Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Peaceful Times up the Pike

I know we are experiencing a challenging week with the Lunar Eclipse in Libra.  We're all faced with the final chapter of transits that began 7 or 8 years ago for some of us (Cardinal Signs) and some of us are experiencing new challenges that shake us to our core.  

However, the second half of April and May bring us a peaceful time, which I'll write more about in the May forecast. For instance, both Saturn and Pluto are retrograde and Jupiter is direct.  Uranus and Pluto separate from each other and we have passed through the eclipse season for the first half of the year. Venus transits into Cancer in May which reminds us to nurture ourselves and take some time off to integrate lessons we gleaned in recent months and past years.  The only caveat is that Mercury goes retrograde in mid-May.  But this too brings us the space (and time-out), we require to integrate new energies into our lives. After all, by looking back and reassessing where we've been, we set our compass to a new destination.

So hang on and treat yourself to your favorite songs, a space to meditate, warm salt baths, and comedy during this first week of April. Nurture yourself, do something creative, walk in  park, stroll through a favorite neighborhood, get out your sketchpad or camera and create the world you desire to experience. Stay away from the news, stay away from negative people but send them love. Read books that uplift you, sing, chant and dance. Eat a balanced diet, stay away from sugar and caffeine which will just agitate your adrenal system causing you to react to life events instead of respond with love. Don't take anything anyone says personally during this time and know that wounded people are searching for someone to argue with now. Don't take up their gauntlet.

Definitely stand your ground but do so lovingly without pointing the finger of shame or making accusations.  If you must fight, fight fair or fight the good fight as Paulo Coelho refers to it. Pick up spiritual literature or write your own stories. This eclipse will show you where in your life you're out of balance and it's up to you to research or pray for the next steps in your journey. We will make it to the other side and peace awaits us, if we choose peace.

I'm chuckling right now because when I wrote this post, I had not yet seen the Full Moon in Scorpio locked into a Fixed T-Cross with the Sun and Jupiter. Yet, I believe we will find solutions to any stagnation that comes up by delving into our subconscious mind while releasing unworkable patterns. Uranus in Aries offers an outlet telling us to innovate and not get caught up in group think. 

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