Saturday, December 13, 2014

Final Uranus-Pluto Square, but...

Since we are experiencing the final Uranus-Pluto Square of a 7-part series, it feels even more intense.  And in fact, this square lasts the longest, first starting at 13 degrees, then another hit at 14 degrees and ending at 15 degrees taking us through March 2015.  And for anyone who has ignored the lessons, this final square brings us a knock-out-drag-down fight with the stuff in our subconscious.

Yes, it's time to claim spiritual mastership and awaken consciousness.  Remember Uranus in Aries awakens the warrior in each of us and Pluto takes us through the Dark Night of the Soul.  So even though we are experiencing dual between the two planets, they actually compliment each other.  Wacky Uranus with his techno gizmos traveling in the sign of the warrior (Aries) gives us the courage and foolish heart to take Pluto's journey into the underworld of our subconscious.

This means that we encounter our compulsions, impulses and stuff that causes us to sabotage our best efforts.  This is where we find childhood trauma or neglect and this is where we forgive others.  We first forgive ourselves for believing that we are less than Divine Perfection then we forgive others forgetting who they are in the eyes of a Universal God.  We look for grace and beauty in every person we meet and every situation called forth to master.  And I know no one wants to think about spiritual mastership during the holidays, even though the spiritual components and the holiness of the religious holidays give us the bolster to claim the light within each of us.  Pluto may drown us in darkness, but our hearts hold the key to finding the light at the end of the tunnel so that we escape the confinement of our own hell.

And there are those of you who will consider to claim suffering as your badge of honor. There are those of you who will ignore Universal Laws, especially that we attract like magnets through our thoughts, emotions and feelings.  And there will be those of you at the peril of Uranus-Pluto's wrath who will keep projecting your shadows onto others so you can play the role of the victim.  None of these tactics serve you and in fact, sink you deeper into depression (the abyss).  Be like the Greek goddess-maiden Persephone and reclaim your power by plunging into darkness and turning on the light within you.

I have seen this square affecting my own life and neither Pluto or Uranus are aspecting any of my planets at 0 degrees.  I had someone break into my apartment, clog my toilet and steal belongings of mine with sentimental value.  I have dealt with narcissistic behavior and paranoia from others in the past two weeks. I have also had to deal with paranoia from myself and not knowing who to trust as I have turned the mirror on myself and asked, "Why am I attracting these situations? What can I learn from these painful experiences?"  And I feel completely exhausted.

People are revealing their dark stuff to us now.  We might suffer great losses of friendships, lovers, family members through death or through going our separate ways as truths are revealed to us about these relationships. Some of you will be diagnosed with illnesses now that act as master teachers.  Some of you will leave secure homes for the unknown because your soul longs to explore deeper consciousness.  And this period (beginning last week of November through March), will transform all of us through individual and world events that shake us to our cores.

Despite the Uranus-Pluto square, I wish each of you happy holidays and a brighter 2015.  I sense that 2015 will feel much gentler than 2008-2014.  Saturn moves into Sagittarius and out of Scorpio.  And by March we will have experienced the final Uranus-Pluto fiasco. I'll see you on the other side, and as always, if you would like an astrologer to help you make sense of the planetary mambo, sign up for a reading at Metaphysics for Everyday Living.

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