Friday, March 7, 2014

Swimming in Other Worlds--Pisces Sun Transits

photo by Patricia Herlevi
Ever wondered why astrologers refer to Pisces as a fish with two heads or a fish swimming in two directions?

If any of you feel like you're floating through surreal waters or just can't seem to get your feet on the ground, let's take a look at the Pisces Sun transits.  As you know, Neptune has been in Pisces since 2011 so we have already been infused with Pisces-Neptune energy as a double dose.  Prior to Mercury going retrograde last month, it swam in the murky waters of Pisces with a conjunction to Neptune in Pisces.  And currently the Sun, Neptune and Chiron are swimming in Pisces, Saturn is in Scorpio, and Jupiter in Cancer.  Some of you might have grown weary from all this swimming, especially Air and Fire sign people.  Earth sign people can always use a dose of water energy.

We started off the month on day one with the Sun in Pisces conjuncting the New Moon in Pisces and trining Jupiter in Cancer. That's a lot of spiritual energy to take in and this comes with a deep feeling of treading into invisible realms and other worlds.  For those of you wishing to experience other dimensions, you would have felt that strongly on March 1st and 2nd.  On March 4, the Pisces Sun conjuncted Chiron at 13 degrees Pisces and this would have been a time to retreat and do some deep inner healing, especially around early childhood issues. The trine to Jupiter would have brought a boost to this healing and give us the enthusiasm to tackle emotions we couldn't deal with in the past.  Or just the opposite scenario might have occurred with Jupiter exaggerating childhood wounds, but could we at least poke fun at the exaggeration like we were starring in our own soap opera? Some of you feel like you dropped down the proverbial rabbit hole or showed up on a set of a Fellini movie.  With Pisces, you have one choice and that is to go with the flow.

On March 5, Juno (asteroid) transited from Pisces into Aries, moving from a sense of victimhood for women or mothers into a sense of spiritual warrior ready to hit the target. Also on the 4th, the Sun in Pisces formed a sextile (exact) with Pluto in Capricorn bringing a measure of compassion to the ongoing battle between Uranus in Aries and Pluto.  Jupiter in Cancer also brought relief with its trine to the Sun.  We most likely felt more tolerable of others on this day with a live and let live attitude, especially with Mercury, now direct, traveling in humanitarian Aquarius.

Also during the first week, Jupiter finally went direct and for Cancerians especially this brings relief.  Many of us Cancer natives have felt that our projects were on hold or we experienced one delay after another leading some of us to experience digestion problems from stress we held in our stomachs.  Time to remedy those health concerns and move forward again.  Mars in retrograde however, might bring some frustration as will Saturn in retrograde. At least the Mars RX ends in May.

For the second week of March, the Sun meets up with Saturn in Scorpio and is exact on March 14, around Saint Patrick's Day.  While we're out slaying dragons or our own inner demons, we will feel less ruthless and more compassionate with the Sun shining its Pisces rays on Saturn.  Any dirty secrets we uncover during this time will receive a spiritual washing of compassion and forgiveness because we feel more tolerable of others and we look for deeper motives for other people's actions.  We will move away from shaming and blaming at least for a few days. Though the shame game will continue until the end of December when Saturn moves into more forgiving Sagittarius.  I actually expect to see release of some comedy movies around that time that helps us break away from taking life too seriously.

On the third week, the Sun transits into Aries and ushers in spring in the northern hemisphere and fall in the southern hemisphere. A change of seasons also shifts energy and for some folks this feels stressful.  It's not a bad idea to do a dietary cleanse during the first weeks of the new season as well as, some spring cleaning. Normally the Aries Sun would provide us the energy to do all that, but with Aries planet, Mars, retrograde in it's detriment sign, we will need to find some motivation to do this clearing out work.

Continuing to the end of the month, Jupiter forms a wide (5 degree orb) trine with Neptune keeping us spiritualized.  We question our spiritual convictions and motives as well as, religious dogma.  We might change paths at this time and explore new spiritual areas or religions.  There is a strong sense to travel and to merge with other cultures and traditions now too.  Anthropology might interests more people as will dance, cinema, and music otherwise foreign to them.  Now is a wonderful time to connect with spiritual groups through the internet and social media.  Join international prayer days and watch spiritual videos on YouTube and other networks.  Catch up on your spiritual reading and find your path.  I even see the release of anthropological documentaries this month that draw international attention as well as, spiritual movies that awaken people worldwide.  This is a time where we wed culture & traditions with cinema, music & dance.  Check out a WOMAD festival if you can.

This is a quieter month than previous months, but this is also a calm before the storm.  April's transits though not without relief from the water sign planets, is intense.  Take this time to store up your energy, heal what needs healing, clear out what no longer works for you and gather your strength. Also hone those intuitive skills because you will need those in April.  Remember the Boy Scout motto, "Be prepared." But in the meantime, enjoy some solitude and peace as inspiration flows to you on the Piscean way.

PS A movie about El Camino (a pilgrimage in Spain) is touring the US. If you get a chance, go see this movie because it embodies Piscean energy.  Galicia (is ruled by Pisces and most of the pilgrimage route runs through Galicia, Spain).

Also listen to healing music and do sound healing work now.

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