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Astrological Forecast for 2015: Magic Carpet Ride & Then Some

Photo by Patricia Herlevi, Seattle 1980s
Two images appear in my mind when contemplating the astrological year for 2015.  First, I see a kaleidoscope presented by Neptune and Jupiter, but I also see a tapestry woven by Saturn in Sagittarius as this planet tries to make sense of Neptune's surrealism and Jupiter's stage show.  Shakespeare once said that all the world's a stage and that we're all players.  However, did he realize the extent of our co-creation?

So instead of going month to month and give you the miniature breakdowns of transits, I'm presenting a bigger picture of 2015 by presenting themes.  I focus mainly on the outer planet transits, the three Mercury retrogrades in Air Signs, and the two sets of eclipses that take place in the spring and fall.  As you already know, Mercury always retrogrades approximately three times a year and or every three and half to four months.  And the planet isn't really going backwards, but it is so far ahead of the Sun that the earth's rotation that brings Mercury back in alignment with the Sun, causes that backwards movement. It's all about speed and velocity, but since I'm not a physicist, I'll leave it up to the scientists to explain the effect.

The Solar and Lunar Eclipses are connected to the Moon Nodes so if the Nodes are in Libra and Aries we can expect eclipses to occur in those signs, but not always.  Sometimes the North Node is in Libra and a Solar Eclipse occurs in Scorpio.  And I look more at the planetary aspects the eclipses make to other transiting planets.  For instance, in 2014 we experienced eclipses with Cardinal planets sometimes with Cardinal T-Crosses or Grand Squares so the intensity of those eclipses was above and beyond the average eclipse.  Even people who don't follow astrology were asking what was going on with the planets during those weeks.  So in light of that, I will also cover the eclipses and aspects they make by transits for 2015.

Weebles Wobble but They Don't Fall Down (Outer Planet Transits)

Uranus, Wikipedia
Since squares between Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn make astrological news often, let's first look at these outer planets.  If you have read my previous posts you know now that Pluto is the Transformer who exposes the dark to the light and Uranus is the Awakener who sometimes causes an uproar just to awaken us.  Pluto in Capricorn wants to transform structure mainly whether that's corporate structure or even bodily structure (through illness such as cancer) or the doing away with hierarchy which has plagued us for thousands of years--those above giving orders and those below showing loyalty to higher ups for survival purposes.

Well, as Uranus brings us new technology many of us, especially younger generations have claimed their independence through an entrepreneurial spirit or through starting non-profit organization.  In fact, with Uranus in Aries, it's the youngest ones that are bucking the system first.  And this makes sense because they are less indoctrinated into the old ways of doing business and they have also come in wired to a different DNA that is 12-strands instead of the usual two.  Their attention spans are shorter and some are fired up with wild futuristic ideas of how to transform the world.  And you just wait as this grows in intensity over the next few years.  Uranus is in the sign of the child, Aries.  Aries won't take no for an answer and is the pioneer of the Zodiac.  Why? Because Aries is the sign that begins the spin of the Zodiac Wheel.

Uranus will leave Aries in 2019 and move into stable Taurus (not so stable at that point) and approximately 5 years after that, Pluto arrives in Aquarius the ruling sign of Uranus.  But let's not concern ourselves with this in 2015 and instead focus on the transits currently on our plates.  So here we have the old order giving away to something new based on the tension caused by Pluto and Uranus squares, which by the way, we experience the final square at 13 degrees at the end of January, 14 degrees at the end of February and 15 degrees the last two thirds of March.  This square is going out with its final set of fireworks and in March, Mars transiting in Aries gives Uranus a boost when it arrives at 15 degrees.  Oh, boy, I can hardly wait...

So what does all this mumbo jumbo mean? We continue to experience the exact square between the planets that began during the last week of November. As far as I can remember, we haven't experienced yet an on again-off again Uranus-Pluto square that extended itself out beyond three months. And since this is the last of the series, these planets are pulling all the stops.  In early January the Sun in Capricorn conjuncts Pluto exact on January 4 when the Uranus-Pluto square has a one degree orb so it's like the Sun shines some light on gloomy Pluto. We also experience a Full Moon on January 4 at 14 degrees Cancer so we experience another Cardinal T-Cross and so early in the year.

All this pushy energy comes to wake us up about self-love, self-nurturing and shaping a new reality as co-creators rather than mere chess pieces on a board with some big hand of authority moving us around.  Uranus gives power back to the people and like I mentioned earlier it's the youngest ones who jumped on board first.  Some were born already on the train, though many are too wired by an other Uranus habit with computer games (violence) which also blends Uranus technology with an Aries warrior attitude.  Yet, what type of reality do violent computer games create?  We must get these kids and young adults away from the computer so that they can invent technology that benefits the planet in some way. They have brilliant minds that are mostly going to waste whether through drugs (Neptune) or computer games.

But at least they want to create a different reality and know that they can.  In 2015, Law of Attraction practices will skyrocket as more people get that they do co-create reality as part of a collective. I'm already getting messages for books I pick up and other synchronicity that we weave our own dream lives based on our beliefs and patterns we inherit, but we can write another story for ourselves.  I like the idea of giving up labels since labels are ego-based and actually separate us from the grander scheme. Labels also cause tension between opposing groups and views.

And what I see is a grander tapestry in which blue, yellow and green threads of belief weave together to create a symmetrical yet diverse image that takes our breath away with its beauty.  It's like seeing the Earth from outer space minus any borders or boundaries.  We are all part of the same cosmic fabric no matter what beliefs we have. And it's only when our beliefs are shaky or don't belong to us in the first place do we engage in heated debates (even war) with others with opposing views.  A person secure in his or her beliefs does not walk around announcing them because they simply live those beliefs.  It is insecurity and not any set of beliefs that divide us so in the grand tapestry we co-exist in peace.  This is the message of Neptune in Pisces and to an extent the message of Saturn in Sagittarius.

In 2015, Neptune continues to dissolve worlds as well as, fog up the world with second hand smoke.  We continue to see debates about recreational drug use and it will be interesting how Saturn in Sagittarius will play into this scenario since Sagittarius represents law and freedom while Saturn represents authority such as government along with Pluto in Capricorn.  But the other side of Neptune revolves around spiritual practices and the performing arts such as dance, music and cinema as well as, photography.  Neptune also provides us with lessons of forgiveness, compassion, humility and merging into Unity Consciousness.  But how scary is that for some folks? Pisces love to merge, but most signs prefer to observe the illusion of separation. Neptune is the ocean and every river empties into the ocean eventually and just think about the vastness of the sea when you're stuck in a little rowboat rowing for your life with that thick fog coming in.

In August, Jupiter (Sagittarius' planet) transits into the Mutable Sign Virgo then we have three outer planets in Mutable Signs including Neptune who stays in Pisces until 2020.  Planets in Mutable Signs don't push ahead or shake things up like the Cardinal Signs, but they mutate one energy into another.  Pisces calms Aries fire, more like drenches it, Virgo tames the lion Leo and acts as the drama critic (enough of that Mr. Lion King), Sagittarius brings humor to Scorpio's gloom and paranoia and Gemini gets Taurus off the couch and out the door to observe happenings in the community.  This is how the Zodiac Wheel works with three qualities following one another and completing the various themes.

What's Up, Mercury?

Photo by Patricia Herlevi
The first Mercury RX begins on January 22 at 17 Aquarius and when Mercury retrogrades in an Air Sign this is when we experience the infamous technology glitches.  So before this retrograde back up your computer files, upload an internet security program, and expect lots of confusing changes with social media and other websites.  Aquarius rules technology along with Gemini so this is where we experience the most snafus--annoying at best, damaging at worst.  Also don't believe what you hear in the media since it's probably not based on fact or miscommunication rules the day.  Mercury rules reporters and the media and when he's doing the backward dance, facts get confused with opinions even by the most scrupulous journalists.  Mercury rules thoughts, learning and communication.  Mercury goes Direct on February 12 at 1 degree Aquarius.  And the most affected Signs are Aquarius and Leo along with Gemini and Virgo.

The second Mercury RX begins on May 19 in Gemini at 13 degrees and goes direct on June 12 at 4 degrees Gemini.  This Mercury RX deals more with gossip, the power of words, the misinformation in the media, political scandals, other scandals and my word of caution is don't believe the hype.  Saturn also is retrograde in Gemini's polar opposite Sagittarius and opposes Mercury around the time Mercury goes direct so watch out for exaggerated claims.  If it sounds too good to be true, run.  Wait until later in the month to clear up miscommunication and do refrain from gossip or making up stories (people will want to tell lies during this phase).

The final Mercury RX for 2015 begins on September 18 at 15 degrees Libra (more gossip) and turns direct on October 10 at 0 degrees Libra.  This retrograde focuses on partnerships of all kinds, but mainly close business partners and marriage partners (legally or common law marriages).  At this point if conflicts erupt we hear a lot of he said-she said commentaries. Refrain from taking any sides and gather all the facts as if you are Perry Mason.  We also experience passive-aggressive forms of communication where resentful people hiss through smiley faces.  Libra is not a direct energy and yet it is as pushy as Aries (though Libras deny this).  Wait until later in October to clear up misunderstandings which mainly occur at social events, in marriages and in gossip type columns.  Try to stay civil and don't believe everything you hear.

As with all Mercury Retrogrades, use this time to reestablish friendships, reinvent, reedit, reunite (good time for high school or college reunions), revisit and all the other re-stuff. Use this time to retreat and meditate.  I find when Mercury retrogrades we rest from mindless chatter and dig deeper into our thoughts and even practice a still mind. When we meditate we don't feel like engaging in behaviors such as gossip, backbiting or blaming others.  I encourage meditation every day, but especially when Mercury does the backwards dance.  This could also be a time of reuniting with past lovers or friends.  Social gatherings could go well, if they are subdued and light on ego.  Stay mindful and you'll avoid the traps.

Dark Side of the Moon

Photo by Patricia Herlevi
The First Solar Eclipse of 2015 occurs at 29 degrees Pisces just as the Sun enters Aries.  While I'll talk more about the eclipses closer to the months they occur, 29 degrees is about completing a cycle, and this cycle is in Pisces and occurs right before the Equinox. I'm not picking up any major themes except perhaps something to do with the performing arts (dance, choreography, or music).  We could see the death of musical celebrities or dancer-choreographers at this time that are memorialized on film.  Perhaps we flock to the movie houses to watch a documentary about a late musician, especially one that died in a hospital or a prison.  I also think we will engage in conversations about sound healing and music therapy used for the end of life (since Pisces at 29 degrees represents the end of life) and we will see more hospice nurses embracing music and spiritual practices.

The First Lunar Eclipse of 2015 occurs at 14 degrees Libra on April 4.  Now, remember where you heard about 14 degrees earlier with Uranus squaring Pluto a 14 degrees in February so this degree is hot.  And we experience a Cardinal T-Cross (oh, no not that again!) with Uranus/Sun in Aries, Moon in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn.  And while none of the orbs are exact, expect powerful events this week that throw us off balance. Look for anger management issues (and anger management therapy in the news), children acting up, legal systems and diplomats trying to bring peace to situations and authority trying to enforce old ways of controlling crowds.  Yep, it's going to be another hot-headed April, much like April of 2014 but without Mars in Libra. However, if we learned the lessons from 2014, then this round might be calmer and perhaps Pluto brings maturity and a sense of responsibility to the picture.

On September 12, we experience a Solar Eclipse at 20 degrees Virgo.  Jupiter in Virgo also opposes Neptune in Pisces (but at 6 to 8 degrees).  Here we have Mutable Energy that revolves around how we serve others and idealism associated with service.  I believe we will strive for purity of intent or question purity of intent of others, especially if we embody the shadow side of Virgo which nitpicks.  It's a good time to stay humble and serve from the heart while exposing our personal ulterior motives (we usually have these).  This could represent a time of spiritual breakthroughs.

The Lunar Eclipse on September 27 occurs at 4 degrees Aries gets a boost from Saturn at 0 degrees Sagittarius.  Free from any Cardinal T-Crosses or Grand Squares, we can actually enjoy this eclipse as a call to adventure.  Most likely, there will be a major athletic event occurring during this week that makes an impact on the world.  It likely involves multiple nations and is international in scope.  Though Saturn could put a damper on things or just create new structure or rules for the sport.  If this eclipse doesn't involve a sport it will involve youth travel, foreign exchange students or some kind of pioneering spirit.  Other themes that come up are law, anthropology, foreign affairs, long-distance travel, higher education or religion.  Passion rules the day and this could be a sexy time too.

Well, there you go, my astrological forecast for 2015 revolves around the concept of a grand tapestry where differing views and beliefs join together to create a totality.  We delve further into Law of Attraction and other Universal Laws and see enormous changes in the structures that rule our lives, especially from December 2014 through March 2015.  In April eclipses shake us up and by Fall, we get some breathing room and join an adventure of a lifetime.  And as always, read my monthly forecasts and Moon casts throughout 2015.  Happy surfing through the Cosmos.

I'm an astrologer and intuitive coach who gives both transit and natal chart readings in-person and through personal online reports.  Check out monthly specials and sign up for readings at Metaphysics for Everyday Living.  I look forward to reading your charts and giving you astrological tools for you to navigate through a shifting planet.

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