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Transiting Yod--Neptune in Scorpio-Pluto in Virgo Sextile with Uranus in Aries Transit

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 As if a Lunar Eclipse in Libra and a Cardinal Grand Cross this April wasn't enough, 1960s-born have one more astrological nugget lopped onto their plate...

Synchronicity led me to reread Karen Hamaker-Zondag's The Yod Book. Reading this book in 2012 culminated in one of this blog's most popular posts, Blame it on Yod but after reading the uneasiness and frustration of dealing with a yod, I took a look at my transits.  Sure enough I found a transiting yod involving not only transiting Uranus in Aries, but the Sun, Mercury and other planets transiting in Aries from 12 to 15 degrees involving the mid-1960s sextile between Neptune in Scorpio and Pluto in Virgo.

As if the 1960s sextile wasn't weird enough (see the 1960s transit series), which was basically the theme of transcendence through transformation or transcendence through technology, here comes Uranus (humanitarian) in individualistic Aries to toss up yield signs.  Well, really, it's more like the technology of Uranus in Virgo becoming a distraction and addiction (Neptune in Scorpio) that prevents spiritual transcendence.  I'll get more into this in a moment.

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As I was meditating on Uranus in Aries, I did not pick up the grassroots verses establishment theme of Carl Boudreau, though there are some echoes of that theme.  And while Uranus ruled by Aquarius would normally get along with Aries ( fire and air are both yang/positive energy and form sextiles), when we look at the themes of Aquarius and Aries, they actually oppose each other.  Aquarius/Uranus possess humanitarian themes and focus on groups, not individuals though you do get the Aquarius person acting out their individuality by standing out in some way or rebelling against the status quo.  But overall, Aquarius is about group thought, even if it's about an alternative group who think differently than the status quo.  I think of Aquarius as a Communist sign in that it's about equal sharing among the people and not people acting like hedonists looking out for number one. (Though we must remember that Aquarius polar opposite sign is Leo).

Aries, on the other hand, is about ego and the individual.  Aries represents both the child and the warrior, but what's this warrior fighting for if not his or her own individualistic freedom?  Sure, Aries will join the humanitarian's cause if there's something in it for him or her. Or maybe Aries just likes the challenge, especially if it involves clashing swords and they won't turn away from the excitement either.  It's probably another story for the spiritual warrior types, but don't fool yourself by thinking there's no ego involved.  So Uranus in Aries could just as well represent survivalists moving into compounds and stocking up on ammunition as it represents the Occupy Movement, which had some spiritual idealism at work.  Out of those two scenarios I prefer the Occupy Movement because it felt more inclusive and had spiritual components such as sharing, cooperation and group effort.

The Neptune-Pluto sextile from the 1960s represents transcendence too, but also had its share of distractions in the form of hedonistic behavior involving free sex, drugs, and a counterculture that worshiped itself a bit too much.  However, people born in the 1960s, especially those born with yods in their natal charts, came to the planet to bring transformation.  Some of these 1960s born folks could call themselves Indigo too because having a sextile involving outer planets and a conjunction involving Uranus-Pluto in Mr. Fix-It Virgo is going to cause a restlessness.  However, just like the Baby Boomers, people born in the 1960s had their share of distractions including technology in the form of cell phones, computer games, portable music listening devices, computers, etc and this generation also had its share of addiction to drugs and alcohol.  But this generation has also been, like the generation before it, open to alternative spirituality and energy medicine.  They are especially interested in food and nutrition (look at the whole gluten-free, no-GMO trends).  Many from this generation are starting spiritual and energy healing services now.

On one hand, I predict that the Neptune-Pluto sextile folks experiencing the yod in April until June and then September 2014 to April 2015 will receive some protection from the Grand Cardinal Cross and upcoming Lunar Eclipse mainly because these folks feel restless and too stuck in the mud at the moment to act.  And according to Karen Hamaker-Zondag in her book on yods, the best way to deal with a yod is to wait it out and allow new energy in the subconscious to germinate. She advises people dealing with transiting yods to live in the moment and ask themselves, "What would be fun for me now?" Which will seem counter intuitive when the world experiences astrological events in April and beyond.  Uranus in Aries after all wants to act and act now.

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So people not experiencing the transiting yod, especially if they're the warrior type aren't going to easily deal with people living in the moment and looking for fun things to do.  Yet, the people (born in 1963 and 1964 with Neptune at 15 degrees and Pluto at 12 to 15 degrees) feel like their backs are pushed to the wall anyway and acting would feel like overreacting which would lead to health problems for some.  This yod is asking us to pull back and heal childhood wounds in some cases or to reflect back to the Revolutionary 1960s and assess what worked and what just brought chaos and narcissism (the 1960s had its share of narcissistic moments).  Thoughtfulness has its rewards.

So Uranus in Aries brings an urgency to act, but Pluto in Virgo wants to practice caution and come up with sensible solutions while Neptune in Scorpio prefers to do investigative work (spying or research) behind the scenes.  I think we will also see a theme of technology if it could be used to build unity consciousness and lead to transcendence. I feel that the real reason for technology in the first place was to accomplish this mission, but instead technology grew into a distraction and an addiction that keeps people from doing the real work which is on a deep spiritual and subconscious level.  Though one good use of technology is listening to meditation programs via a laptop or portable music listening device.

But the problem we face now is that Uranus in Aries (technology for the individual) takes on a selfish and self-indulgent glow.  Technology changes so fast that only an avid consumer or materialist can keep up with the latest trends then they spend time on the internet comparing this and that technology while also worshiping at the altar of technology with their software heroes, in some cases gods.  Technology does allows us avenues to express our individuality and to join Aquarius/Uranus by giving technology to the small entrepreneur, band, artist, etc and this technology has also given a boost to activist organizations who have for the most part, used technology to better the world.  Alternative spiritual groups have also used this technology in ways that heal us and help us evolve spiritually.  But again, we need to watch for distractions because most inner work happens away from the computer or other technological devices.  At some point we all have to face ourselves in the mirror.

Details on the transiting yod:

Involves three outer planets with an existing sextile between Neptune in Scorpio and Pluto in Virgo.

Transiting Uranus in Aries forms the apex when it inconjuncts Neptune and Pluto in a natal chart.

This yod began June 12, 2013 and ends in April 2015 when Uranus completes its transit to 15 degrees Aries.

Break from yod June 17, 2014 to August 28.

Look for the Houses in a Natal Chart for Neptune and Pluto.  Next look for the House with the Uranus in Aries transit between 12 and 15 degrees.

We are working with a 3 to 3.5 orb as Hamaker-Zondag recommends in her book.  The yod separates when Uranus moves into 16 degrees.

While I haven't looked at all of the possible yod opportunities for 1960s born people, I predict that people born in 1965, 1966 and 1967 will also experience this yod and people born in 1968 and 1969 at different degrees.  You'll find clues in my 1960s Transit Series (see links at top of the blog).  Check an ephemeris to see when Uranus in Aries comes within a 3 or 3.5 degree orb of your Natal Neptune and Pluto sextile.

You can also book a reading with me if you were born in the 1960s and think you might experience this transiting yod or if you are currently experiencing it.  I am among you since I have Natal Neptune at 15 degrees Scorpio and Natal Pluto at 11 58 degrees Virgo.  For myself, I'm using an Equal House chart which places Pluto in my 9th House of religion and higher learning and Neptune in my 11th House of astrology, networking, groups and Uranus in Aries transits through my Fourth House which I'm seeing as home and nation of birth and how distractions of this nation prevent me from spiritual transcendence.

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