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Outer Planet Transits--Combine Adjunct Therapies with Astrology

photo by Patricia Herlevi, "The Path"
Life paths appear more complicated and complex as humanity rushes towards mass enlightenment.  Using only one modality such as astrology when a myriad of tools exist in the metaphysical toolkit seems foolish to me.  Here's why.

I love astrology, the life maps it provides, as well as, the presentation of energies that come to us through transits. However, I use several healing and spiritual modalities in my life with astrology only representing a piece of a large pie.  The reason why I'm bringing this up is that I believe astrology itself, no matter the branch, has its limits.  Astrology consultations alone work fine for predictive astrology where a person has a status quo chart, that is the person who is not an "Earth Angel", does not feel like they came to the planet with a strong mission and who aren't grappling with strong and powerful outer planets in their natal chart or via transits.

If you can answer the following questions at this link with a yes, then you are an Earth Angel.

Those of you with stelliums, yods, Grand Squares (Crosses) and even T-Squares in your natal charts will need some adjunct therapies to help you develop your spiritual gifts and to solve your psychological and emotional problems.  Many psychotherapists and psychologists work with astrologers and some astrologers are also psychotherapists.  For anyone dealing with abuse issues, post traumatic disorder, or mental illness including addiction need adjunct therapies.  If you have chronic medical conditions or huge life challenges such as losing employment, a home, or financial crisis, you will need adjunct therapies.

These therapies can come in the form of self-help books, herbal and vitamin supplements, sound healing, music therapy, energy healing, naturopathic or integrative medicine, intuitive or life coaching, Emotional Freedom Technique and astrologer Donna Cunningham includes flower essences such as the Bach Flower Remedies and F.E.S. (Flower Essences Society). I would also include healthy diet, exercise, yoga, and meditation to this list.

I have noticed from some of your correspondence that some of you still have a doom and gloom of astrological transits or the configurations in your natal charts.  I realize that many astrologers for decades have promoted the darker side of the transits, leaving many clients feeling hopeless and a victim of their circumstances.  Personally, I have a more optimistic view of transits even challenging ones.  I believe each of us chose our lives carefully before coming to this planet, and therefore, I would add past life therapy to the above list, especially if you have a node or planets in the 12th or 8th houses.

An astrology chart is simply a map showing where we have been and where we would like to go along with the lessons we want to master in this lifetime.  As mentioned earlier, and something I learned from Liz Greene's outer planet book, some people come here as status quo so there is little remarkable aspects in their natal charts.  There is less emphasis on outer planets and more emphasis on Venus, Mars, Moon, and Sun.  They came here to live normal lives or even celebrity lives.  What they do or don't do with the status quo life is up to them.

The people with strong outer planets according to Liz Greene's essays in her book, came to develop mastership.  We are basically initiates on a spiritual path and we learn how to be in the world but not be of it. We took on some greater responsibilities.  Some of us marry and some of us stay single. Some of us pursue a mission to transform the planet in some way, while others serve these missions.  Some of came to learn unconditional love and forgiveness in the most excruciating circumstances or to transcend all suffering and show others how to do the same.  Some of us came to walk a rocky path while clearing those rocks from the path and inspire others.  We are alchemist turning hardships into gold.

However, these are challenging paths so don't go it alone.  Get the help you need, but use astrology as a modality in alignment with other modalities.  For instance, I did not get through my Pluto and Uranus transits without therapy, acupuncture, Reiki, cranial sacral therapy, naturopathic medicine, herbs, supplements, sound healing, music therapies, flower essences, diet, etc...I use everything that is at my disposal including self-help books, transforming my thoughts, learning the intention and power of words, yoga, meditation, and total life changes.

I'm leaving with you with some videos of teachers I highly recommend.  Buy their books, see them at spiritual conferences, take their online or in-person workshops or if you can afford it, get consultations. These teachers represent a much larger community. Also check out Hay House Radio at http://www.hayhouseradio.com or Blog Talk Radio and browse the spiritual and health shows.

Since I already mentioned Peggy Rometo in another Whole Astrology post, let's go with Sharon Anne Klingler (her new book Power Words), Sonia Choquette and Sandra Anne Taylor (twin sister of Sharon Anne Klingler).

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