Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Capricorn Full Moon on July 19, 2016--Meet the Master Builder

Since Capricorn rules builders and building, when with sign culminates into a Full Moon as it does every June or July, we ask ourselves what we have built in the past year. For some of us, we built a relationship on solid ground, and for others it's a career, and yet, for others, it's a actual house. Full Moons represent a time of completion and a Capricorn Moon focuses upon our life structures, societal structures, and structures built on the foundations our forebears set for us.

Think of Taurus as the gatherer of building materials and finding the right spot of earth to build. Then Capricorn comes along and does the actual building structure, followed by Virgo who inspects and analyzes the structure. By the time the structure reaches the Virgo stage (late August and first three weeks of September), we know whether we're standing on solid ground or quicksand. People with strong Capricorn or Saturn in their chart are master builders. They understand that without structure, we sink in the quagmires. But Capricorn, despite its Cardinal quality, is not the most flexible of signs. Sure it climbs with agility and jumps on opportunities that present themselves. But Capricorn is an Earth Sign which lean towards rigidity and change brings on worries and sometimes, anxiety.

Now, let's take a look at the July 19, 2016 chart for the Capricorn Full Moon to see what's happening with our blueprints and current structure. Since the Uranus Pluto Square has spent several years breaking down structures, many of us feel confused as to the new direction of our personal life, not to mention, life on the planet at-large. We have seen huge changes and transformation in just about every sector. And with the millennials busting out and taking management and leadership positions, Capricorn/Saturn integrity and responsibility acts as a two-headed dragon pushing us along with steam and fire.

Millennials born between 1988-90, according to Donna Cunningham have Saturn emphasized in their charts since Saturn, Uranus and Neptune formed a Triple Conjunction (three planets in the same sign) in Capricorn, the Ruler of Saturn. At the time of the Capricorn Full Moon, those folks born during the Triple Conjunction in Capricorn grab the spotlight. They are either experiencing a Saturn Return or on the cusps of this adult rite of passage. I predict that people born between 1988-90 are going to speak up about responsibility, integrity, karma, work ethics and work-related issues. They will remind us to do the right thing, whatever that is that aligns with integrity and taking responsibility.

Others affected by the 2016 Mutable Transits especially are people born in the 1960s when Uranus joined Pluto in Virgo, Chiron transited in Pisces and when Jupiter was in Pisces, Gemini, Virgo or Sagittarius as well as, Saturn in a Mutable Sign. The other group to keep an eye on this year had Uranus in Pisces and Pluto in Sagittarius when they were born (Pluto late 1990s -2008) and Uranus (2003 - 2011). You are change-bearers and messengers of transformation.

We have three major configurations happening in the Capricorn Full Moon chart which include a Cardinal T-Cross with the Cancer Sun, Uranus in Aries and the Capricorn Moon. Uranus plays the role of the apex which tells us that change is inevitable from the grassroots up. Libra acts as the outlet for this T-Cross telling us that fairness and justice in partnerships of all kinds bring us peace on the domestic front and in career. This means that we focus upon fair wages, equality in the home and workplace, and a fair playing field also in the economic front. We focus upon working mothers as an example and women asking for the support they deserve.

The Mutable T-Cross (Grand Square has dissolved) includes Jupiter/North Node in Virgo opposing Neptune in Pisces and squaring Saturn in Sagittarius. Saturn in Sagittarius plays the role of the apex and the outlet is found in Gemini. I think this is about creating healthy partnerships with foreign countries and cultures. It's about curbing philosophies and not spouting off provocative phrases to grab the spotlight. It's about taking care of details (that are exaggerated in some cases). It's about balancing the bigger picture with the details. Where spirituality clashes with religious organizations as each of us wants to blend into diversity rather than play the dualistic game offered by religions. Saturn actually wants us to expand into Unity Consciousness since Saturn squares Neptune and wants to dissolve boundaries. Making any concrete plans at this time isn't going to work. Get in touch with spirit.

Finally, the Grand Water Trine which includes Mars in Scorpio, Sun in Cancer and Chiron in Pisces helps us get in touch with our emotions and release them. This is so much about what we desire but what we feel in the deepest core of our souls. We look at messages we received in our childhood that block us now. And we do a lot of deep sea diving sometimes in shark-filled waters and at other times, swimming in schools of dolphins. It all depends on how in touch we are with our emotions. This is easiest for people with a lot of the Water Element in their charts, and hard for Earth and Air Signs.

Fire Signs get a boost with Mercury joining Venus in Leo, Uranus in Aries and Saturn in Sagittarius. Ask yourself what you value and then communicate those values to others. Perhaps you value a more fair and just world so you join a grassroots group or cause. Perhaps your own lack of integrity is projected back to you by stories you see in the news or people you meet. Remember there is nothing projected outside of us that isn't happening in our inner world.

Air Signs, you feel left out in the cold since there are no planets transiting in Air Signs at the time of this Full Moon. You'll need to rely on planets transiting in Fire Signs (Venus, Mercury, Uranus and Saturn), but in September when planets including Jupiter move into Libra, you'll get a breath of fresh air. Up until that point, it's going to feel like you entered a stuffy room.

Earth Signs enjoy the Capricorn Full Moon, Pluto in Capricorn and Jupiter/N Node in Virgo. Though you feel like you are constantly tearing down and rebuilding structure while Jupiter keeps sending you back to the drawing board. If life were a house, what type of foundation would you build upon? What type of windows would you want as you gaze out at the world? Where would you like to build as far as location? Are the structures of your life (home, family, career, spiritual life) holding up? And pat yourself on the back for what has entered the completion phase. You might even take a rest now.

Water Signs you want space to dream and feel that if you can dream it, you can manifest it. With Mercury and Venus in Leo, this is possible. Cancers want to lay low and deal with childhood and parental issues now. Neptune and Chiron ask you to practice forgiveness. Scorpio you have a lot of drive with Mars completing its journey in your Sign, but this can cause restlessness unless you find physical activity to work through the energy. Psychological issues rear their heads and you have the power to clear this energy and put it to rest once and for all. Pisces you want to get lost in dreams, but Jupiter in Virgo tells you to take care of the practical details. Saturn in Sagittarius asks you to practice integrity and bring peace where ever you roam.

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