Monday, November 2, 2015

Coming Attractions--Saturn Neptune Square (What's it Going to Take to Manifest Dreams?)

Starting on November 26, 2015, we're going to experience an exact square with slower moving planets and it's not Uranus and Pluto this time.

Saturn in Sagittarius which has been teasing us by playing cat and mouse with Neptune in Pisces throughout this year (due to retrogrades of both planets), moves into an exact square with the dreamy planet on November 26 and this square launches the first week of December also. So we already know what Saturn represents and what Neptune represents; we can also predict how this planetary dance will play out on the big stage.

If not, let me give you hints: Religion (big organized religion and religious structure, hierarchy, ancient practices, traditions and patriarchy), universities and academics, mental health, hospitals, big medicine, big industry, the structure of the human body (blood and bones), cinema, big movies as entertainment, music, music industry, music therapy, travel and foreign relations, government with Saturn involved, fathers, uncles, anthropology...Also following under Saturn's stern gaze, are recreational drugs, cigarettes, vapor (e-cigarettes), and prison systems.

Neptune revolves around escapism, where we delude ourselves, dreams without substance, wishful thinking, movies, fog, vapor, smoke, dissolution of matter, mental health (or lack there of), narcissism, music, music therapy, cinema therapy, dance, photography, and glamour. Saturn revolves around structure, body structure, architecture (the structural part), authority, responsibility, time-space reality, aging, effort, study, work, and pulling oneself up by their bootstraps (something Saturn and Capricorn loves). The self-made man is Saturnian for instance, even though that is an illusion. In reality, we all need others and as long as we're not co-dependent with others, this is healthy and harmonious.

For Pisces themes just look to Neptune since they share themes in common. Sagittarius represents travel, foreign nations, pie-in-the-sky idealism, academia (higher education), professors, law, lawyers, politicians who exaggerate their abilities and claims, expansion, sarcasm, over inflated economies, and having a good time (Jupiter). So now, start playing around with all those themes and attributes and see what comes up for you.

I'm not a predictive astrologer, but I have already seen trends in the media that will continue. I'm already seeing recreational drugs and vapor cigs coming under scrutiny. I'm seeing people moving away from the self-made human to humans who come together in a communal sense (Pisces wants us to merge). I'm seeing the rise in popularity of music therapy and also seeing interests in photography therapy and cinema therapy. I'm seeing compassion expanding on the planet thanks to Pope Francis and other religious leaders who touch our hearts. I'm sensing an awakening of consciousness in places I never imagined it.

But with this square, Saturn is asking Neptune to put his money where his mouth is. This is not a time of spouting idealism, but it is a time for rolling up our sleeves. It's time to come up with solid plans and make the efforts required to fix the problems in our lives. But we don't do this by focusing on the problems but on solutions that come to us through visions (both nightly and epiphanies). We also need to take better care of our structure (bodies) with yoga, meditation, drinking enough water, eating healthy and building our blood and bones. It's a time to admit our addictions and seek help. It's time for each of us to rehabilitate our lives in areas we've grown lazy, weak, or sick.

St. Thomas Aquinas, supported astrology
Since Neptune is more powerful and diffused than Saturn, Neptune will cause us to question time-space reality and this idea of aging. I consider myself ageless but Neptune plays a huge role in my natal chart. Neptune will have us squirming or squeezing out of responsibilities, but Saturn will kick us in the butt if we do that. So will this be a trying time? Yes. We must find a balance between responsibility and allowing ourselves to dream the big dreams. We must stop acting like victims or martyrs or worshiping them. What? We worship victims? Yes, and we call them heroes and then act just like them. Let's stop calling ourselves survivors and start thriving instead. It's our birth rite. Enough of all the colored ribbon pins people wear in solidarity with victim mentality. There are only lessons here so we gain wisdom. Challenges give us an edge (there's my Saturn talking to you).

The best way to handle this square is to only take responsibility for what belongs to you. Allow others to learn their lessons and learn to stand in their light. They can't reclaim their power if you coddle them unless they are young children or infants. If someone needs a hug, fine give them that, but then hand them the tools and the knowledge they require to grow into a true hero. Remember no one wants to answer the call to a quest, but those who do are the real heroes. Lend a hand when you are deeply compelled to do so, but don't allow anyone to manipulate you of your time, money, or friendship unless you can give freely and it is part of your road.

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