Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Astrological Art of Becoming

Why do we choose to be born under a particular Sun Sign? Why did I choose for instance to be born into a family where every member is part of the Cancer-Capricorn polarity and I have a Cancer Sun and Capricorn Ascendant? I believe that astrology is the art of becoming or connecting with the higher purpose of our souls.

Aries--You came here to develop courage, boldness, and to foster a pioneering spirit. You relish in a youthful and fun spirit. You probably have issues around confrontation, facing your fears, and speaking your truth in this lifetime. Foster your courage.

Taurus--You came here to enjoy the sensual pleasure and to bring your gift of beauty to the world through art of one kind or another. However, you tend to get stuck in the mud as opposed to growing things in it. You tend to act rigid and opinionated when you give into fear. Practice your art instead.

Gemini--You came here to communicate clearly and decisively, while still having fun at the same time. You enjoy games to the point of playing games when you don't want to face up to responsibility. Lying is not a healthy form of communication so try being straightforward in your communication. Teach others how to have fun while still keeping their integrity intact.

Cancer--You came here to learn self-nurturing because you can't really nurture others from a dry well. Find the sustenance you require by opening up to others and learn the art of receiving graciously.

Leo--You little sunshine, you came here to shine your light on the world, but often come across as overly dramatic or too needy of attention. Use your imagination and creativity to build monuments or get up on stage where an audience will appreciate drama.

Virgo--You came here to offer solutions and to use your exacting eye to fill in the details. Stop judging yourself or others as imperfect and remember that we are all works in progress. Good enough is good enough.

Libra--You came to restore balance in the world, but you must first do this within yourself. Own your shadow which is actually aggressive and learn how to assert yourself without toppling the cart. If you want others to act refine then mirror that quality to the world. Dress appropriately and stop smiling when you're sad or angry.

Scorpio--You came to dredge up the demons in our subconscious and to solve mysteries. Use your sensitivities to uncover and investigate and not to feel slighted by other people's attitudes towards you. You are more powerful than you think--remember that. Reclaim your power.

Sagittarius--You came to lighten up the world and enlighten us, but first you must get your facts straight and determine what is fact and what is merely an opinion. Show us how to live freely on the road of life and not stop shooting our arrows at the sun.

Capricorn--You came to build new structure and teach us how to live in the here and now. Don't get so caught up in the time-space reality that you forget to enjoy the moment. Money isn't everything even if it pays the bills and keeps you living in mansions.

Aquarius--You came to innovate and take us into the new age. But don't grow too smug and think that you have all the answers. Remember there are 12 Zodiac Signs and each has an important role to play. Remember to cooperate and give credit where it is due.

Pisces--You came here to teach us compassion and understanding as well as, for us to expand our spiritual vision. But first, you must move past your own illusions and addictions so you can open up a true and authentic channel to the Divine. There's no faking it any longer, Pisces. Let's get real now.

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