Saturday, April 18, 2015

New Moon Forecast for May 2015--Lazy Dreams

photo by Patricia Herlevi, tree in Bellingham WA
I'm looking forward to the New Moon at 27 degrees Taurus (26 56) on May 17. This Moon bodes well for farmers, gardeners, or anyone planting new seeds for projects, love relationships or other ventures. There is one caveat though that comes in the form of indulging in laziness and daydreaming.

Here in the Pacific Northwest spring came early with flowering trees, gardens in full bloom, but along with that came a proliferation of weeds of every kind. Now, what some people call weeds other people call medicine so let's keep this in perspective. Let's just say there has been lush growth of every kind and we will see this pattern continue in May, a prosperous time if you are a dandelion, I suppose.

The New Moon and Sun at around 27 degrees Taurus sail far ahead of the other transiting planets we are free and clear as far as Moon and Sun aspects go.  However, in other areas of the transiting chart, Mercury at 13 degrees Gemini sextiles with Jupiter at 14 degrees Leo both form inconjunctions with Pluto at 15 Capricorn forming a transiting Yod.  Mercury and Pluto are both retrograde which slows energy down even further. Around this New Moon we don't launch into new projects or begin new cycles due to the Yod and retrograde planets. By taking time out, we give ourselves breathing and thinking space.  Perhaps through daydreaming during this week we discover solutions or experience breakthroughs.  We can actually make more progress through being than doing.

At the same time, Venus in Cancer trines Neptune in Pisces at 9 degrees exact. This leads to even more daydreaming, lying on a beach or in the sun, or just taking time to nurture ourselves and our loved ones. We will feel especially cuddly during this time or we want to spend time in art galleries, or attend a concert or dance performances. This is also a good time for working with photography, either taking new photos or scrap booking or creating slide shows for photos taken in the past. Remember Cancer likes to look back.  It would be a great time to produce a family album of photos off or online.  Connect with family at this time, especially female relatives.

Jupiter trines Uranus so we're also feeling sporty.  The Fire Sign types will want to get out in the woods, climb rocks, or travel to far-off places while living out of  backpack.  We'll see younger generations taking the proverbial backpacking trip to Europe or the Americas.  Train travel could do well during this time.  However, Mars in Gemini opposes Saturn in Sagittarius so if we don't pay attention to details of our travel or other plans, they derail, most likely in a humorous way ending with a battle of words. Be careful what you say now though since the other person might hold your words against you at a later date.  Mercury forms a wide sextile with Uranus so we're over thinking at this time and using wit to get us out of tight situations or possibly creating text that transforms the world in a revolutionary way.

In the realm of asteroids, Chiron in Pisces forms a lovely sextile with the Sun and New Moon.  Those of you going through your Chiron Return will find this is a time to ground the wisdom you have gained thus far.  However, don't allow yourself to get stuck in your story because Chiron in Pisces dissolves old stories to make room for new experiences. Use plants for healing now, garden or get involved with some type of nature-based therapy. Spend time outdoors.

Ceres (Demeter) also known as a feminine asteroid representing harvest opposes Mars which reminds me of mothers of young boys, maybe even teenage boys rebelling against their mothers.  But the mother pulls in the reigns and shows the boys who's boss.  Ceres also squares Neptune which suggests delusions around mothers and children.  Are we seeing each other in the light of reality?

All and all, the New Moon in Taurus ushers in a pleasant time with some conflicts finding roots in our egos. We can't have the old ways of doing business with the new energies on the planet.  It's not like the bumper sticker with the motto "Co-exist" since the planet's energies shift bringing us closer to a new and unprecedented age where we must give up the idea of competition and usher in a time of cooperation and self-love.

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