Monday, November 9, 2015

Laser Focus--November's Scorpio New Moon

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We haven't heard much for the Fixed Signs lately, at least not since Saturn moved into Sagittarius and Jupiter into Virgo. As we wade through seasons of Cardinals and Mutables, we forget that action requires stillness. With the Scorpio New Moon stillness runs deep and but we uncover turmoil when we delve into our subconscious minds.

Actually, this new moon at 19 degrees Scorpio that falls on November 11 looks promising for Water and Earth signs. We experience a Triple Conjunction with sun, moon, and Mercury in Scorpio so still waters run deep. Don't mistake a stoic expression for nonchalance or boredom. For any of you who have had intimacy with Scorpios know that there's a volcano brewing underneath an icy exterior. We're reminded of the planet Pluto who we've been told astrologically is dark, but then the NASA photograph of Pluto arrives on the scene and the planet comes off as peachy white with a heart carved its bottom half. Sexy? Well, yes, but the planet also possesses the colors of a scorpion sizzling in the desert sand.

This new moon reminds us of all the times we underwent regeneration or rose out of the ashes in some way. We're reminded that when we burn away the dross we end up with a gold, and so it is with us metaphorically speaking. Here we have our identity (sun), our inner voice/wisdom (moon) and our communication style (Mercury) joining together to usher in a new beginning. Scorpio is ruthless in its gaze and so if there is something or someone in our life that is blocking our evolution, whether that's a thought, pattern, or person, we ruthlessly cut out that energy from our lives and reclaim our power. Pluto is all about power, but it's not about stealing power from others, but discovering our own inner power which exists in all of us.

So where in your life are you giving your power away? What do you gain in return? Remember, we don't give our power away if we think we're not getting something in return. Do we do favors for others so that they'll like us? Do we spend extra time at our job because we want a promotion? Do we slave away on the domestic scene to receive validation from a partner? That my dears, is giving power away and it only ends in bitterness and resentment (Scorpio knows these emotions too well).

Taurus folks aren't going to enjoy all this polar opposite energy coming at them. They prefer to lie on the velvet couch, eating their favorite comfort foods while watching a movie or sports. However, getting in touch with their primal side such as with practicing yoga or meditating now could lead to a kundulini awakening or at the very least a sensual experience that blows their minds. But do be careful because this Scorpio energy (which rules genitalia), could lead to pregnancy. It could also lead to near death experiences or the death of a loved one with spiritual dimensions.

Meanwhile, around this time, Venus returns to her own sign Libra and forms a sextile with Saturn in Sagittarius. Traveling with a partner or having a partner from another culture (especially one across the big blue ocean) goes well around this time. This is definitely a time for romantic beginnings for many of the astrological signs, if you're ready to be in a healthy partnership. Mars remains in Virgo until the 13th when it transits into Libra as well and then couples with Venus. This suggests that our male and female energies are in balance. Or on a mundane level we manifest what we value (Venus) through inspired action (Mars) and beautify the world around us (Libra) or at least bring balance.

Jupiter in Virgo still brings support to Pluto in Capricorn, but forms an inconjunct with Uranus in Aries. Meanwhile, Saturn is approaching a tighter square with Neptune. And two days after the Scorpio New Moon, the North Node transits out of Libra into Virgo. We're going to feel stirring in our hearts in the form of compassion. In fact, for many, their hearts are going to hurt as they witness happenings around the world that either disturb them or move them to tears out of love or compassion. Many folks will ask how they can serve the world (Jupiter and North Node in Virgo), and I suggest volunteering for an organization two or three hours a week to start.

But service comes in many forms and even professionals finding ways to bring justice, harmony and good health to the world. But my question to you is, what will you do with the Scorpio New Moon?

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