Saturday, April 11, 2015

Full Moon Forecast for May 2015--Stubborn as Mules

We've been through many changes on the road the transformation and in May, we're sticking our feet in the proverbial mud, refusing to budge another step. The Full Moon on May 3rd (13 degrees), pulls Jupiter in Leo into a Fixed T-Square leaving the Lion, Scorpion, and Bull to drop on the ground with a yawn. However, some souls choose to arrive on the planet during this Full Moon, expect birth and rebirth to occur.

I actually don't see this as a bad thing unless you have a deadline at work. People just aren't going to feel like cooperating, collaborating, or completing any tasks during this Full Moon. It's better to get outdoors and engage the senses rather than wait for a phone call or an e-mail which is slow in coming, if at all during the Full Moon. Normally, a Full Moon suggests the completion of a cycle or project and if that's the case, then gather with friends, colleagues, or family to celebrate. We might see a flurry of weddings around the Full Moon, but only if they were planned months in advance. Expect delays with caterers, the cake not arriving on time is also a potentiality.

Some people will deal or not deal with trust issues during this time since a Full Moon in Scorpio brings up paranoid thoughts and can heighten emotional instability as well as, sexual problems. Some people will grab onto topics around death, hopefully rebirth, secrets, betrayals, and other darker topics. However, the Sun in Taurus would rather engage the senses in pleasurable experiences and Jupiter in Leo gets in touch with the inner child while igniting the imagination into creativity and fun projects. I'm certainly not saying don't deal with the darker topics that come up, but to balance them by engaging in more pleasurable experiences.

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Mercury in Gemini opposes Saturn in Sagittarius during the Full Moon which brings us mutable energies around communication, travel, higher education, K-12 education, the mental process and so on. As far as opposites go, Gemini and Sagittarius have more in common than not and compliment the other. Gemini sees the details while Sagittarius sees the bigger picture. One deals with short-distance travel and communication while the other deals with long-distance travel and communication. Now, would be a good time to plan a journey with Gemini taking care of the itinerary and details while allowing Sagittarius to choose the locations.

The Moon trines Neptune but as we mentioned earlier squares Jupiter. We dream now, but don't take steps towards manifesting our dreams. I sense wishful thinking where we believe that all we have to do is visualize our desires because we read that in a spiritual book. However, no dream manifests without some effort. Are we getting caught up in Neptune's fog? On the other hand, pay attention to nightly dreams or intuitive hits since they lead us closer to our true desires. Daydreaming goes well and reveals our innermost wishes.We surprise ourselves with our desires, saying, I had no idea I wanted that.

With Venus and Mercury in Gemini as well as, Neptune and Chiron in Pisces and with Saturn in Sagittarius, we can work with this mutable energy to keep our lives in the flow. This actually counterbalances the rigid energies from the Full Moon and Fixed T-Square. Open up channels of communication with friends, cousins, siblings, and lovers. Get on social media to join other like-minded people and envision the world you'd like to birth into being. People will talk out both sides of their mouths (Gemini and Pisces), and hopefully we don't engage in more dualistic thinking and communication. Neptune and Chiron in Pisces promote Oneness, but planets in Gemini double think while having a difficult time making any decisions. It could manifest in interesting ways, even comical ways.

As far as stories in the news, I think we'll see articles about solar energy, organic farming verses GMO, and the real estate markets. Big banks and big industry will hog up headlines as usual and around this Full Moon we will hear something intriguing about Bill Gates or Hilary Clinton--hopefully something positive. We could also hear about famous Leos, Tauruses, and Scorpions, something in the lines of resistance on their part or others resisting decisions they have made. Hopefully it doesn't lead to high drama but it could with Jupiter in Leo. Shakespeare once said that the world is a stage, but that doesn't mean I necessarily want to be in the audience or even on the stage. Some of you'll join in this sentiment around this Full Moon.

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