so that you are unhindered or unblocked from getting recognition for your talents and the rewards that come with that.

If you experience a Mars transit through your Third House, you experience physical problems with your lungs, hands, or arms that have psychological roots. You might find yourself going to battle with siblings or neighbors as you try to get your psychological needs met. You also feel stifled with communication which seems delayed or garbled when it relays back to you, like with that game when people whisper a secret that goes around a circle and gets distorted along the way.

You can't believe what everyone says now, and don't treat the media as if it is authority. You could experience technical problems with your computer and that too has psychological roots. Do you even enjoy working on the computer or would you rather travel or spend time outdoors or do something different with your life that involves your hands? Your issues and themes find themselves rooted in your pubescent years (10-12).

If you experience a Mars transit through your Fourth House, your disruption happens in the home and has psychological roots with your mother from ages 12 - 16 years. Perhaps you started to see your mother's faults at this age or as you grew into a young woman or man, you learned secrets about your mother that caused you shame or a sense of abandonment.

You might find yourself living in a home that would please your mother but doesn't please you. Or you might find yourself dealing with abandonment issues in regard to your mother or be dealing with homelessness in any form. Working with a psychologist is crucial with 4th House, as well as, 1st, 8th, 10th and 12th House issues. Work with a therapist no matter how long it takes to heal these themes Chances are with Mars in Scorpio RX, you'll heal the themes rapidly.

If you experience a Mars transit through your Fifth House, you feel like others have sucked the fun out of life. Your life lacks adventure during this transit or you find that your gambles land you in debt which leads to more drudgery as you climb your way out. You might have suffered from a car accident or a fight with a competitor since Mars transiting through the 5th House can bring those types of events (especially if you have Natal Uranus in that house).

You feel impatient and frustrated as well as, bored. This house represents your restless teen years (15-18) and so you'll revisit themes from that time in your life. Staying active helps such as exercising or taking a short trip to another town. Look for non-competitive athletic activities such as outdoor recreation. Go on a retreat where you feel cooperation and support from others as you clear away the roots causing your frustration. I have an image of James Dean in Rebel without a Cause.

If you experience a Mars transit through your Sixth House, you feel restless and stifled in your work environment whether that is at an outside office or your home office. You have pet issues to deal with at this time or you feel that you have to completely restructure your daily routine due to health problems. The themes you face now have roots in early adulthood (mainly your college years or when you first left your parents' home). You might have trouble with bookkeeping or keeping your bills in order or feel angry that you have adult responsibilities weighing you down.

If you face challenges with a boss, co-workers or pets, know that they are reflecting back to you your psychological issues and themes. This is a Virgo House so look up themes for Virgo as well. Work with at therapist on releasing workaholic or perfectionist tendencies. It is perfectly okay to retreat and rest during this transit. If you need help learning how to relax, call on a Taurus friend. Get a massage and take better care of your physical body. This is not the medieval era when people martyred themselves or wore hair shirts.

If you experience a Mars transit through your Seventh House, you are revisiting issues with roots in your early adult years (22 - 25) which reflect on love, romance, and partnerships. Your partners are reflecting back to you the areas of your life that require your attention now. If you are a woman that you learn how to assert yourself instead of playing passive-aggressive games or expecting your partner to read your mind or know what you desire, without you telling him (or her). If you are a man you need to learn diplomatic skills and compromise when it comes to working out tension with your partner (man or woman). Bring equality and justice into the relationship.

The 7th House is naturally ruled by Libra so look up the qualities of Libra (and Aries) to get a better understanding of the Mars transit lesson or theme for you. For you balancing your male and female sides is crucial. This leads to better sex with your partner too.

If you experience a Mars transit through your Eighth House then you're hit in the face with power issues. These themes come in the form of an enemy stealing power from you or you having to reclaim your power in very difficult or challenging situations. You find your roots in past lives or from around the time of your Saturn Return. Work with a psychologist and pay attention to dreams that surface now. What themes were playing out around your Saturn Return? And if you're under 28 years of age, what childhood issues are surfacing in your ability to go deep with another human being? Remember that the sexual act isn't intimate unless you feel safe in bearing your soul.

You could also be dealing with a sudden death of a loved one, particularly a child which has you delving into death and dying. You might find yourself working at a hospice if death comes up as a theme and learn that death is not to be feared. Remember Mars gives us courage to face what is placed in front of us. You might also be dealing with back taxes and if that's the case get professional help rather than push the problem underneath a rug.

If you experience a Mars transit through your Ninth House, you turn towards philosophy, the legal system or religion to get you out of tight squeeze. You find roots in your college years (if you attended college) or your young adult years in dealing with issues that come up now. The issues revolve around religiosity, xenophobia, foreign languages, foreign cultures, travel restrictions, exaggerated patriotism, fundamentalism or views you gained from higher education that no longer serve you. If your friends and colleagues accuse you of acting pompous, take a look at any insecurities you harbor around 9th House themes.

Health wise I would advise you to get a medical checkup for your liver, cut back on alcohol and eat a balanced diet. This is a good time to detox the liver with medical supervision. Drink purified water and get exercise so you can release tension built up by the Mars transit. Go on an adventure. You now have the drive and desire to travel. Just make sure you don't force your patriotism or idealism on other people, especially from other cultures. Be kind to people who work in the travel industry and respectful of professors and religious leaders. You might think you know more than them, but consider that you might not.

If you experience a Mars transit through your Tenth House, you find that issues and themes pop up around career, finances and public recognition. (I'm experiencing this Mars transit). Now is a good time to send out resumes, rewrite resumes, network, and clean up your posts and profiles on social media. Issues that come up now have roots with the first Saturn Return, but if you're under 28 years of age, then use discretion and maturity when dealing with finances and career. Now is not the time to get plastered and then post photos on social media. The Tenth House is ruled by Capricorn and Saturn which is about maturity, responsibility and integrity. Now, is not the time to make a bad impression.

If you find you have trouble with finances or unemployment, look to your 20s for patterns and beliefs that led to your current situation. Work with a therapist to help you unblock and clear those beliefs. If you can do that, you'll see how fast your finances and career turn around. In fact, I encourage you to do this unblocking so that you can enjoy your life purpose now.

If you experience a Mars transit through your Eleventh House, you might find yourself challenged in a group or networking situation. And this is a reflection back to your subconscious beliefs about yourself in relation to groups. Perhaps you were shunned or bullied by groups as a child and so you bought into the belief that you have to go it alone. You might also feel that you can't open up to your colleagues and there might be some truth to that until you clear the old patterns.

When Mars in Sagittarius dipped into my Eleventh House recently, I encountered a type of bullying from people on a travel-related forum. I was looking for a couch surfing situation in my home town and this did not go well to travelers who believed that you should not (under any circumstances) couch surf in your own town. One woman called me a freeloader without knowing my circumstances and this led me to clear patterns and beliefs I had around groups that had roots in my childhood. You might experience something similar on the worldwide web.

If you experience a Mars transit in your Twelfth House, you better believe that it is either karmic or past life related. The roots go back to your previous lifetime or experience before your birth into this lifetime. The lessons that surface could have to do with imprisonment, mental illness, addiction, or having a career in the performing arts. Some artists of the past suffered from addiction and mental illness as well. Work with a therapist who uses dream interpretation or hypnosis.

You might wish to go through a re-birthing process, a past life regression, or use some kind of art therapy such as music or dance or cinema therapy. You can also practice dance or write songs, or take photographs or make a film to heal yourself then share with others so they can heal too. You are wanting to merge with the Divine or Oneness, but you experience insecurities. You might feel that you are undeserving of unconditional love or you fear losing yourself by merging into Unity Consciousness. Now is a good time to go on a meditation or yoga retreat. Work with a therapist so you can make peace with God.

Mars goes direct on June 29 then it transits into Sagittarius on August 3. This gives us all ample time to make peace with our inner gremlins and face up to our shadows. Doing this Mars in Scorpio work leads to wholeness within each of us thus bringing in peace to the world. Mars won't return to Scorpio for two years so take the time to go deep and heal your psychological wounds. Free yourselves.

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