Monday, April 13, 2015

12 Zodiac Lessons (Overcoming the Weaknesses of Sun, Moon or Ascendant Signs)

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Each of us comes to the planet as a unique being with an astrological blueprint called a natal chart. 
The Zodiac Signs present each of us with lessons.  Look up your Sun, Moon and Ascendant Signs here and the lessons you came to master.

Aries--You came to develop courage and boldness without stepping on the toes of others.

Taurus--You came to experience your senses, find balance, then from a centered place create art and beauty for the planet. But first, you must become more flowing and less rigid. This will solve your money problems too.

Gemini--You came to balance dualistic points of view and find the common ground. You also came to play, explore, discover and share your discoveries in fun ways.

Cancer--You came to learn about self-love and self-nurturing so you don't cling to others for affection and reassurance. And instead, you give others nurturing without smothering them and allowing others to learn the lessons they came here to learn. Avoid co-dependent relationships.

Leo--You came to shine your warmth and affection starting with yourself and then like the Sun, selflessly shining your light on others. You also came to reveal to us our inner child and creativity then coach us in shining our inner light.

Virgo--You came to perfect your view of yourself and assist others through devoted service rather than as a critic.You also communicate the ways of perfection and coaching others to be their best. You are sometimes a wise hermit.

Libra--Similar to Gemini, you came to restore balance in relationships and partnerships with all and everything. Similar to Taurus, your aesthetics and beauty bring art to the world.

Scorpio--You are the shaman of the Zodiac that dives into dark places no one else will venture to retrieve lost souls and lost pieces of souls. But you must not stay in those dark places because if you do you only completed half of the lesson with the second half of the lesson exposing darkness to the light.

Sagittarius--You came to expand our minds and our consciousness, but first you must stop believing that your religion, philosophies, or teachings are the only way to wisdom. You have us laughing in the aisles with sarcasm, but make sure you don't insult your greatest fans.

Capricorn--You came to teach us about climbing the mountain and not giving up due to challenges we face. However, first you must stop acting gloomy and heal your depression. Developing a sense of humor is a must on your upward journey. With humor, you inspire. (Your humor is usually self-effacing).

Aquarius--You came to get over your awkwardness and stop proving why and how you're different from the other 11 Zodiac Signs. Then once you stop freaking people out with far-out behaviors, you lead us into a better future. You are the true genius in the Zodiac, but your discoveries are ahead of our time so don't forget to keep your eyes on the prize.

Pisces--You came here to heal addictions and the victim-martyr complex to lighten your path and ascend to other realms. By healing your wounds, you heal the world.You are the endpoint of the Zodiac and represent where we're all heading to a place of healing, forgiveness, and immense compassion.

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  1. This is interesting topic. But how should i know which zodiac sign.

  2. You can have charts made for free online which would tell you your Sun, Moon, and Ascendant signs.

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