Monday, November 16, 2015

Surreal & Powerful--Saturn Neptune Square Exact

As the moon travels void-of-course in Capricorn, I'm sitting here listening to Bach's Cello Suites on YouTube and contemplating the exact Saturn Neptune square occurring from November 26 to December 4, 2015. We will experience a series of exact squares with Saturn and Neptune in 2016. 

This will definitely mark a surreal time where we bend reality or reality bends us into an awakening or madness depending on our current state of mind. This could even be a dangerous time, especially while traveling since people will be spaced out or possibly intoxicated. We're not just dealing with Saturn squaring Neptune exact, but the sun and Mercury in Sagittarius join up with Saturn so now we have our identity and self tied up with the square. Will we see men running around saying that they are Napoleon? Probably, something to that effect. Mental illness ramps up as well confessions of addictions.

I'm including the chart for November 26, 2015 at 4:18 Pacific Standard time when Saturn transits into an exact square with Neptune. I'm setting the chart for Seattle, Washington so the houses involved with this chart will differ from the chart set for individuals and other places. Seattle has a Libra AC in this chart which is about balance and justice.

What concerns me is all the red lines which reflect squares and oppositions mainly with the Mutable planet transits. If we gaze at the sun/Mercury/Saturn square with Neptune, we see that the Gemini Moon opposes the Sagittarius planets and squares Chiron also in Pisces. Then we pull in Jupiter in Virgo (and North Node) which square the Gemini Moon and oppose Chiron. Meanwhile, in the realm of Cardinals, Mars (and Venus) opposes Uranus already squaring Pluto in an inconjunct with the Gemini Moon. Well, it's a mess. But but a Mystical Rectangle with moon, Venus, Uranus, and sun/Mercury/Saturn bring us some stability and Mars also supplies a flowing aspect to the moon.

So we're not just contending with an exact square with Saturn in the uncomfortable sign, Sagittarius and Neptune powerful in its own sign, Pisces. On the low end, expect deceit, trickery (especially with Mercury squaring Neptune), expect foul play on a global scale, and for secrets to reveal themselves with the Uranus Pluto square. Expect food poisoning with the moon involved since we won't be reading labels or warning signs at this point. Expect violence to erupt in the world because of paranoia towards others or an us verses them attitude. Philosophies clash now and could turn into warfare, unless we get the higher message of Neptune which is building bridges based on understanding and compassion. Expect car accidents to occur because people aren't paying attention to the road or they are driving under the influence. But also expect the law to come down hard on people who don't obey it, even losing privileges through the passing of new laws (Saturn in Sagittarius).

I think we'll experience a lot of reality busting around food (what's healthy and what isn't), as well as, in the realm of spirituality, and even sustainable lifestyles. I'm not saying we shouldn't take care of our health or the planet but some companies and providers have hoodwinked us and now we will find out the truth, which will hurt in some cases. Other astrologers have reached a similar conclusion.

On the higher side of the equation, if we stay sober and mindful through meditation, solutions come to us now and we are inspired to change. It's a good time to hone spiritual lessons, take meditation or yoga classes. But don't lean on a religion as a crutch because you must forge your own connection to the divine based on your inner philosophy. When faced with conflicts (and who won't be under these transits?) look to see how you are engaged in shadows and projections. Walk in another man or woman's shoes (I hear or dog's shoes) and practice compassion. Stay humble, but not so humble that you end up beating yourself up. If you mess up, pick yourself up and start anew.

Some folks (especially those with planets in Pisces and Sagittarius), will experience grand delusions of themselves and others. Some folks will proclaim themselves prophets and others will believe them, rather foolish thing to do. If someone claims to suddenly have all the answers that came to them in a dream, run. A Saturn Neptune square is about reality testing. The more grounded we are, the better. I know many of us would rather float off to 5D, but we're going to question the validity of even that. If we don't stay grounded, we could lose a foothold in the material world and not be able to support ourselves financially.

I'm concerned about the US Thanksgiving since this is a time of overeating and over drinking. I feel that there will be many traffic accidents that day as well as, delays and complications with long-distance travel whether that is with planes or trains or buses. Stay home if you can this year because this just isn't a good time for travel. Skype your loved ones instead. Staying home for one holiday isn't going to hurt anything, except egos. If you're a meat eater make sure that you're getting your animal products from a clean source such as local and range-free because I'm seeing a food poisoning epidemic occurring during this time or at least a large-scale recall, and possibly with turkeys. I don't like to make predictions and I certainly don't like spreading fear, but please practice caution and common sense (even though this will be a challenge). It would be a good time to listen to your gut. Pray to angels or your spirit guides for clarity--something in short supply during this time.

On the other hand, since we're dealing with all the outer planets locked into squares and oppositions, this is a time of soul mastership and awakening of consciousness. Take the high road the one that comes from your inner voice that tells you that you are safe and an eternal being. Help others but don't get sucked into drama. Give others tools they need or even resources to take them to the next level. Take care of others in your communities and don't let anyone go hungry now. Contribute to a food bank or work at a soup kitchen. Donate clothing you no longer need to a charity or non-profit. The more kindness we spread now, the more peace we will experience in the world. No matter how the bigger picture looks, stay connected to the Divine and your inner voice--it's the one that feels like love and understanding.

Pisces and Sagittarius either you will master this situation or get caught up in delusional thinking or addictions. It's up to you. If you struggle with addiction get help now. Don't drag anyone through your addiction by admitting that you require help then find the appropriate professionals to get you on your healing path.  Virgo, you want to fix everyone and everything now, but no one is broken even if you can help them brainstorm solutions. Focus on solutions and not problems. And finally, Gemini, watch your tongue during this time because it's sharper than usual and you could use words as weapons because you fear you must defend yourself. Meditate if possible even going for a walk cools the jets.

Aries, I know we need changes in the world, but don't ram your ideas into others. Changes take time and it's not all about you and your ideas. However, Aries, we could use your courage and pioneering efforts at this time. Focus on what we can do now. Capricorn with Mars and Uranus chipping away at your armor, you require letting go and surrendering what you can't change. Stop playing lone wolf and join your community. This is a time of communal activity and together we're stronger. Foster the skills and talents in others then delegate tasks. Then you will receive cooperation and not have to go it alone any longer.

As the cello grows in passion through my headphones, I'm now ending this post. But I'm including a link to Leslie Hale's Astrology blog since it never hurts to hear what other astrologers are saying and she goes in depth.

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