Tuesday, December 23, 2014

It's Your Turn Mutables--Saturn Neptune Square

As I already mentioned in my astrological forecast for 2015, people with Natal Planets in Pisces, Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius are going to experience outer planet transits.  Saturn just moved into Sagittarius, Neptune has been in Pisces for several years and Jupiter moves into Virgo this summer.  This means that three of the five outer planets will be in Mutable Signs so expect lots of movement and a lot of communication.

While we will experience an on-going square with Saturn and Neptune for most of the year with an exact square from November 26 to December 4, we won't experience any Mutable T-Crosses since Saturn will have moved back into Scorpio at the time when Jupiter moves into Virgo.  Then Jupiter takes off like a bat out of Hades gathering speed in momentum.  So this won't feel like a repeat of the 1960s when Uranus and Pluto were both in Virgo, Saturn and Chiron were in Pisces, etc...

We will experience an exact Jupiter-Neptune opposition (I was born with one in Fixed Signs) on September 17 with Neptune in retrograde.  And then Jupiter and Neptune stay within orb of a square until October 7 when they move out of a 5 degree orb.  But we'll get to this bit of news later in the year.  For now, let's take a look at the Saturn-Neptune square which will affect us for most of 2015, with the exception of June 15 through September 18 when Saturn retrogrades back into Scorpio.

As you know Saturn and Neptune have little in common even though the signs that these planets rule form a sextile with each other (Pisces and Capricorn).  Saturn builds structure while Neptune dissolves it.  Saturn honors integrity, responsibility, and maturity, while Neptune looks for escape routes from those things--often like a fish swimming in two directions.  Neptune rules dreams, spirituality, performing arts such as music, photography, dance and cinema while Saturn rules hard work and pragmatism.  Neptune can drown out Saturn's plans and Saturn throws a wet blanket on Neptune's dreams.  So do you see the conflicts here?

My prediction, if I can make one for 2015 focuses on taking a more practical approach to manifesting those big dreams (remember Sagittarius is about expansiveness and thinking in bigger pictures).  Perhaps we must break down those life visions into small obtainable steps. Get out those big wall calendars and white boards and map out those dreams with daily, weekly, and monthly assignments or steps.  Find some practical people to join your team and listen to the voice of reason while also hanging on to your vision/dream.

Squares bring tension and when Saturn gets involved with a square we can expect delays, setbacks, and the stuff that makes us stronger and wiser. For those of you with Sagittarius Sun, Moon or Rising Signs from 0 to 9 degrees, Saturn will bring constrictions to your plans, most likely involving religion, travel, law, foreign relations and higher education.  You might even have problems on the immigration front, especially if you have a history of mental illness or drug addiction or anything to do with the law.  If you work in the entertainment business such as booking musical or theatrical acts you might have problems getting international acts into the country you represent, especially if drugs are involved in some way.

On a lesser scale, those of you with the Sun especially in Sagittarius from 0 to 9 degrees are going to feel exhausted or old in some way.  I remember when Saturn transited in Cancer over a decade ago and my skin was dry and I looked older then when Saturn moved into Leo, my skin became more youthful again.  You might experience delays, constrictions and blockages at work or experience authority figures challenging you every step of the way (such as encountering bureaucratic red tape).  Look to the house where you have your Natal Sun and also Natal Saturn placements, especially if you're Saturn falls in Sagittarius from 0 to 9 degrees.  Saturn is going to feel like a downer during these transits, but take heart because the realism and hard work Saturn brings to you will pay off in the end.

Geminis will experience Saturn opposition.  Again, I see problems and delays with travel, especially long-distance travel, but there could also be learning experiences in the areas of religion, foreign relations, law or academics.  Saturn opposes ideas and ideals and could cause delays in receiving communication.  There could be some oppositions with cousins, siblings or neighbors.  But mainly I see problems with Geminis studying or teaching at universities.  Best to listen more than talk during the opposition transit to a Gemini Sun or Moon.

Pisces have both the Neptune conjunct Sun (or Moon in my case) and square to Saturn in Sagittarius. Do your ideas appear as pie-in-the-sky? What type of realism rather than surrealism can you bring to your life? If you have a problem with alcohol get out of denial and seek some type of intervention, ditto for drug use.  Many of you will bring Saturn's discipline to breaking old habits that include anything with liquid or vapor.  Even though some habits are trendy or legal now in the US, this is not a good time to take up recreational drugs or you could still end up dealing with the law in some way, not to your advantage (such as drinking and driving).  Any planets or transits in Sagittarius cause us to take risks or gamble--not a good idea when Saturn transits in Sagittarius.

Finally, Virgo experiences the square with Saturn, the conjunction with Jupiter (after August) and the opposition with Neptune (not all at one time). Virgo, ask yourself how you wish to be of service in the world? What part of your health requires attention now? Are you getting enough rest or acting like a martyr? How is your work environment? Is it healthy or causing you to feel sick?  The Saturn in Sagittarius square to your Sun at least causes you to feel hopeful and since you're a practical Earth Sign, Saturn gives you a boost in helping you to get organized.  Jupiter in your Sign brings boons in whatever house it transits in your Natal Chart but Saturn brings restrictions or at least the feeling of restrictions even if they are self-imposed or unfounded (Neptune in Pisces).

I just covered the Sun, Moon and Rising Signs in Mutable Signs, but other planets in those signs will experience movement and transmutation too.  The good news is that life will never be boring with three outer planets traveling in Mutable Signs, but the bad news is we're all going to have to adapt and become as flexible as Olympic gymnasts.  People who already have several Mutable Sign planets in their charts will have an easier time with this.  Those of you with a lot of planets in Fixed Signs are going to kick and scream your way through 2015, especially after Jupiter leaves Leo in August.  Cardinals you have already taken a beating and are well on your way to transformation.  You actually get a bit of a rest after the last Uranus-Pluto square unless you have your Sun, Moon or AC in 12 to 15 degrees.

If you require assistance in understanding the squares, conjunctions and oppositions of 2015, sign up for a reading at Metaphysics for Everyday Living.  I also give angel and other types of oracle readings.

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  1. Pisces also experiences the opposition to Jupiter in Virgo later in the year and for half of 2016.