Friday, November 6, 2015

Powerful Global & Individual Transformation (Mutable and Cardinal Planet Transits)

Having undergone my own transformation in recent weeks (again), and noticing irreversible changes occurring on the planet, I want to talk about the types of transformation you can expect in your own life by astrological signs. But for the sake of brevity, I will group the signs into qualities (Mutable, Cardinal and Fixed).

First let's look at the Mutable signs which include Virgo, Pisces, Sagittarius and Gemini. With the North Node now in Virgo, Saturn in Sagittarius, Jupiter in Virgo; Chiron and Neptune continuing their transits in Pisces, Mutable Signs are asked to go with the flow of changes coming your way. But since you are a restless group anyway, you welcome the changes on some level which include relocation (even to different cities and countries), adapting to new situations beyond anything you could have ever imagined, death of loved ones (that actually liberate you), divorce (again, that liberates you), and change of career. Some of you could sell or move out of an owned home and decide to rent or travel in a mobile home.

These changes have a fateful quality to them and by going with the flow, you meet your soulmate or life partner, get married (if you're single), give birth to a child you weren't expecting, become interested in a new field of study or career you never considered before, at least not consciously, but felt a tug in that direction. You will also engage in synchronicity which will bring excitement and joy to your life. Mostly, you will find ways to serve the world because your thoughts and feelings lean towards others and not yourself. You have no patience of lazy people or narcissistic behavior. You might even join new church or study a different religion, go on a spiritual retreat, or at least make peace with organized religion by seeing that we are all part of the same fabric. There is no them, just us, just you, essentially. You'll find that when you serve others, you serve yourself.

Now, let's take a look at the Cardinal Signs (Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn). It's time to heal any rifts in your life and make peace with what is. Stop trying to manipulate or control others so that you can feel safe and know that you are always protected. Let go and allow yourself to align with God or whatever word you choose to call the Divine Energy that runs through all of us. You seek freedom from shackles other people have held you in, but then you realize that you created those shackles by engaging in co-dependent relationships. Heal your fear of abandonment, of poverty, of homelessness. And once you do that, the path appears and you take up your a leadership position (which surprises you at first).

Stop ranting about problems in the world and focus on solutions. You hold those solutions in your hands and are more visionary than you believe. The Uranus and Pluto transits in Cardinal Signs have already awakened those of you with your sun, moon or Ascendant in a Cardinal Sign from 0 to 14 degrees. You might experience strange dreams seeing yourself working at careers you never considered before. Pay attention to those dreams which are based on either past life roles or your true destiny in this life (or your soul contract). You can refuse to take up the challenge but then you won't experience fulfillment and instead will feel like something is missing from your life (it is). Be brave and answer the call of destiny.

Fixed Signs (Taurus, Scorpio, Leo, and Aquarius) since there's not much happening in your signs as far as outer planet transits (at least for now), you're digging your heels in and refusing to change. Your rigidness is standing in the way of the movement of the other 8 signs. You might find that your partner (if they have a Cardinal or Mutable sun or moon) are asking you to change or divorce is imminent, especially if you block the way of their life paths.

Scorpio is the exception here since Scorpio sun and moon underwent transformation when Saturn transited in Scorpio in recent years. Scorpio you bring us transformation with your planet Pluto in Capricorn and as a major player in transformation on the planet. And in fact, Pluto and Capricorn and Saturn in Scorpio fed off each other for 2 1/2 years. We learned how to be ruthless in cutting out the fat from our lives whether that was non-productivity, stagnant careers, or dead end relationships. But I still don't see a Scorpio winning the upcoming US Presidential race. I do see Scorpios making discoveries in high tech, science, and medicine. I also see more success with new types of psychological therapies that delve into our lineages. Scorpio scientists and doctors will also dominate the media in upcoming years.

Several of the candidates running for US President (2016) have fixed suns and I predict that none of those folks will become the next president. Why is this? With 8 signs demanding change and transformation on the planet and fixed signs wanting to hold on to the past and old traditions, the populace wants a new type of leadership that represents holistic principles and sustainable lifestyles. People without homes want someone who advocates for them. People left out of the economy want someone to advocate for them. Environmentalists, youth, and entrepreneurs want someone who speaks their language (and candidates with fixed signs are too old school or too power hungry).

We're moving into a new era of cooperation and co-housing and collectives. We are moving into a new era of serving the greater good instead of a bank account. Millionaires will donate huge sums of money to causes or projects that bring comfort and security to others, while walking away from the trappings of their wealth. Meanwhile, the man or woman on the street experiences changes of fortune in many cases going from rags to riches and soon they too will discover that money doesn't buy happiness at least not with the planetary transits for the next 2 years. Times are changing and the planet is shifting. There's no going backwards so we might as well do a jig into the unknown.

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