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Love-based Zodiac: Astrology for the Next Age

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I'm receiving a message loud and clear from others about the old ways of astrology. I practice transformational and practical astrology which I combine with coaching because I know that those of you reading these posts are master souls having an earthly experience. Yet, so many of you have trapped yourself inside astrological generalizations, which is okay for astrology humor but not for a path of transformation.

Let's get clear about a few things. The astrology we practiced prior to December 2012 has ended. As far as I'm concerned there are no malefic or beneficial planets, there are only planets and corresponding energies to the planets. Planets don't have personalities and they're not out to get revenge on us, but to usher in a time of transformation and healing which we sorely require upon Mother Earth.  Astrological signs are merely filters for the energies we desire to experience on our Earth walk and people with opposite signs or "incompatible" signs act as mirrors to our subconscious minds and inner heart yearnings.

While I know about archetypes and studied astrological archetypes I choose not to work with them because they represent old astrology which has little to do with the Quantum Age. I work with actual energies I feel coming from the planets and images that appear in my mind when I look at transits or Natal planets in a chart. My job is to help you move past your ego and locate your spirit so you can experience the path that brings you the greatest fulfillment.  Now, when I use the word fulfillment that doesn't necessarily suggest that you will end up living in a mansion and driving an Italian sports car, but it does suggests that you will discover and explore your unique path leading to soul mastery on some level. The mission is for contentment no matter how that shows up.

Sometimes astrology and astrological readings become traps, especially when we use that time to bicker about the people in our lives instead of taking responsibility for our role in these scenarios. This is how the ego shows up and prevents us from experience true growth and real expansion. While some of you might find it narcissistic to focus on yourselves, it's actually narcissistic not to focus on developing true self-love because when a person doesn't love themselves (more or less loathes them self), they control and manipulate others in order to acquire validation or acceptance. I believe that is the true description of a narcissist-someone who loathes themselves so they suck others dry with their neediness for validation.

I prefer to use astrology as a tool for transformation and navigating our everyday life experiences. I still read compatibility charts for couples, but I reveal the desires for growth that each partner has and I suggest giving the partner the freedom to expand and explore what they came here to explore. This doesn't suggest that we stay with abusive or neglectful partners, but that when we are in a partnership we take responsibility for our own growth and allow our partner to focus on their experiences. Sometimes this doesn't work and ending the relationship is the healthiest course to take. And there is truth that some signs just aren't compatible with other signs and the result of two incompatible signs reveals two people controlling and manipulating the other or playing the other' game to please them at the expense of swallowing one's self.  This results in disease by the way.

So what is this new astrology? Well, it isn't the horoscope books or Linda Goodman's "Love Signs" as much as I enjoyed reading that book in my twenties. The new astrology revolves around transformation and awakening to Oneness.  It is quantum and exists in multiple universes so making predictions no longer works either especially for those of you awakening and evolving. The new astrology does not cater to the whims of ego, but instead honors the spirit and soul within each of us that is connected to the Greater Whole.  Everything we do matters and ripples out into greater consciousness.  So if we spend our time bickering and controlling others, we fuel wars and other atrocities that occur around the world.  That is the power that each of us holds and why personal growth is paramount to bringing peace on the planet.

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One last thing I want to mention simply because I feel disturbed by this ego trap is people who separate themselves from others because they sense that they're different.  This actually borders on narcissistic or navel-gazing behavior. And in actuality, everyone on this planet suffers from the illusion of separation and the ego either causes us to do what others are doing so we can fit in with the crowd or separate us so that we can go lick our wounds in a cave somewhere while cursing humanity.  There is only one tribe here folks and that is the diversity of humanity.  It is the ego that causes us to feel this separation, not our Spirits. The ego represents the wounded part of us and instead of stabbing those wounds with hot irons thus trying to squelch the ego, why don't we embrace that wounded part of ourselves? The ego isn't the enemy, it is just a scared and hurt child part of us. Besides, we actually require the ego to survive and set proper boundaries so that others don't trample upon us.

The new astrology takes us into the Age of Uncertainty as the channeled Kryon describes it. We are powerful quantum beings with more wisdom and talents that we can hold.  But first we must heal our addictions, our wounds, and our paranoia that others are out to get us. In reality, there is no us verses them.  But there is a choice we can make between peace and love. The new astrology helps us grapple with our wounds, find our strengths and our inner tools for transformation.  There isn't anyone here who can't transform their lives if they put their hearts and souls to the tests.  Astrology offers the tests on this journey of learning, discovering and just being.

I will never treat astrology as a parlor game because I take my craft seriously. This doesn't mean I don't have a sense of humor because I believe that laughter is a great medicine for us. Sometimes I poke fun at our weaknesses because it's better than pointing the finger and delivering harsh criticism. We all have places that require bolstering and polishing, I'm no exception. As I forge ahead with challenging transits (I've had one outer transit occurring for the past two or possibly three decades), so that I can help others as they stumble on the path. While I will never think for others or offer predictions, I will give my support and share my wisdom in any way that is possible for me at this time.  I dedicate my practice to the awakening of the planet and I invite others with the same mission to get a reading or at least follow this blog.  Thank you for bringing your love and light to the world. You are sparkling threads in the grand tapestry.  We are One.

I give intuitive coaching sessions for artists and entrepreneurs and I practice transformational, pediatric and practical astrology. Sign up for a session at Metaphysics for Everyday Living.

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