Thursday, June 23, 2016

Mars in Scorpio--Cleaning up Psychic and Psychological Pollution

Channeled Message

Is there no rest for the weary? Last night, information about Mars in Scorpio poured through me and I did not want to crawl out of bed to type the message.

Since Mars rules the ego, our masculine side, our drive, our need for competition, and our defenses and is now in its classic sign Scorpio, we are dealing with deep core issues. When Mars is RX it asks us to reexamine how we show up in the world, how we treat ourselves, and how we treat others. And all that in reverse too-how others treat us.

If we act from our ego, we can bet that we have not dealt with wounds on a psychic, emotional, or psychological level that we sustained from zero to two years old. Consequently, we might have experienced that wounding in the womb too, physically or emotionally. Fetuses are highly susceptible to events occurring outside of the womb. This is why it is important for a pregnant woman not to expose herself to harsh situations or people, and that does include violent music and movies. And this is especially important now with Mars transiting in Scorpio (the transit began on January 5) and is currently RX until June 29. Mars does not leave Scorpio until August 4.

So what can a parent do in the event the child had been exposed to violence, repressed anger, or overt anger or hostility? It's not easy to avoid those situations living on this planet. Expose a child to soothing music, positive affirmations, sound healing, and energy clearing. Feed the child foods not exposed to violence (such as milk from pasture-raised cows fed organic feed or organic non-dairy milk with organic formula).  Make sure that the baby food is either homemade from organic ingredients or processed with organic ingredients. All of this will counteract violence and the extreme negativity that exist on the planet as we work through polarities. Don't breastfeed your child in front of a television or computer screen that displays violent images or words.

For those of us who are older and still dealing with ego issues, we must seek some kind of healing or therapy now to address those childhood wounds. We must take responsibility for our words, our actions, and our circumstances. Blaming and shaming others, including ourselves is like beating ourselves or others with a baseball bat. Flagellation as far as I know ended in medieval times, but we still flagellate ourselves with our disturbing thoughts then wonder why we have self-esteem issues. You can tell if you experience self-punishment by the amount of bruises on your body or the number of times you hit your head (Mars/Aries rules the head). Now some people bruise easily because of medical conditions and that's a different story not related to the Mars RX in Scorpio.

Mars in Scorpio direct or retrograde asks us to look at how we treat and respond to others. Do we often use scathing or critical words to cut people down? Do we use provocative or aggressive words or language? Do we speak profanity at others or call them names? Do we constantly compete with others because our egos demand that we come first? Do we have to come first or else? (There could be some father-related issues--trying to please the father for that last question). How do we treat men or boys if we are female? And if we're male how do we respond to the world from our male side? Confident men don't put others down, only men insecure with their masculinity bully others.

Mars in Scorpio asks each of us to own our masculinity or masculine side. When we have done this in a healthy fashion we are confident, courageous, and take responsibility for our actions. We go after our desires in a way that doesn't trod over others. We can accept no graciously and look elsewhere to fulfill our desires. We use our Mars energy to exercise or to complete work or maybe to have fun in a sport without always having to win. A healthy Mars is someone who can win with humility and lose with graciousness. But in the end are there really any winners or losers? If you play the game at all in my mind that makes you a winner.

Since the opposite of Aries is Libra let's look at ways Libra is affected by Mars in Scorpio. We could see passive-aggressive game playing because the person with the smiley face and charming voice crams resentment into his or her kidneys. Being "pissed off" or having to pee a lot stems in this case from repressed anger and the inability to assert oneself. Now, this difficult because the person with this tendency was not permitted as a child to express anger or any stronger emotions. As a child, he or she might have even been punished when expressing their Mars side. Girls are often told to slap on a pretty face and smile like some beauty contestant runner-up. This reminds me of that movie Smile that came out in the 1970s which was a satire on a beauty contest. If you are a Libra detached from your Mars, you might want to check out that movie.

Libra stop trying to act sweet and positive when you don't actually feel that way. That's not authentic. And then what you end up doing is suppressing your Mars then you project the darker side of Mars onto other people, especially men if you are a woman or even if you're a sensitive man. And if you grew up in a home with an abusive father, you can triple this behavior. It's time to deal with those wounds in therapy--free yourself so you can regain balance. This will also prevent you from developing diabetes or kidney disease in some cases--again, seek medical advice. But I suspect that if a person has a healthy diet and lifestyle and still acquires diabetes, that Libra and Aries is involved. Look for passive-aggressive behaviors. Saying that the disease runs in the family is the same to me as saying that so do the patterns and beliefs behind it. So clear those patterns and beliefs.

Mars retrograde in Scorpio is asking us to clean up the psychic and psychological pollution we have released in the atmosphere and in the energy fields. Each of us is responsible for healing our part. Mars doesn't want us to take responsibility, but the healthier side of Mars gives us the courage and confidence to face our truth. If we keep meeting angry or hostile people, then it's time to take a look in the mirror and notice how we contribute to attracting those types of energies. Repressing anger as I have learned can lead to potentially dangerous situations, even car accidents. You get two angry people driving in opposite directions and there's a good chance that they will crash when they meet at an intersection. Like attracts like and Mars energy is not to be toyed with.

People who don't believe in astrology do themselves and others a disfavor. The planets possess gravitational forces that shape human behavior, not to mention all of nature, the oceans, etc...To ignore or push the planetary forces aside, is suicidal in a way. With over seven billion humans on the planet, we can't act irresponsibly. And I have noticed that the young people on the planet act more responsible than adults. And I ask all adults to clean up their messes because you wouldn't invite guests to live in a filthy home or would you? And yet, we are bringing in new life on the planet and at this point resembles inviting guests into a filthy home, not to mention a violent one.

So take this Mars RX in Scorpio seriously and clean up those early childhood wounds. Stop distracting yourself with television and other media and instead grab a self-help book on anger management or go into psychotherapy. Until we heal our anger issues and stop projecting our disowned Mars onto others, we won't experience world peace.

Until we address the need for violence in the media, on our streets, and to our own bodies (through the food we eat and other ways we abuse our bodies), we won't experience world peace and will continue to experience the mass violence currently in the news. Taking guns off the street isn't the answer (though it's not a bad idea). The answer to peace exist in balancing our inner Mars and Venus as well, as learning to accept "no" in our lives without throwing a tantrum or insisting on always coming first. Play nice in the sandbox already, but do this from a healed authentic place.

End of channeled message.

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