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The Lazy Days of May--Forecast for May 2015

When I first took a glance at the transits for May, I yawned. Have I turned into one of those drama-obsessed astrologers? Since I have felt exhausted and sensed other people's exhaustion, I look forward to the stubborn energies of May. I look forward to warmer, lazy days ahead. Get me to a hammock.

Venus energies launch May since the Moon transits in Libra and the Sun and Mars in Taurus on May Day. Mercury moves into Gemini (later in the month Mercury retrogrades) so despite a tendency to relax, we still engage in lively communication. Venus also transits in Gemini on the first leading to flirtation, especially at dinner party or more congenial settings. Jupiter continues to hold court in Leo now direct and quickly gathering momentum as Jupiter approaches the summer months. By mid-month Jupiter pulls into a trine with Uranus leading to all types of manifestation coming on suddenly. We could experience a few lovely financial windfalls seemingly without effort.  But what's really happening is that we release resistance to manifestations from occurring and we manifest desires from previous months or years.

Saturn and Pluto are retrograde which gives us a break from relentless transformation and paying instant karma for our actions. This doesn't mean that we shirk our responsibility and toss integrity out because that would be a mistake, in which we'll pay double the consequences during the autumn months when Saturn and Pluto go direct. The good news is that we can use this time to integrate recent lessons and share our experiences with others in the form of teaching our wisdom. Having said that, May offers pleasantries in which no one will entertain a conspiracy theorist. Some of us have had enough gloom, manifestos, lists of should and should not activities, judging others, as well as, shaming and blaming. Take a vacation already.

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By the end of the month, Uranus and Pluto separate with a 4 degree orb giving our nerves a rest. With Saturn retrograde and Neptune gaining momentum, we also get a break from the Saturn-Neptune square until the autumn months.  Saturn transits back into Scorpio for three months which completes Saturn Returns for those of you with Saturn at 28 or 29 degrees Scorpio. Welcome to adulthood if you're around 30 years of age, and welcome to your wisdom years if you're around 60 years of age.

Although people freak out when Mercury goes retrograde, I think we'll actually enjoy the Mercury RX this May if we can pull our eyes away from electronic devices, turn our phones off, and spend time in nature. Use the retrograde period from May 19 to June 12 as a time-out. Reunite with old friends, go on a long-distance trip (Mercury RX mainly affects short-distance travel), go on a camping trip, or a writing retreat. Other activities that go well are editing manuscripts or other documents, reassessing a life path, reinventing oneself, especially with Pluto and Saturn also retrograde, and all the other activities that begin with "re".

Photo by Patricia Herlevi
We begin the month with the Full Moon in Scorpio. The Sun and Moon lasso in Jupiter in Leo forming a Fixed T-Cross. People just aren't going to budge now and many people will take a vacation at the time of the Full Moon or at least be in a vacation mode even if they are working. It's like we all want to slow down, experience our senses and our sensual surroundings while getting to know our inner child (Jupiter in Leo). It won't be a good time to start projects or even complete them because partners or collaborators won't be in a cooperative spirit.  Some will feel paranoid and deal with trust issues (Full Moon in Scorpio), other people explore the true meaning of selfishness and then some will just want to hog the stage and suck you for attention (Jupiter in Leo).  This is why we'll want to pull back from activities and lie in a hammock reading a book that engages our senses. I'm not kidding you when I tell you May is a lazy month.

Venus transits into Cancer on the 8th so we're going to stay at home, especially if we share the home with a loving partner. This is a time when home decoration, learning new recipes, inviting others over for dinner parties, gardening, beautifying, and having fun with children go well. Most of us will choose to celebrate the mothers in our lives, even women we consider motherly especially around Mother's Day, May 10th. Women will seem more moody than normal and this would be a good time to get those female hormones under control, otherwise they could rage in the form of emotional storms. Sorry, guys. However, that trine with Venus and Neptune on the 16th looks delicious as far as love relationships and partners go deeper (even if they experience conflicts) when Venus opposes Pluto at the end of the month. Conflict is good in this respect because we get in touch with our inner desires.

photo by Patricia Herlevi
Mars moves into Gemini on the 12th and suddenly we feel like talking a lot. We banter, we argue, we provoke with words. When Mars is in Gemini I think of Beatrice and Benedick crossing swords in Shakespeare's "Much Ado about Nothing".  And in fact, May is going to feel like this Shakespeare play. Go and watch the movie or a stage production. Towards the end of the month Mars joins with Jupiter and then it really gets fun. Mars attacks anything spiritual or in the realm of performing art (think art critic or just critic), around the 25th when the fiery planet squares dreamy Neptune. I'm probably going to spend the week chuckling since I have my Mars and Venus in Gemini while Mars squares my Moon and Saturn in Pisces so I'm used to this energy.

On May 21, the Sun joins Mars and Mercury in Gemini. The vacation has ended and everyone gets back to business. E-mails and phone calls take up most of our time as well as, lively engagements on social media. Projects that were placed on hold gain momentum. In fact, we go from slow and lazy to frantic activity and this is when we'll notice Mercury retrograde. Computer glitches occur as do over charging (not on purpose) at cash registers. Pay attention and leave extra time and space in your day to deal with frustrating experiences and delays. Leave earlier than usual for appointments and plan ahead.

Finally, let's take a look at the New Moon at 27 degrees Taurus which falls on the 17th. This Moon (and Sun), won't aspect any of the planets so we're free and clear to enjoy ourselves during this time. In fact, set intentions for what you would like to manifest in your life. Spend time outdoors, do some gardening, go for a hike, and experience the sensual world as Kate Bush would describe it.

Besides, the Fixed T-Cross at the beginning of the month, I believe that May will give us ample time to rest and enjoy the little pleasures in life. This doesn't mean that we shirk all our responsibilities or act like jerks because eventually Saturn and Pluto move direct again and who wants to pay for bad behavior during the rainy and cold autumn months? Focus on spiritual growth but let go of the hardships. In May we're going to question any needs for suffering and we're going to indulge in pleasures, hopefully guilt-free. Welcome the flowering of souls in May. We really do live on a beautiful planet.  Enjoy.

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